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Beastly Barbarian
by Richard B. Sampson Jr.

(This story is based off characters from the game Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. The events of this story take place before the game.) =====================================================

It was amazing. When I saw the beast fly across the sky, I knew we had found the lair of our prey. The Dragon had been terrorizing our moutain for a small time, but we were not afraid. My fellow warriors were going to bring the creature down. My one brother in arms held the Legendary Ice Axe, once held by the hero Untar. He was a legend among our people. And this Axe never melted, even in the Volcanic Caverns that lead to the Dragon’s lair. The story said that the Hero Untar traded a scroll with a Dwarf from the Ice Domain to gain the magical axe. When I heard the tale, I heard that Untar threw that Axe right at a dragon, and froze it solid. Then he shattered it with one blow. I had even heard that Untar had become a beast during the battle. I thought that that part of the story was made up. I honestly didn’t believe that people could turn into beasts. When we neared the tunnel to the cave the Dragon had taken for a lair, one of my fellow warriors said, “Today, we will destroy the beast, and become the objects of legends. Are you all with me?”

I held up my Axe, along with the others in my group and said, “We all are with you. Death to the Dragon.” We then ran up the tunnel and straight to the mouth of the Dragon’s Lair. It looked like the Dragon was dead asleep. This might not be as hard as some of us thought.

I then heard one of my fellow comrades say, “The Dragon is asleep, this shall be easy. We will not even have to use the Ice Axe.” I had to agree. It did look that way, but something bothered me about it.

It was then I noticed it. As the one who last spoke approached the Dragon, I noticed its one eye was open slightly. It knew we were here, and it knew to lure us into a false sense of security. I shouted out loud, “It’s a trap, get away from the Dragon.” It was then that the beast’s head reared up. I knew what was coming and ducked behind I pile of rocks. While the others backed up, the Dragon openned it’s mouth and torched all of them in it’s evil flame.

My friend, who carried the Ice Axe, fell aside of me. I was almost horrified by the state he was in. He looked at me, and managed to say, “It’s all up to you.”

I was angered by it. I grabbed the Ice Axe, and I felt something happen. It must have been the pain caused by loss of my friends. The pain was brief and I looked up at the Dragon and said, “You will die.” I then threw the Axe at the Dragon, and I was pleased when I saw it strike the creature. The Dragon turn into pure ice, but then I saw something which scared me. In the dragon, I saw a Minotaur, and then I fell backwards in shock, and saw it do the same. I had turned into the Minotaur, but I wasn’t sure how. I sat back and focused on what had happened. I focused on what had happened and tried to change back.

While I was lost on this, I heard a flapping of wings above me. I looked up and saw the Dragon, looking down at me. I could even tell it was weak. Then something odd happened. It spoke. It looked at me and said, “So you are like Untar, the one who killed my father. Mark my words, Warrior, I shall return, and no matter if you be man or minotaur, I will...” His words turned back into growls as I looked at my hands and noticed I was back to normal. Then, the Dragon flew off. It was the end of the beast, but I knew it would return.

I walked over to where the Ice Axe now was and picked it up. I looked at my comrades and said, “The Dragon is gone, my fallen friends, and if he returns, I will destroy him. I vow this to all of you.” Then I began the long walk to our village.


When I finally returned to the village, all the people were cheering me. They had seen the Dragon fly off, and thought it wasn’t going to return. Even the woman that was to be my wife congratulated me with a long kiss. When she ended the kiss, she held me and said, “Father wants to talk to you. He said it was important.”

I knew that I had to speak to her father. Her father was the leader of our group, and when he said it was important, it was. I just said, “What does he want to say to me, beloved?” I may have been a warrior, but I also had a heart of gold.

She shook her head and said, “I do not know, but I do know that he said it was very important.” I nodded and headed over to where they resided. To be called by the leader meant that something important was to happen. I did not know what it would be.

When I finally entered his presense, I saw him smiling at me and said, “You have done well, lad. You have gotten rid of the Dragon, and lived up to the prophecy so far.”

I was puzzled by this and said, “What prophecy, my leader?”

I saw his smile almost disappear as a serious look crossed his face. “It has been passed down for generations that Untar had made a prophecy when he returned from defeating the dragon he fought. He said that a hero like him would appear to face another dragon. Only could that hero drive off the dragon, but that hero would destory the dragon, and evils that were far greater.”

I was stunned. I didn’t know what to say, but my betrothed did have something to say. She said, “Father, are you saying that the man I am to marry is a Legend.”

He nodded and said, “Indeed. I am sure that you have already been able to change into the form of a Minotaur.” When I nodded in shock at how he knew, he said, “It happened when you held the Ice Axe and faced the Dragon. You have a pure heart, and in your anger of the fall of your comrades, you pulled out the beast inside. It is how the prophecy went.”

I nodded and said, “So what am I supposed to do.” I was confused. I didn’t understand all that had happened to me.

The leader then said, “Do not worry, lad. I shall tell you when I tell everyone. Now enjoy your celebration.” He then left the area, and my betrothed held me. I could tell she was worried about what would happen. I myself was worried about that as well, but I would do as my leader suggested.


As the celebration came to an end, I stood with the leader and my betrothed at the front of the area. Everyone was still cheering my name, but this was the moment of truth. The leader was about to announce my fate to everyone. I stood almost at attention when the leader said, “My people, it brings me great pleasure to say that the Dragon is now gone. It gives me more pleasure that the hero that did it is the hero that the great Untar prophecied about.” I heard everyone cheer at that. Then I noticed that our leader had a solemn look on his face. “However, it saddens me to say that before he can reach his true potential, he must head down to mystical tower at the base of our moutain. He must seek the help of the mage Sumner.”

I noticed that everyone looked disappointed and I knew why. I also knew that this was something that I had to do. I just said, “My leader, how do I get to the tower.”

The leader just pointed down the mountain and said, “Continue down until you reach the Vally of Fire. Once you cross that area, you will be near the tower. Sumner can then make you the hero you are to be.”

I nodded and said, “I shall return, to protect you all.” I then turned to my betrothed and kissed her. When I ended the kiss, I said, “And when I return, we shall be husband and wife.” I saw her smile when I said that. I then took my Axe and started down the mountain. As I left, I heard all the town cheer my name, and deep down, I hoped that the Dragon would not return while I was gone.

End of the Warrior’s Tale

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