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The Legend Of The Haniwa
by Richard B. Sampson Jr.

Haniwa / St. Marius Story
(A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child.)
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance.)

It has been almost eleven years since the rebirth of the world. When I finished writing down my adventures, I started wondering about something. I looked over at the sword I had received in my battle with the odd creatures that seemed to dwell in the center of the world. At the time, all Isis said was that they were called Hanawa, or was it Haniwa, and the sword was called the Seven Sword. I decided that I would ask Isis about these items. She said that it would take a while to return everything to normal, and repair the Arsenal Units. In the year that had pasted since I wrote down my adventures, I moved from my home town to the town near the final dungeon. The lady at the Inn there had told me, after my friends and I had saved the world, that I would always be welcome at her Inn. This morning, I went off to the Celestrial Temple. When I arrived, Isis was just leaving the elevator area. The legend said that she built the Arsenal Units, but she looked frustrated. I walked over to her. She had always welcomed my friends and I to the temple. She even preformed the wedding ceremony for Skiz and Vet. I asked, "Isis, is something wrong? You look frustrated."

The goddess that was trying to repair the damage to our world said, "Something that will take a long time to correct, and it is not getting easier. The Haniwa are growing in number. I realize that I made a mistake long ago."

The Haniwa. That was what I was going to ask her about. I then said, "Isis, I came here to ask you about the Haniwa, and the Seven Sword?"

She seemed to hear me, but she also appeared to be listening to something else. At the mention of the Seven Sword, she asked, "Did you bring it with you?" When I shook my head, she took my arm and said, "Then follow me, and be quiet. The one who commands the Hawinas returns, and neither of us are safe. Once he goes to the Center Of The World, we will be safe." She took me to the door which lead to the steps down. Isis left the door open a crack, to watch.

I watched as two figures entered the temple. I almost wish I hadn't. The first figure was a female human, in her early teens. I had seen her in the rebuilt Guardian Base a few times, but the man following her I recognized right away. In a whisper, I said, "St. Marius."

I noticed that Isis eyed me with shock. When the two figures disappeared, she took me out to the main temple and said, "You have encountered Marius before, and lived. How?"

I told her of how St. Marius came to my town, of how Vet hadn't trusted him, and how she and I revealed his true intentions to the town. I then told her how he vowwed vengence, and how he almost killed us eleven years ago. I then asked, "What does he have to do with the Haniwas?" for she implied he was the one that commanded them.

She lead me out to the Celestrial World, and off to a part of the temple which could only be accessed by herself. Once inside, she said, "Rich, this is my home. It is the only spot safe from Marius. You want to know about the Haniwas, the Seven Sword, and Marius. Sit down, for I will tell you the tale, and of how it began over 2000 years ago." I then felt as if I was viewing it as a spirit watching the world. I appeared to be outside the temple when I heard her say, "I....


I had been protecting the world and keeping it peaceful. I knew that there was evil in the world, but I had seen the gods from the other worlds. Each was an evil and ugly looking being. My own beleifs had proved to be my undoing. It began with a priest, actually two priests. They were Ki and Marius. Each appeared to prove that they deserved to be the Temple Priest, but my belief made me choose the wrong person. At that time, Ki looked like a commoner, where Marius had his dignified look. I choose Marius. He would be in charge of holding the world in check as I built a device to stop the evil gods and goddesses. That was the Arsenal Unit's. During that time, when I was isolated in the center of the world, my world started to suffer. I felt the evil effecting parts of the celestrial world. Before I had the chance to activate the units, the evil had corrupted two worlds, and many evil gods were already residing there. They were also taking root in some of the worlds that were intact.

I had returned to the Temple to see Marius changing one of the evil ones into a Dragon-like creature. The creature faded from sight. I was floating above the floor and yelled at Marius, "You traitor! You have been helping those who you have sworn to fight."

He only smiled and said, "I said I would fight for the right. You only thought I meant you. My whole goal was to hand this world over to the gods that attacked. To unite them. To gain your power." It was then I learned the truth of Marius.

I looked at this vile being and said, "If you want power in that way, I shall make you into what you crave. You are the Hani." I let loose with a blast of magic and Marius flew off his feet. When he stood again, I said, "You wanted to control people, now you will, but there is a price. A hunger. You will be worse than a vampire. You will steal their life, their will, their souls, their essence. All that will be left is an empty shell. That is what you will have as a follower, a lifeless shell, for all eternity. You are the Hani. You are the Curse One."

Marius looked at me and yelled, "I will get you for this, Isis. I shall destroy you." He knew the legend of the cursed ones. The Hani was a being that needed to feed on the living, but also had to destroy the shells, in fear that they would kill his feast before he could feed. If the Hani could not feed, he would fade into the void, never to be seen again. He ran out of the temple, and I thought I had seen the last of him.


I was shocked at what I had just heard. Isis, the protecter of our world, had created the monster that I had known as St. Marius. It was even worse to know that this, this thing had been alive for 2000 years. I then started to wonder. All priests of Isis were able to cast spells. I looked at Isis and asked, "If St. Marius had been a priest, what happened to his magic?"

Isis looked at me. She saw the confusion in my eyes, and sensed it in my mind. "I have told you that the Hani are cursed. They are reduced to the lowest fighting skills, they are stripped of Mana, but they retain the knowledge of their life. A Hani is cursed for life, until they have been killed by the traditional way. If a Hani is pulled into the void, the shells go on a murderous rampage, killing all in their way."

I saw hope in the fact that there was a way to destroy St. Marius. I looked at Isis and asked, "How do I defeat him?"

She then said, "Normally," I didn't like the sound of that, "a Hani could only be killed by the Seven Sword. But Marius is not the normal Hani?"

"Why?" I asked, not really wanting to know.

"Because, I made my mistake even worse. I.."


I knew that I had to stop the gods that had started to invade. But parts of the world had started to become corrupt. The world know as Pureland had become so violent with warring gods, that I split it from the celestrial world. The only way to it was the long drop from the world of Valhalla. As I had severed the connection from my world, another entity incased Pureland in a shield. He was a kind god from another plane that was close to Pureland. I then severed off the land of the tower. It two had been corrupted by four evil fiends, under the control of an invading god. But then, the others that had invaded started to attack me as I searched for them. They had wanted my power. I teleported to the Arsenal unit. I needed to activate it, for it would save me and my world. It was then I got a nasty surprised.

I activated the Arsenal and nothing happened. I was in shock until I heard him. "Surprised, Isis. I told you I would get even. I put a timer on the Arsenal unit. It won't activate for 2000 years, and by then, you will be dead." Marius had shown that he had the upper hand at the time, as seven shells appeared around him. The seventh carried the Seven Sword. He did something that was thought impossible. The Hani controlled the shells. They were his followers.

Time was running short, and I needed to save myself and protect the world. I looked at the shells, and at Marius as they slowly advanced. He was confident of victory, but I thought I would have the last laugh. I doubled the curse on him. "Marius, this shall stop your evil ways. Your followers, the Wa of the Hani, are forced to exist only in the center of the world. They can never leave this area. They cannot leave the mana net that is the center of the world. The Haniwa are doomed to stay here." The curse also altered the Hani, changing the way to kill him. "And as a reminder of the shells, they will lose form, lose their eyes, and there mouths will be forced into an eternal shout of pain. They will only have arms and can only travel on the mana net ot the center of the world. They will only rest if killed, or you are killed." I started the chant to save myself.

As I changed into the Magi statue, Marius said, "I could only be killed by the Seven Sword, by the chosen ones. Now, you have made it so that I must be hit seven times by the sword." He was taunting me. He had something up his sleeve and he then said, "In 2000 years, the Arsenal will start expanding the mana net, breaking into the realms of this world. Only then will the Haniwa attack the world, and I will have won." His laugh cut through me like a knife. The only hope I had was in the four chosen ones of the prophesy. I thought that for the 2000 years that I was in pieces.


"So that is the story of the Haniwa. But what about the Seven Sword?" I was wondering more and more about how this was all tying together.

Isis looked at me and said, "Rest for now. I will tell you more later. I must try and repair the damage to the Arsenal. Every minute I am away, the Haniwa are busy redoing the damage that Marius wants."

I was too nervous, and too anxious to rest, but just as I tried to protest, I felt tired. Isis must have put a sleep spell on me. Maybe I shouldn't try and question her.

