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Final Fantasy X – Suteki Da Ne (THE scene)
by Akuo

Note: Everything in here names etc. belong to Square blah blah blah etc. etc. You know what these things are meant to look like, ya?

The pyreflies glowed, swirling above the pool of water in the Macalania Woods.
Tidus watched Yuna. She was standing still in the water; looking, thinking.

Everything came back to Tidus. All of the times he had encouraged her, tried to make cheer her up by saying that she could defeat Sin. Not knowing…not knowing that it would kill her. The least he could do is to say sorry. Tidus waded slowly into the still water, towards Yuna.

When Yuna had started her pilgrimage she had known exactly what she wanted to do, but now her faith in Yevon, held above all things, had been shattered. At the heart of the church of Yevon they used the machina forbidden by themselves; they remained unsent, not going to the Farplane in death; they lied and murdered, like Maester Seymour. Maester Seymour. He had murdered his father and now…now he wanted to kill everybody. What was the point of continuing her pilgrimage now, when the teachings it was based upon were undermined by the very people who taught them?
She saw Tidus beside her.

"They told me everything," he said.
"Everything…?" she replied. Tidus nodded, and spoke, trying to get the right words, trying to say sorry, trying to apologise if he made her sad. "No, I was happy," she said. Tidus ducked under the water and started to swim, like when he was the Zanarkand Abe's best player in what seemed a life ago. Coming up he wondered…could he dissuade her from sacrificing herself to defeat Sin? Could he try to stop her from what she had set her mind on, despite knowing what would happen. So Tidus started talking, asking if she could just live a normal life, desperately. And what would she do in this normal life.
"You could fly with me to my Zanarkand," Tidus said, flippant now, having to quickly say not the Zanarkand in Spira which was destroyed by Sin. In his Zanarkand they could have a party at his place and then watch him play in the Zanarkand Abes blitzball team, before going out to have some fun afterwards. "Zanarkand never sleeps," he said. Tidus stood up in the water, looking towards the sky, starting to describe the way the sun came up by the beach in Zanarkand, how beautiful it was, and how they could watch it.

Behind him a tear splashed into the water. Tidus turned around. He had tried to cheer up Yuna with his stories, but she knew that she couldn't go to Zanarkand. The pilgrimage. A tear rolled down Yuna's cheek as Tidus walked closer. More words came. Sad words, upset words, words that knew of the loss that would come. Tidus moved closer to Yuna. Touching her. Holding her. Their faces drew closer, tears on hers, concern in his eyes.

As the pyreflies flew around them they kissed. They moved through the water, kissing, being close. Able to forget for a while what was happening. Marvelling at the place they were in and at the sweet feelings inside themselves. Savouring the moments because there wouldn't always be times when they could be together. For a while they existed in a perfect place, not Spira, not Zanarkand, not the Farplane, but somewhere they knew they belonged.

It ended far too soon. Yuna knew that she couldn't live a normal life, even being with Tidus, she wouldn't be able to forget about Sin.
"Will you stay with me…to the end?" she asked.
"No, not to the end," he said, "always."

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