When I awoke, Isis had returned. She was more frustrated then before. "All this sabitoge must be undone. It is starting to appear that all my work is being undone, just as I have finished it." The Haniwa must have been working on the Arsenal as well. Maybe they were trying to activate the Arsenal to complete the plan.

Before I fell asleep, I had asked Isis about the Seven Sword. I decided to ask again about. "Isis, you were going to tell me about the Seven Sword."

She nodded and said, "The Seven Sword is a Magical weapon older than Marius, older than me, older than everything that existed in this world." She then said, as I felt I was drifting back in time, "It...


It all began when the many universes were forming. At the time of the formation, two entites constantly fought. One was Deror, who stood for all that is good, and the other was Shoac, who stood for all that is evil. Each had a magical sword. Deror's sword was called Turvie, which could destroy evil, while Shoac's sword was called Nis, which could destroy good. These two were fighting for all these universes. It was believed that the balance would preserve the universes in peace. Deror always countered every attack made by Shoac, but at one instant, Shoac thrusted Nis into Redor center of existance. At the instant, Redor had countered with the same move, and the two exploded. The two swords merged and shattered. They could only be called forth by the servents of the Hani, for the Hani were beings of evil, but could not handle the sword unless it was taken from a fallen hero. Legend stated that the first cursed one summoned a fragment of the shattered sword when he drained his seventh victim, the sword then earned the name the Seven Sword. The Seven Sword, when in the hands of the shells, retained the powers of evil, but could be used countless times. Once the shell was killed by a hero, the sword was claimed by the Hero and had the power of good, but that came at a price. The sword could only be used seven times. If the hero was slain by the Hani, the Hani claimed the darkened sword and it could only be used once.

The Seven Sword was the sword of ultimate good, or evil. It's alignment was set with it's holder. In the hands of the shells, or the Hani, the sword strike would intensify all the evils in the being's soul. If one was not a chosen one, or hero, the overwhelming evil killed instantly. The chosen ones were only drained when struck. In the hands of the Hero, or chosen ones, the Seven sword could destroy the shells, and Hani, who were pure evil.


The Seven Sword which I had, was the weapon I need to defeat the Hani, and to stop the Haniwa. But one thing was bothering about the story. I turned to Isis and asked, "Isis, you said that Marius had said you had alter how to defeat him by cursing the shells. How?"

She then explained what she had said. "When I cursed Marius the first time, I turned him into a Hani. The second curse had stregthened him, by confining his followers, the Haniwa. He knew that a threat of good could only appear once every two thousand years. About 6000 years ago, I was brought into this world, and stopped the evil in the celestrial world. About 4000 years ago, after my people, the ancients, died, the priests of Isis appeared and unified the worlds that were corrupting this world from the smaller worlds. About 2000 years ago, Ki appeared and rescue the few pieces of Magi that I was in from being destoried by the Hani, for she hid them with in her. He couldn't drain her, for the Magi protected her from that horrid fate. Rich, you and Vet are the only ones who can successfully defeat the Hani, for with how quickly they work, our world will never last until another force of good is born. The prophecy said that only the chosen ones could stop the curse. Skiz and Radr are out since Skiz is a monster, and Radr is a robot. When Radr takes a weapon, half of it usage is transfered into life."

"And since Skiz can't hold a weapon, Vet and I are the only ones who can do defeat the Hani."

Isis nodded and said, "Yes, for only you can carry a Seven Sword with a full seven uses. For that is the only way to end the threat of the Hani, to successfully strike him seven times with a Seven Sword." I now knew that eventually I had to tell Vet about this and I would have to get another Seven Sword before I could attack the Hani.

I thanked Isis for the information, and Isis transported me back to the Inn in the town near the final dungeon. As I walked in, the Innkeeper looked at me and asked, "Is something wrong? You look like you were told you were going to die."

I looked at the her. She had save me and Vet from St. Marius eleven years ago. I finally said, "I found out the truth about the man you save me and my friend from eleven years agos."


"He is a Hani, and a very dangerous one." She gasped and she shut down the Inn for the day. Now the only question on my mind was, "How do you tell your best friend that they are one of the only two people that can defeat the most dangerous evil know in the world?" I decided to go back to my room and think about it. When the time was right, I would tell Vet.

The First Meeting
(A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance.)

"Mommy, tell us a story," said JaNa, her little face smiling.

"Yea, Mommy, tell us a story of heroes." said KLar, his voice full of excitement.

Vet looked at her children. The twins had been born a year after she and Skiz got married. She looked at her children. Many people said that they were like angels, but that was because of their background. She was a mutant, and Skiz was a monster, thus her children were beasts. She loved them and sometimes spoiled her children. She looked at her kids and said, "I'll tell you a story. It is about your mother and one of her friends, and a very evil man."

KLar, her son, said, "Was this before you met Daddy?"

"Yes, KLar. It was before I met Daddy. It was also before I looked like this."

"Before you looked pretty, Mommy?" JaNa asked. JaNa's own skin now started to reflect the red hue that Vet's had taken over her adventure.

"Yes, it was before that. Let me tell you the story of how your mother and her friend save our town." Vet said, and began her story. "It ...................


It started when news of evil gods in the world reached our town. I had just turned ten and Rich was eleven. Rich's father had been away since Rich's sixth birthday. Rich had befriended me when I started school. I turned out to be his best friend, and helped him through some very tough times. After school one day, Rich came over to me and said, "I heard some of the people talking today. They said a stranger arrived, offering to save us from the invasion that is coming our way."

I looked at him. Rich appeared to be happy about the possiblity of no gods controlling them. The town had been isolated from the rest of this realm by the mountains. It would probably take years for the gods to establish a force in the realm. Other realm or worlds had been taken over by now, but who could promise to protect us. I looked at Rich and said, "Who is this person that said they could do this?"

"He called himself St. Marius, and that he served Isis, the goddess that created this entire world." When I heard the name Isis, I figured that the man had come to save us. Rich then told me, "He plans to talk to us at the school, tomorrow. If he can protect us, we might move, but then how will my father find us." I saw the concern in my friend's eyes.

I walked over to him and said, "I'm sure that your father will find us, where ever we are?" He seemed to relax and I then said, "I guess I see you in school tomorrow." I watched as he returned home. That night, I was looking out of my window, when I saw a man walking through the town. I couldn't see his face, but I sensed something about him. I could not place a word to it, but it seemed familiar. I decided to try and get some sleep.


"Did you find out why, Mommy?" JaNa asked.

"Yes, I did, JaNa. And it was my dreams that told me the answer. You see JaNa, KLar, I had dreams about a past life. A person in those dreams filled me with dread. It was then I discovered that feeling I sensed was evil."


When I awoke the next day, my father had been at my side. He always comforted me when the nightmare's came. At school, I was going to tell Rich about the person I saw when Mr.S, my teacher, said "I would like to introduce you to a priest of Isis, St. Marius." A man came from the back of the room. He walked, and looked very dignified, but I felt uneasy around him. As he passed me, he glanced in my direction. I saw a look of recognition in his eyes, although in this life we had never met. I then felt that feeling again, the one I had the previous night. This was the same man.

When the man reached the front of the room, he started to speak. "My children, as you probably heard, evil is upon us. Isis swore that none of her people would suffer, and I have come to take you to her. To protect you from the evil gods, I will take you to her hallowed home, where she is." I sensed that he was lying. All though the day, people were asking him questions, and eventually Rich came over to me.

"Vet, I want you to stand by me as I ask St. Marius how my father would find us." I was surprised that he, of all pepole, would consider believing this man. Before I could protest, Rich had dragged me over there and asked St. Marius, "Sir, my father is an adventurer. If we follow you, how will my father find us?"

I saw St. Marius looking at me. He had that look again in his eyes. He then turned to Rich and said, "Do not worry, my child, he will find us. Or I will find him, if he is a follower of Isis." He looked at me again and asked, "Is this your girlfriend, my child?" He reached out to touch my shoulder, but I moved back, behind Rich.

Rich looked at me oddly and then said to St. Marius, "No, Vet is my best friend. She helps me through the tough times." I couldn't believe that Rich believed this man. I could see nothing but evil in the man. Rich must have noticed my uneasiness and led us out of the school house. Once outside, he looked at me and said, "Vet, what is wrong with you? You're acting like St. Marius is the most evil entity that has ever existed." I looked at Rich. I couldn't begin to explain my reaccuring nightmares.

"Rich, I saw him from my bedroom window. I swear he is evil. I can't tell you how I know, but I just know." Rich looked at me as if I was crazy. I ran back home, crying. My best friend in the known world didn't believe me.

As I sat in my room, my father came up to me and asked, "What's wrong, Vet? You never are this upset after school."

I looked at my father through tear filled eyes. "Rich didn't believe me. I think that the man, St. Marius is evil. I got the same feelings that I got in my dreams."

My father looked at me and hugged me. "Don't worry, if he proves to be evil, we shall defeat him if he tries anything. Remember, your mother always had said that you were a special child. Maybe your warning might help us if he tries anything." I didn't feel better about that. For the rest of the day, I watched the town from my window.

As the sun was beginning to set, I noticed a friend of mine walking home. It was Jena. Jena was a good friend of mine since I came to the town. She had stayed over once, and we spent the night talking girl talk. This evening, she was on her way home, when I saw St. Marius come into view. He had stopped her. Since they were close to the house, I heard St. Marius say, "My child, wouldn't you like to be the first to meet with Isis?"

I watched as Jena went to reply. "I need to.." I saw a spark of red light jumped from her eyes to his eyes. She finished but saying vacantly "see Isis. She can save us." I heard St. Marius give a sigh of satisfaction. He must have done something to her. That red light must have been it.

I gasped, and he spun around. I ducked out of view of the window. I hoped he hadn't seen me, but I then heard him say, "You will be the next to go see Isis." With that, I heard him walk away. I returned to the window, seeing St. Marius lead Jena out of town behind him. What he had just said scared me, because I knew that when St. Marius returned, he was going to kill me.


"What happened to Jena, Mommy?" Both of her children asked.

"I don't know. She is probably dead now. But, St. Marius had not been gone long, and he returned to kill me." My children's eyes went wide, and I then said, "And finally Rich had believed me, because if he didn't, you wouldn't be here today. You see The..."


The next day at school, everyone was wondering where Jena had gone. I knew what had happened to her, but before I could say anything, Mr. S. said, "Children, St. Marius told me that Jena came to him after school and asked to see Isis, in person. He said that she couldn't wait to see the world were we would be safe from evil." I then realiazed that St. Marius had probably set everything up. He was going to do the same trick again, and I would never be seen again.

I had spent the day shivering in fright. Towards the end of class, Rich tapped me on the shoulder. I screamed in fright and ran to the door. Mr.S was standing near the door and stopped me. I was in sheer terror. I started crying and saying, "I don't wan't to die. Don't let him kill me."

I saw Rich walk over to my side. I saw the concern in his eyes as he asked the question I knew would give an answer that no one would believe. "Let who kill you?"

I was in so much fright I could barely say the answer, but only Rich and Mr.S heard it. "S-s-st. M-m-marius."

Mr.S stood up and said, "Class dismissed, and everyone head home." As everyone left the building, only Rich stayed behind and tried to calm me down. I could tell that he was finally seeing what I had seen. Mr.S then said to me, "Vet, how can you say such a thing? St. Marius is offering us a chance to be safe from the evil gods taking our realm over."

"Mr.S, Vet told me about this yesterday, and now I am starting to believe her. I not sure how, but something seems wrong. Besides, this seems too good to be true. I remember my father saying something like that when I was younger. He said 'If something is too good to be true, it probably isn't.' and that seem to be it here," Rich said, now believing me.

Mr.S walked over to the two of us and said, "I don't know, Rich, but I will hold a meeting tomorrow night, and if he returns tomorrow, stay with Vet and don't run into him." Rich nodded and we left the school.

As we walked from the school, Rich looked at me and said, "What happened to Jena?" He was concerned as well about Jena, because he was going to ask her out. He started to have feelings for her, and I knew that we would never have feelings for each other. We were like brother and sister.

I turned to Rich and said, "I show you from my view point." I led Rich to my home, and up to my room. When we reached the room, I led Rich to the window. "I was here at my window when I saw Jena heading home. She was stopped by St. Marius. He asked her if she want to see Isis. She start to tell him that she needed to get home, when a spark of red light jumped between their eyes. She then said she wanted to go. I gasped and he heard me. He turned to the window and told me I was next, and then left with her following him. It was as if she didn't have a will of her own anymore."

Rich looked at me and said, "Vet, until we can be sure that you are safe, I am going to stay here. If St. Marius is evil as you fear, it will be best for you if someone was here in case he returns tonight."

I turned to Rich and said, "Okay, but I need to talk to my father first." Rich nodded and I went down to my father.

When I got down there, he said, "You want a potion to stop the dreams for tonight." I sometimes wondered how my father knew what I wanted. He then said, "Rich has a voice that carries, which I have no doubt comes from his father. I'll get one ready, but sooner or later, you will have to tell your friends about your dreams." I knew he was right, but how could I explain the past life deal. After dinner, I was off to bed. Rich had stayed up for a while, and then took the second bed I had in my room. If my life wasn't in danger, I would have asked him to stay in another room.


"So when did St. Marius return, Mommy?" JaNa asked, with a little yawn.

"Yea, and did he threaten Rich as well, Mommy?" KLar asked, with a bigger yawn. The two were falling asleep, and would probably be asleep by the end of the story.

"He did return that night, and Jena was not with him. He had a plan, and he was not going to attack me that night. When..."


When we woke up and headed for school, I was shocked to see St. Marius talking to Mr.S. As Rich and I hurried in, I felt St. Marius look at me. A chill ran up my back, as those evil eyes seemed to be searching me. When class started, Mr.S said, "Class. St. Marius has returned and brought a message from Jena." He turned the class over to St. Marius and stepped aside.

St. Marius scanned us with his eyes and said, "Your friend, Jena, wanted you all to know that she is happy with Isis. She cannot wait for everyone in town to join her. But, she wants one person to come see her." He looked at me, and walked down to me. "She wants you to come to see her at your new home. She said that she wanted you to be next to see Isis, and the beautiful world she has prepared for you." He made it sound so nice, but I had seen what he did to Jena. He wanted to kill me. He knew I didn't believe his lies. He then left the school. I was terrified.

Class appeared to go by too quickly for my liking. Rich and I stayed behind, because I was afraid to leave. As it neared evening, Mr.S walked up to us. "People are going to arrive soon for the meeting. Rich, take Vet home and guard her with your life. If what Vet said is true, then Jena is dead." It appeared that Rich took the blow harded than before when he heard she had left. Rich then nodded, and we were off.

We hadn't ever reached the first house in town when Marius appeared. We started to back away, back to the school when St. Marius said, "Is something wrong, Vet? Are you afraid of me?"

Rich pulled out a sword, one that Mr.S gave him to help protect me. He held it between us and St. Marius and said, "What do want? You don't want to save us, do you? And Vet has seen things you didn't want anyone to known about."

St. Marius' expression changed to a wicked grin. "So she managed to convince one person. After she went, you would have been next, boy. I know that she didn't trust me, and that she saw what happened to Jena, at least the first part. You can think of me as a special type of vampire."

I was really scared now, and for the first time in my life, my magic abilities appeared. I created Ice on the ground, and St. Marius fell. I then said, "You mean to kill us. To drain us of our blood."

He got up and was angry. "Not just that, but everything that makes you live. You saw me drain the will out of your friend. After that, it was easy to take care of the rest, but once you two are gone, I will be able to convice this town to follow me to my lair and feast until the end of time." He started to advance on the two of us. He wasn't afraid of the sword that Rich held. He was about to strike when an arrow hit the ground in front of him.

My father, who was holding the bow, said, "Try that, and the next one goes in your heart." In St. Marius' eyes there was a look of humor, as if he thought that my father could kill him, or if he thought that they were joking.

He tried to sweet talk them. "I was just going to help..."

Jena's father finished off the sentance, "yourself to them as you did to my daughter, you monster. My daughter is dead, but we'll be damned if you think we are going to leave ourselves to the same fate."

St. Marius growled and ran for the exit of town. Some of the people started to follow and I heard him yell, "Rich and Vet, I will get my vengence, and you will both die." For some reason, I wasn't afraid.

My father walked up to me and said, "You should thank Rich for that loud voice of his."

Rich looked at him and said, "And you should all thank Vet for see St. Marius for his evil ways."


"At that, Rich and I were carried back to town, and treated as heroes for a week." She looked at her children. They were almost asleep. Vet kissed each on the cheek and said, "Good night, my angels." She left the room and headed downstairs. She was surprised by what she saw. Sitting in the room was Rich. She ran over to her friend and gave him a hug.

Standing in the kitchen was Skiz. He was bringing over some drinks. "Did you get the twins to sleep?"

Rich looked at me and asked, "Twins?"

"Yes. They're four years old. You haven't been around for quite a while. I last saw you at the wedding. What have you been doing?"

"I've been helping Isis, but the solution is temporary." I had a feeling something was wrong. He was upset about something. "Have either of you ever heard of a creature called the Hani?"

Skiz looked up and said, "I heard that old legend. It is about someone curse to feed of other living beings, drain everything from them." I realized what Skiz just said, I could guess that answer.

"You mean that..", I said.

Rich finished my sentence, "St. Marius is a Hani. And only you and I can kill him."

"I can't go on an adventure now. I have two children to raise."

Rich looked at me sternly, "Vet, if we don't stop him soon, your children will die at his hands. He had this planned 2000 years ago." St. Marius was that old. I started to wonder how evil he was, and how powerful after being alive for 2000 years.

My husband looked at us both and demanded, "Why can't I face him? I helped save our world."

Rich shook his head, "You can't carry the Seven Sword, because of being a monster."

"Oh, but that doesn't mean I can't help. I can still fight in place of Vet."

"I wish I could say yes, but the case is that you can't kill St. Marius. Only Vet and I can do it. We are the only two of the four chosen ones that can do this." It was then I realized that my destiny would force me to face my greatest fear.

I turned to my husband, kissed him and said, "Tell the twins I will return as soon as I can." I nodded to Rich and we left the house to begin our quest.

The Ancients' Mistake
A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance.)

I was more than amazed when I saw who had arrived in the base. It had been 15 years since I last saw Rich and Vet. I know that Vet had gotten married, in fact I was invited to the cerimony, but I was unfortantely kept at my post. When Rich's dad had left in search of the lost ark, holy grail thingie, he came to me and said "Radr, I want you to take over as head of the Guardians." A year later, the main computer had malfunctioned, and the only way to save the base was for me to hardwire myself into the computer. My identity remained intact, but I could never leave the control room. When I saw who had approached the juke box, I instructed the guards to escort them here, as personal guests.

When they entered, Rich looked at me and said, "Radr, I would have never have guessed that your ego had found a big enough home?"

I looked at him. Rich was never a joker, but he seemed tense. "Rich, this computer is too big for me. I can't find my ego anymore." He laughed, as well as Vet, but something was troubling them.

"Radr," Vet said calmly, "we may need your help on a quest."

"I cannot leave the base, when the computer malfunctioned, I was obligated to save it."

"We understand," she continued, "but is there any way you can help us, maybe with information."

"Are you going someplace dangerous?"

Rich interjected at this point. "Radr, the past fifteen years, the guardians have been search all the areas that the ancients created, finding stuff that we didn't find. Vet and I are about to re-enter the center of the world on a quest that may well save all our lives." The pressure of the quest must have finally gotten to him.

"Rich, does this have anything to do with the disappearances of people from the guardian base, Edo, and the former city of Venus, as well as Ki's disappearance." Rich and Vet both had a look of shock on their faces. Apparently they knew nothing of Ki's disappearance. "Ki disappeared just this morning. She was starting to open her temple to Isis when a stranged blur appeared. She seemed to be talking with it, and then poof, she disappeared."

Rich looked at me with an urgent look. "Radr, we must see the video. We need to see it." Vet and Rich looked equally concerned about what they had heard, but Rich was more worried than anyone else.

"Alright, but I must find it first. You would not believe how many things are stored here in my memory banks." I entered the computer that house all the information they had. It had taken me a few minutes to find the video of the incedent. I loaded it into the main screen and returned to my robot form. "I'll start it up for you, but some of the sound didn't come through."


The video started up showing the temple of Isis, just south of town of Isis. Ki had stepped outside and was breathing in the fresh morning air. She looked as young as she did many years ago. As she approached the door of the temple to go inside, a blur approached her. When it got close to the temple, a voice said, "...lo Ki. ..memb.. me."

Ki spun around in surprise. A look of terror crossed her face, but then her face had a stern calm on it. "You. You have some nerve trying to attack me. You know you can't kill me."

The blur laughed and said, " y.. ...get .. .ou .o l..ger ..GI .n yo." A look of horror crossed Ki's face again. She started to run into the temple, but the blur grabbed her.

"No!" Ki screamed, but there was a red flash, and she had disappeared. The blur, although, had appeared larger.

The voice then said, "Y.. ..ll .elp .e .et ..veng. .n ..d .et, a. ..ll a. Is.." With that the blur left the area of the temple.


I turned to face my two friends. Vet had been leaning on Rich, crying. "He got her. He got her. Why?"

Rich was holding her, trying to comfort her. "He wants revenge on all of us. Ki was only the first. She kept him from killing Isis, and getting her power. He knows Isis is alive, and he wants her power, no matter what."

I was confused by this talk. "Who has taken her? Who wants to kill Isis? Who is it that is after you two?"

Rich looked at me, but his eyes seemed focused far away. "St. Marius is the one. He want to rule all. He wants to enslave us. He wants all the power. He is evil encarnate. He is Hani" A feeling of dread pass through me. If this being is that bad, why just the two of them. I should go along.

"Rich, I will go along. In this case, I will be more help to you at your side."

"The only way to kill St. Marius is for a chosen one to strike him a full seven times with a seven sword."

"Nix that idea. I can't do that, but maybe I can offer you something in return." I returned to the computer and had some machinery appear. Instantaniously, my robot form was altered before everyone's eyes. Minutes later, the machinery disappeared and my robot head was floating about the body. It hovered over to their side and I relayed my voice to it. "This might not be as good as a robot, but it will relay visual images to me, and my voice to you."

Vet looked at his knew robot form for a moment and said, "And what if it get's destroied, or you can't tell us anything."

"Then you are on your own, and I am confined to this computer for all eternity." I looked back on that thought. Through all my calculations, I knew that there was balance of everything in the world, the universe, and the dimentions bordering it. I knew that the balance of all was constantly maintained, but it would not be forever. I dreaded the fate that the world of the dead was the only verse that would survive Sherp, the day of destruction, and that the immortal and the cursed were doomed to the void, the endless abyss of eternal torment. Robot's were mortal, but computers were not.

I was pulled back to reality when Rich said, "Do you have any tools that can help us?" I noticed Rich turned to Vet and say, "He spaced out for five minutes."

I then remembered all the quests that Isis had the guardians run. She wanted them to find some of the tools of the ancients. I figured that Isis would have use for the items, or to make sure that they were out of evil hands. I turned my attention to my friends and said, "I think I might have some items that will be of help. They were made by the ancients themselves." I returned to the computer and went to the inventory of the vault. Last time I had checked it was a day ago. I was shocked that half the items in the vault had disappeard. This was serious. I had to contact Isis, right away.

I returned to speak with everyone, calling in my guard. As the guard ran in, I ordered, "Guard, go to the Celestrial Temple, and bring Isis here. Tell her that her people's devices have been stolen." As the guard ran out, I said to my friends, "Rich and Vet, you are my guests. The second Isis arrives, I will contact you." All they could do now was wait for Isis.

It wasn't until the next morning when Isis arrived. All night, I couldn't help but think that she would blame me for letting those items get stolen. She entered my command room, a little bit flustered, but still she looked calm. She said to me, "Radr, I know it wasn't your fault, but now I must know what was taken, before I talk to anyone else." I displayed the list of items. I knew that three of one item was stolen, and a device that there was only one of was gone as well. She took note of the items and said, "Is Rich and Vet here? I figured they might come her to talk to you about their quest. Rich had told me he was going to see her." There was an urgency in her voice.

"Yes, Isis, they arrived just yesterday. We figured that there quest has a lot to do with the Hani."

"They told you about that. At least you still have the MSD." Isis had told me that was a device to allow organic being to enter the Mana Net in the center of the world. "Get them here, as soon as possible, and see if you can send someone to contact Ki. I must see that she is safe." I then realized that Isis didn't know about Ki's fate.

After I summoned Rich and Vet, I looked at Isis and said, "I think you should see this." I started up the video of Ki's abduction. I could only watch as tears came to Isis' eyes. When it was over, I said, "I'm sorry. If I would have known about the threat, I would have gotten her here quickly, but even some of my guardian have been disappearing, left and right."

Isis stopped crying and said, "I should have told you. I didn't want to run the risk of Marius getting some of the dangerous devices, but if he is the one who took all these items, then Rich and Vet will need all the help they can get."

I, as well as Isis, was surprised when Rich said, "You mean to say that the devices have been stolen by St. Marius." Vet started to shudder in fear. I couldn't blame her.

Isis turned to the two. "Unfortunately, yes. It is with great advantage that he dare not use the 'Mistake'"

Vet had a look of confusion on her face. I had to agree that I was confused as well. Vet then asked, "What is the 'Mistake'?"

Isis sat down and then said, "It is the worse of all the Ancient's devices. When my people were in their last days, I was told were the device was hidden. I was told never to use it no matter what. You see I was only a little goddess back then. It all started when ...."


My father had been called to talk with PyOn, the inventor. I had wanted to see PyOn's lab and my father took me to see it. I was very happy that day. As we approached, I notice that there were others of the God consulate there. There was Headt, the keeper of the final passage, Roturet, the punisher of the wicked, Sendog, the goddess of reward, as well as my father, File, the manager of the life gate. PyOn said as my father arrived, "Sir, I have completed the device that Roturet had requested." I looked at the device and saw a clock in the center. On four sides, there were these metal balls, and on top was a red button. PyOn then said, "I thought it would be best if you all saw it." Roturet had looked upset with PyOn.

"What did you request, Roturet? I was not informed of this until now." My father was very upset with Roturet. My father never got this upset, as far as I could remember.

Roturet turned to my father and said in his raspy voice, "I have been in charge of punishing the wicked in the worlds that our people had established, but the people have gotten to wicked. I have asked PyOn to create this device from the legends."

Headt looked at Roturet and said, "You asked him to created the 'TimeBomb'. That device is suppose to bring the end of the world. You fool, do you know what means."

"The end of the wicked."

My father then said, "It means the end of us all. According to legend, the 'TimeBomb' was supposed to travel back in time to the point of creation, taking all immortals and cursed with it."

"I didn't not ask PyOn to create that. I just asked him for the device of the legends."

PyOn then said, "This is the device of the legends. I was going to ask you about it when you requested it, but I was afraid of your temper."

Roturet was upset and exploded in a fit of anger. "You have made a fool out of me. I shall make you pay for that." Just as Roturet started to chant, Sendog jump in between the two.

In her heavenly voice, she said, "I will not let this man be punished for him telling us about this. He should be rewards for his warning."

I watched as the two argued. Finally, my father shouted so loud that other dimension stopped moving. "Enough, PyOn, you will no longer need to invent things for us, for you can rest. Headt, take him to the final passage. That shall be his reward, for it will be better than anything you do to him, Roturet. But now, what do we do about the device."

As they argued about the device, I looked at it some more. I remembered the legends of the Timebomb. Once built, it could not be destroied by any means but itself. When activated, it hurled itself to the moment of creation, when Redor and Shoac were to kill each other. The legend then said that their infinite power would be contained and shattered into tiny particles that there was one positive force for every negative force. One world would result of this, and the immortal and cursed were doomed as lifeless cores. It was agreed that if the device was ever created, then all the ancients would leave, but one, who must protect the device. I looked at my father and said, "Dad, why don't we seal it in the dungeon of Hani, and leave Rognog to protect it."

My father picked me up and said, "Isis, that is so simple it is brilliant. But that means you will have to stay here. You know that pet of yours will follow you into the final passage if you go." He was right, but I didn't care. How hard would it be to guard the device.

After a few day, my father and the others returned and said, "Isis, It has been sealed on the hundreth level of the dungeon. Rognog will stay there, and that part of the cave has been sealed off, at the tenth floor. Take care my daughter, I shall see you when you join us."


"They still wait to this day, and I guarded the 'Mistake' until this day. When Marius attacked, I took the secret with me into the Magi. Now, I hope he has the device, so you must retrieve it."

I watched as Rich looked at her and said, "We shall keep the device from activation, Isis." I could help but try and mention what else had been taken.

"Rich, some of the other devices take were three of Roturet's devices." I notice the look on Rich and Vet's faces. They remembered what Roturet's job was from the story.

Isis then said, "He was a nessary evil, for he punished the evil to save their souls. I know that must be hard to understand, but the souls needed to be clensed. When the evils were confessed, Sendog rewarded them with everlasting peace in the afterlife. Before any ancient, or person died, they were transported to the consulate. My father was judge of their path. In the begining, few met Roturet, but as time changed, that changed."

I continued by saying, "He had four devices for that. One was a helmet that caused all ones mana abilities to attack them. The attacks were all lethal, but never killed the victims. The second was a robot that fed off an opponents strength and attacked at their weaknesses. The third was like the parasuit, for it covered the whole body. That was were the similarities ended. The suit was alive, and it acted like a constrictor. The last was a set of glasses. They allowed the victim to only see their worse nightmares. If they tried to take them off, they suffered pain so great that they had to put them back on. All but the last were stolen."

Vet looked at me and said, "But how can we stop that."

Isis said, "By trusting your eyes to things. Do not trust people, for three HoloHelmets were taken. They make the bearer look like anyone."

Rich then shuddered and said, "You mean that St. Marius could disguise himself as my parents."

"Maybe, but you must get to his castle," Isis said with forcefulness. "With Ki's capture, he has enough power in him to keep him from the abyss for a month. His castle is in the Mana Net, so you will need the Mana Shifting Device. It will allow you to go off the paths of the center of the world. Also, take the Zonehome with you. To the outside, it is invisable, but it has unlimited uses. You can rest in there."

Rich and Vet nodded. I told the guard to recover the items from the vault. As the guard was about to leave for the items, Isis said to Rich, Vet, and my robot head, "There is one person I want you take with you. She will be a great help to you. Her name is Li. Ki was her sister and I think she would want to help."

Rich looked at Isis wide eyed and said, "Li, that is the innkeeper in the town were I live. She was the one who stopped St. Marius from killing us on our quest for the Magi." This was the first I heard about that.

"Yes. Marius knew the connection even then. He hoped that with her capture, Ki would give him the Magi, and he could then kill her. Li proved to be very resourceful. Besides, if you don't take her with you, she will die tomorrow. Get her, come to the temple and I will give you santuary until your quest." Rich nodded, Vet bowwed, and I tipped my head as Isis disappeared. When we had the stuff, we left the base.

It took us half a day to reach the final town. Rich led the way into the Inn. Li was standing at her desk as she usually did. Her eyes lighted up when she saw Rich. She leapt over the counter and ran over to him, embracing him with a hug. "Rich, I've missed you. I was just going to write my sister and tell her the news."

Vet and I looked at the two in confusion. "What news?" we asked in unison.

Rich then looked at the two of us and said, "I should have said this before, but I let it slip my mind. After I talked with Isis about the Seven Sword and the Hani, Li and I started talking about that night, and how she kept the encounter quiet. We talked some more, and soon, well, we fell in love. After helping Isis everyday, I returned here. We had a nice dinner, relaxed infront of the fire, and talked. Before I left to talk to you, Vet, I told her of the quest I was going on, and I said that if I got back, I wanted her as my wife."

Vet had a smile cross her face and said, "I told you that you would find someone to replace Jena. You were so upset to hear that she was probably dead."

I then said, "And now, Li is coming with us."

Li looked at us and said "Why?"

Rich took her by the arms and sat her down. "Li, I don't know how to tell you this, but it is about Ki."

Li looked into Rich's eyes with a scared look. "How did you know Ki was my sister?"

Rich continued, "Isis told us, my love. But yesterday, Ki was captured and is probably dead, or worse."

Li started to become frantic. "What's wrong with my sister?"

I could see Rich was trying to say this calmly, but Ki had affected all of our lives. Even in my robot head, I didn't want to say anything about it. Rich finished by saying, "The Hani took your sister, and Isis, as well as myself, are arfraid that he will take you when we enter the Mana Net."

A stern look was in her eyes. She then stood up and said, "Let me get my weapons. I want to avenge my sisters death." I watched as she ran to the back. I had to say this. She was a perfect match for Rich.

The Beginning ????

Faces Of The Past
A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance.)

As I awakened from my robotic slumber, I saw Isis looking at me. She had a look of concern on her face. Last night, Rich, Vet, Li and myself arrived at the temple, and she brought us to her sanctuary. Everyone else was still asleep, and Isis said quietly, "Radr, I do not know if the Mana Net is going to accept you. You are not of ancient creation, cursed, or a living being. Robots are totally different from all other beings in creation. They have no biological parts in them."

Softly, I said, "What would happen if the net rejects me?" I was worried about what she was impling. It was my deepest fear in the entire world. Computers are immortal, robots are not.

"If you are rejected by the Mana Net, your body will be transformed into mana and energy for the Mana Net. Since you are bound to the computer at the base, your soul will become immortal. Your robot body will be destroied." Isis probably knew that she had worried me, but I don't know if she understood my fear. I floated off the place where I was resting. I was about to ask Isis if she knew if I was afraid of that, but she then woke the others. I didn't want to say anything in front of them. Isis then said, "I want to tell you that when you hit the Mana Net, there is a slim chance that Radr might not be able to help you."

I watched as Rich and Vet made a gasp in disbelief. Li then said, "Are you say that Radr might not survive entering the Mana Net?" I had only meet her yesterday, and we learned that she and Rich were going to marry.

Isis said, "No. I am saying that his robot form might not survive. Now, we do not have much time to get you down to the most direct route to the Mana Castle." It was then that my computer connection had informed me of something. After Ki's abduction, I started to monitors Li's inn.

"St. Marius has just tried to attack the inn. He is heading back to the Mana Net." He saw the look on Li's face as she realized how much danger she was in.

Li's look turned into defiance. "I will not let that monster kill me," she shouted. Rich walked over to her side and whispered something into her ear. She calmed down after that. It was obvious that Rich had known how to calm Li down when she got upset.

Rich then said, "Isis, will St. Marius know that we are coming to get him?" Rich knew the risks that he was taking.

Isis looked at him and said, "Most likely, you have grabbed Marius' attention with all of the Haniwa that you have slained."

Vet spoke softly as she said, "And he still wants to kill us for stopping him all those years ago." She started to shake in fear. Vet had the most to fear from St. Marius, according to Rich. She had known how evil he was when he came to the hometown.

Isis then said, "Yes, but nobody will be safe in less than a year's time. The Haniwa's damage to the Arsenal has started to increase. In less than a year's time, the Arsenal will expand the Mana Net into the realms. Marius must be stopped now." With that, we all nodded and Isis led us out of her santuary.

We followed her into the Celestrial Temple and to the Elevator. When we reached the center of the world and the great Mana Net, the walkways to the Arsenal units were packed with Haniwa. Their destorted faces turned to us and they started to charge us. Rich and Li pulled out two Hyper Cannons and fired at the attackers. As the Haniwa approached, the two blasts eradicated all but the last four. Vet casted a flare spell, a natural flare spell, and the four Haniwa fell in a puff of flame. We had to move quick to reach the area the Arsenal Units were at. As we ran, Rich and Vet grabbed every Seven Sword on the ground. By the time we reached the Arsenal Units, the group had collected about 30 Seven Swords.

I looked at the Arsenal Units and said, "Isis, could we take a vital part of the Arsenal Units and keep it with us?"

Isis looked at me and said, "That could work, but two people should carry the parts." Rich and Vet ran to the machines and yanked out the same part from both machines. Isis saw the parts that they had removed. "Good choice. Those are the parts that controls all the weapons. The computers will not detect the weapons. Hold onto them, for if Marius gets them, we are all doomed." Rich and Vet nodded.

Rich then turned to all of us and said, "It's time. Let's get the MSD's set up." Isis did her best to keep and Haniwa away from us. Some managed to breakthrough and Li elimated them with a Missle unit. Some of them dropped Seven swords, and by the time the MSD units were set up, there was another 20 added to the inventory. It was now that the unit was activated. Rich looked at all of us and said, "Let's go." Rich ran through the portal that appeared first, followed by Li. Vet followed, and then it was my turn.

As I entered the Mana Net, I felt strange. I could hear Rich say, "There's the castle, about half a day's journey." I looked at it and could tell every detail about it. I could see the size of the castle. It was over 30 floors in size. I could even tell that it was a complete maze inside. How could I tell all this? It wasn't until Rich said, "Radr, what's happening to you?" that I realized that the Mana Net was rejecting me. I tried to communicate my problem, but couldn't answer. My vocal connection had been cut. My form had dispersed all over the Mana Net. I was aware of what was happening, but I could not offer any help. It was then that my soul transended that of a mortal to that of an immortal.

Vet was in shock and I heard Li say, "Rich, we better rest abit before we try to go to the castle. I don't think that Vet will make it right now." Rich nodded and set up the Zonehome. I could sense it there, even tell its interior design. The place was like a pocket dimension. As the three entered the device. I decided to scan the area.

It was a couple of hours later. My form had dispersed more, and I was getting weaker in the Mana Net. I scanned the castle again, and eventually I had found St. Marius. He had gathered three of the Haniwa to his chamber. He was placing something like helmets on them. I recognized them as the HoloHelmets, and in the corner of the room, I saw the three devices that Roturet had used. St. Marius looked at the three Haniwa and said, "You three will capture the invaders, so that the plan can succeed." He reached over to the first. I swear that it still had some life in its shell. St. Marius looked in its eyes. A small spark of Red, Green, and Blue jumped between them, and the Hani made a sound of satisfaction. He then said, "You will capture your sister."

He activated the Helmet and that Haniwa transformed into Ki. He had already taken control of her. She looked at him and said, "Yes, my master. All shall serve you. All shall feed you."

St. Marius turned to the second shell and said, "I shall leave Rich to you. One never forgets the ones that they love." He laughed out loud and I could only think of one person I only heard mentioned in passing. The girl known as Jena. That was Rich's first love, except they never had a chance to ask each other out, but Vet had told me that Jena felt the same for Rich.

St. Marius activate the Helmet and that Haniwa transformed into Jena, as she would look at the age that Rich was. She had a figure that reminded me of Venus, the evil goddess of beauty. I thought of much trouble that Li and Rich were in. Li was going to see her sister, and be betrayed by her, and Rich was going to be immobilized by seeing his lost love. As the Jena/Haniwa faced her master, she said, "I shall capture the treat to our existance."

St. Marius turned to the last Haniwa and said, "It took me years to find you amongst all my followers. You were one of the most tasteful beings whose will, soul, and essence I have feasted on. You are my key to Vet, and I must say, I have taken a liking to her. I could use a bride, and her powers will keep her alive, as my slave, or bride, for millenia."

He activated the device and the third Haniwa transformed into a woman. I couldn't make out who she was, for I had never seen her before in my life. She walked over to St. Marius and said, "I shall do what you ask, Master."

He then said, "Go to the first junction of the maze, and each take a path. I shall arrange the three to be seperated." I then heard his evil laugh echo through out my mind. Vet was in more trouble than Rich and Li were in, but who could effect Vet in such a way, to make her fall into his trap.

As my form became more scattered amongst the Mana Net, I had trouble locating my friends. It took me hours to locate the Zonehome, and another hour to find the entrance. Inside, I could see Vet, Rich, and Li talking. I could only feel helpless, for I knew they were going to walk into a trap. Vet still appeared a bit shocked. She then spoke, "I still can't believe it. Radr is gone."

Rich looked at her and said, "I think he is still around. After we defeat St. Marius, we shall go to the guardian base and work on building a new robot body for Radr. I think we can give him his mortality back."

Li just shook her head. She then said, "When my sister, Ki, was studying about the ancients, she told me that computers were immortal. The only way an immortal would avoid Sherp would to pass into the final passage. The cursed could never reach this passage, and computers could not be moved. Now that Radr is confined to the computer, he can never reach the final passage." I had to admit, my hope was almost all shattered. It was also believed that St. Marius had the 'Mistake', but then I realized something, I did not sense it in the Mana Net, which meant only one thing. St. Marius did not steal it, but if St. Marius didn't steal it, who did?

Rich then said, "Well, we can tell him we will try, I don't want him to feel it's hopeless."

Vet then said, "But won't that hurt worse. I mean, he knew the risks and you are trying to promise him something that you cannot give him." She understood what I was thinking, but how?

Rich turned to her, almost ashamed. "Like when were going to find your mother. You didn't know that she was dead. I'm sorry, it is like that. You were told that your mother went on a trip, and one day, you were going to find her. That was when you father told you the truth." She nodded.

Li looked at Rich and said, "What happened?"

Rich turned to Li and said, "She literally hated her father. She wouldn't talk to him for days. I finally told her that he did that to protect her, but she still hated him for that. The anger almost disappeared, but it is still there." Rich then looked out the window. If I could have talked, I would have told him about the trap, but I couldn't even tell them what had happened to me. Rich said, "The path to the castle is clear. There is not a single Haniwa in the way."

Vet stood up and said, "Let's go. If we wait any longer, St. Marius will be on us before we can even attack him." She didn't know what he had planned, if only I could warn them. Rich and Li had nodded and they left the Zonehome.

It did not take them long to make a run for the castle. Without any Haniwa guarding the way, it had been easy for my friends to reach the castle. When they arrived, Rich said, "This is too easy. I think St. Marius knows that we're here."

I saw Vet start to shudder again. For all her years, and all that she had seen, Vet was still afraid of St. Marius. She then said, "We can't let Marius win. He will pay for all he has done, and we will keep him from killing everyone." She was less scared than she was before. I then watched as the three entered St. Marius' castle. As they traveled down the first hallway, I knew that they were walking into the trap. Vet then said, "I wish Radr was still around, then he could tell us what path to take."

Li nodded as the three entered a room with three paths to take. She started to walk to the eastern door and said, "Maybe we should all stick together. If we get seperated, we might get caught easily." I noticed that Rich was looking at the western door, and Vet was looking at the northern door. All of a sudden, the door they all came in closed with a thud. They all turned and ran for the door, each running into a magical wall. Li shouted, "It was a trap. He has seperated us."

Rich looked at his friends and said, "Don't fret. We will find a way to get back together. Just be careful." Rich and the others had no idea what Marius had planned.

Rich continued down the westren path. As he continued down that path, I noticed that Rich was coming to a room with no exits, unless they were hidden. Rich looked around the room and said, "Man, there has to be a hidden exit in this room somewhere." I watched as he started to search the walls, testing for a weak spot.

He jumped in fright when someone called his name, "Rich, it is you, isn't it? I knew you would come to rescue me." I watch Rich turn and gasp. It was the Jena/Haniwa. Rich was caught short on words and finally said, "Jena, is it really you?"

The girl lied and said, "Yes, I managed to escape from that man, but I couldn't leave this world. I've been hiding in this temple ever since. Please, help me."

I saw the tears welling up on Rich's face. He could never forget her, but he had thought she was dead. He was right, but I couldn't tell him that she was a Haniwa. He ran over and hugged her. "I can't believe that your still alive, I didn't think it was possible after Vet told me what she saw."

The Jena/Haniwa returned the hug and said, "Vet just wanted you all to herself. She was afraid that I would take you from her. She wanted to be your girlfriend." I then noticed that the Jena/Haniwa was tightning her grip.

Rich had lossened his grip and he had realized that she was lying. "You aren't Jena," were the only words he managed to say when he collapsed. The Jena/Haniwa just looked at him vacantly and release her grip. Rich fell to the floor, like a wet rag.

St. Marius entered the room and told the Haniwa, "Take him to the dungeon, and leave him his weapons." He leaned over the form and picked up something from Rich's body. The unit that Rich had taken from the Arsenal. I then watched as the Haniwa picked Rich up and they left the room.

I found Li at another room. She too had started looking for a way out of the dead-end room. Just as she had given up, I heard a familiar voice say, "Sister." Li turned around and saw Ki stand at the door.

Li started to walk to her and then stopped. "You can't be my sister. St. Marius killed you."

The Ki/Haniwa lied, as did the Jena/Haniwa. "He can't kill me, little sister. Isis had always protected me. When he got me here, I fought him off and escaped. He probably tried to capture you this morning."

Li appeared to be believing what her attacker was saying. "How do you know he tried to attack me?"

"He would do anything to make me give in to him. Since Isis is still gone, he need her power to win, the power I have in me." The Haniwa had said the wrong thing, for Li realized it was a trap for she attacked the Ki/Haniwa with a vengence.

Almost instantly, Li threw a grenade and ran back, to not be caught in the blast. The Ki/Haniwa caught it and threw it right back at her with such speed, that I couldn't process the information in the main computer of the guardian base fast enough. The blast, and then the thud as Li hit the ground, unconscious. St. Marius entered the room and said, "Take her to the Dungeon. Remove her weapons, her armor, and put her in the suit. Give the key to the suit to the robot." The Haniwa nodded and picked Li up, and the two left the room. I then realized what was going to happen. St. Marius was going to crush the resistance out of Li, have Rich fight to exhaustion against the robot, and use Vet's own magic against her.

I had to find Vet, and somehow warn her. The first was easy, for she was working her way through the tunnels, launching a fireball down the halls every five feet. It was her least powerful spell, but I admired her quick attacks with it, although they hit nothing. I judged how much time I had left of sentience in the Mana Net, and it would be shortened drastically if I tired a message, or two. My first attempt caught her attention, for electric pulses formed in the wall. My second attempt proved that I had gotten through, but not all I could tell her. I had succeeded when she read the message.

"Vet, " she said, "Rich and Li captured. Danger. Careful. Radr." She sighed and said, "Thank you, Radr. I don't know how you know, but I wish you tell me how they were caught."

As she finished speaking, I voice came from the room ahead. It said, "Vet, is that you?" Vet's eyes had gone wide and she ran for the room. As she entered the room, she looked at the woman crouched in the corner. I recognized her, for she was the third Haniwa. But Vet regonized her too, for there were tears in her eyes.

Vet said in a shaky voice, "Mama." She ran over and hugged the Haniwa, unaware of the trap. "I thought you were dead. Papa said you were dead."

"I thought I was to, but I was attacked and brought here. I would have been dead, except this man saved me and said that we would be patient and hide until the chosen ones would save us," she lied, and Vet was eating up every word of it.

Vet looked at the creature, still seeing her mother and said, "Who saved you?"

"I did!" Vet turned in fear and realized that she had fallen into the trap that St. Marius had set for her. She was staring right at him. He started to walk forward to her. "Don't even think off using the Seven Sword, child."

Vet tried pull out the Seven Sword, because she was not going to die at his hands. I then watched as her mother/Haniwa attacked her from behind. Vet turned, and didn't stop the attack. I could see that she couldn't bring herself to hurt her mother, even if she was dead. The Haniwa said, "Don't you dare question your mother, or threaten anyone." Vet was knocked straight onto the floor cold by the Haniwa.

St. Marius leaned over Vet's head and removed her helmet, replacing it with the helmet that Roturet had used. He then retrieved the device from her, and said to the Haniwa, "Take her up to my throne room. Her power, which she has yet to use, will be mine, willing, or as a slave." The Haniwa nodded, and took Vet out of the room. My consciousness was unable to contact the Mana Net, as I returned to my computer form. The last thing I heard was St. Marius laughing in delight. At that moment, I believed that all was lost.

To be continued????

Reward For Pain
A Story And Addendum For Memoirs Of The Heroes. (Previously "Memoirs Of An Adventure's Child."))
(All Characters Are Ficticious And bare no resemblence to living people.
Any resemblence to fictional characters is only by chance.)

When I awoke, I still felt the pain that I had experenced from the Haniwa that looked like Jena. I looked around and saw that I was still in the castle, but in a huge room. I started to wonder if this was St. Marius' throne room, but the lack of furnishings told me it was not. It was then I noticed that my weapons were still with me, as well as my armor. I started to wonder if St. Marius had become so confident with his plan that he didn't fear us anymore. I then noticed that the arsenal part was gone. He must have taken it. I hoped that he had not gotten Vet, or Li. I hoped that they were safe, but for some reason, I couldn't help but think that I was hoping for too much.

My concentration was broken when I noticed a door opened. It was a large door and then I saw St. Marius. He came out into the area where I was. There was a smile on his face. He stepped away from the door and I saw Li, chained to the wall. She seemed to be covered in full body armor. St. Marius turned to me and said, "Well, boy, you have made yourself a real nuisance. You have killed many of my Haniwa, but luckily I still had Jena. You were your own trap. One never forgets the first person they fall in love with. But, I am prepared to offer you a deal."

A deal with the devil, I had always learned, was a dangerous thing. I looked at St. Marius and said, "What do you want?" I figured I would play along until he let his guard down, and then strike him so fast he would collapse.

He looked at me and said, "I know that you will not surrender without a fight, so all you have to do is defeat me, and Li will be free." He seemed to eager to fight me. He knew something, or was up to something.

I stood and drew the Seven Sword. He had something planned and I was not going to let him get away with it, and I knew that he want revenge on Vet and myself. "What about Vet? I'm not leaving here without her."

"If you want her to live, you must surrender for I have her guarded by my Haniwa, especially the one that used to be her mother. That one has been ordered to kill her if I die. As for Li, she might not be so lucky to live through our fight." I watched as St. Marius pushed a button on what looked like a key. All of a sudden, the room filled with a scream and I saw Li in agony. I realized that she was wearing the one device of Roturet. "Eventually, she will submit and beg me to feast on her existence. At that time, the Haniwa will take her to the feeding chamber. If I die, she will be carved up into small pieces then." He smiled and then said, "So boy, which is, surrender or fight."

He knew the answer, but I said it anyway, "I will make sure that you threaten no one ever again." With that I charged him with the Seven Sword. Just as I went to strike, he held up a sword and stopped the strike, but his sword took the blow. He then struck me, in my left leg. I had left it unguarded and fell to the floor. I scrambled away from St. Marius. I thought why the Seven Sword didn't hurt him, and how he was able to stop it.

"Boy, you cannot harm me. I am invincible, you must submit. You will never survive." He was right. Every attack he made was lethal, but for some reason, I was still alive. I couldn't figure it out. As the fight continued, I had gone through ten Seven Swords, and still couldn't hit him, and when I managed to hit him, he hit the sword with such a force that it broke the sword. St. Marius knew what I was going to do before I even did it.

I looked him in the eye, and even thought Li was still screaming, I said, "I will defeat you before harm can befall my friends." I tried to run to her, but St. Marius took a slash at my right leg, knocking me down in pain. For once, I watched the wound and saw it healed instantly. After all the fighting, I was slowly starting to tire and I realized the truth. I pulled out the Revenge Sword and slowly advanced towards St. Marius. It was the first time I was going to try this, but it was worth a try, for if I failed I feared I would have to submit.

I started to jump toward St. Marius when I heard Li shout, "Please stop. I can't take it anymore. I submit." Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw the Haniwa enter the room, and approach Li. St. Marius let out a laugh and slashed at my throat. As the blade crossed my throat, I slashed at St. Marius with the Revenge sword. St. Marius' head went flying off, and as I suspected, it wasn't St. Marius, but the robot, and it was wearing a HoloHelmet. I had to work quick. I searched for the key to the suit and watched. The Haniwa were marching her helpless body down a hallway. She was still screaming, begging for the pain to stop. I found the key and ran after them, but with the Xcalabur drawn. I took care of this sword, since it was my luckiest.

With a scream of rage I took out each Haniwa and saved Li. From the last I slayed, I receive a Seven Sword, but the fourth in the group ran. I ran to Li's side and searched the suit for the keyhole, so I could deactivate the suit. After a frantic search, and trying to keep Li from injuring me, I found the keyhole right at her neck. I inserted and turned the key. Instantly, she gasped a sigh of relief. Her torment, her pain was over, as was mine. Li looked at me and hugged me. I returned the hug and I could tell that she was greatful, due to the force of the hug. She didn't want to let go, but I said, "We have to continue, my love, for everyone's sake, and most importantly, Vet's. She must be in terrible danger."

She nodded and then tightened her grip. It was fear that was in her grip, as St. Marius' image appeared. His voice seemed to echo through the hall. "With Ki's energy, I have regained some of my Mana abilities. Although I have yet to awaken all of my lost Mana abilities, but Vet will give me the power I need. I am surprised that you figured out that it was the robot you were fighting."

I looked at the image and said, "She will never give in to you. She knows what you are, and she will do everything in her power to stop you."

The image looked at me and laughed. "She doesn't even know the extent of her powers. She, as well as yourself and your friends, are special mortals. Ki had never the chance to obtain the power Vet has now. Soon my lost Mana will be regained, and I shall have all my power returned to me." With that the image disappeared, and Li was sobbing.

I looked at her and said, "We won't let him win. He has to get through us before he can get her."

Li looked at me through tear filled eyes. "But he already has her. He had me begging to be his slave. He must have something like that planned for her." I had feared that St. Marius would be telling Vet that we had submitted, that we were now his slaves. I then thought of a worse fate for Vet. St. Marius might be trying to make her his bride, but I couldn't tell Li this. I then noticed that the suit Li had on had started to slip, as if it was no longer in contact with her body. She grabbed at the collar and said, "I think we better find my stuff. I just noticed that I am wearing just this cursed outfit."

I looked at her and nodded. I then said, "I think I saw a chest in the room where you were chained up." We walked back there, due to the fact that if we ran, the suit would have fallen from her and that would have been embaressing for her. We reached the room and found the chest. In it was her armor and her weapons.

Li looked at me and said, "Could you guard the door, love, we aren't married yet." My father had always taught me to be a gentleman, so I went to the door. I looked out as I heard her changing. I thought about what our life was going to be together. I felt that we would succeed in stopping St. Marius. I couldn't help but think that after this was all over, I could live a normal life for a while. I thought of what Vet was risking as she left her husband and children to save their lives. I had lost touch with them, but I had realized how much had changed for her over the time. She, out of all of us still left, had risked the most.

With my eyes forward, I said to Li, "Vet had the most to lose out of all of us. She was risking returning to her family to stop St. Marius. She knew that he was evil and would not even fall for his tricks. How could he have caught her?" I felt a hand touch my shoulder. I turned my head to see Li standing at my side.

Li had a tear at her eye as she said, "The same way he caught us, but who would have such an impact on her. You told me about Jena when we started courting, but who else could affect and pull her into a trap."

It hit me like a bolt from the blue. "Her mother. Vet's mother had disappeared, died when she was young. I'd bet any amount of gold that St. Marius kidnapped her mother. I bet that the Haniwa that caught each of us was that person in real life."

"You mean to say that Ki is now his slave." Li's eyes started to fill with tears again.

I looked her in the eyes and said, "Yes, and the only way to save her is to kill St. Marius, for then she can rest."

Li looked at me and then said, "Then we better find him, and quickly, for Vet's sake." I nodded and we ran into the maze of the castle.

After an hour, we still hadn't found the right path, or even the way out of the part of the castle that St. Marius dubbed the dungeon. I was almost frantic, as was Li, until I heard a voice. My first thought was that St. Marius was trying to trick me, but then I realized that the voice was Vet's. "Rich, I don't know if you can hear this. I don't know if you are still alive. St. Marius tells me you and Li are his slaves now, but I can't be sure. He has Roturet helmet on me. He's using my abilities on me. He keeps saying that he won't kill me, unless I don't give in. He says that if I want my children to survive, I must marry him. I'm scared, Rich. I hope you can find me. He says that I haven't even reached my full abilities. I don't know what he means. He just started using the helmet on me. He has used ESP on me. I was so confused that I almost gave in. I wish I could tell you where I am. If Li is anything like Ki, she can see the way. Rich, please help me. I want to see my children again. I want... He's looking at me. He's going to do something." At that, I heard her scream in pain. I didn't know she could communicate via a mental link. I then heard her say, "The pain, my body is on fire. Help me. Stop him, Rich. I'll hold out, but he said that if I don't give in by the time he uses the Flare, he's going to enslave me." Her voice left me, and I could tell that she was in complete pain. Apparently, he only used the Fire on her. If I remembered right, that was a low powered ability.

I turned to Li and said, "St. Marius is wasting no time in trying to control her. He has told her that we are his. She thinks he's lying, but she told me that she is afraid that he speaks the truth. She said all this telepathically. I didn't know that she could do that."

Li looked at me and said, "How old is she?"

I had to think for a moment. "Vet is about 30. Why?"

"Even for a mutant, the Mana to do Telepath is way over her head. Normally, only mutants about 100 can do that. I should have noticed that before, since she used Flare, which normally doesn't surface unless one is 50. Maybe because she is a chosen one that allows for this, but most mutants never reach full abilities until age 1000, but no mutant has ever reached that age. She must have a hightened rate of evolution. She is a super-mutant." Li's face went pale. Something scared her.

I grabbed her shoulders and said, "What's wrong, Li? What has you spooked now?"

Li looked at me though vacant eyes and said, "A prophecy. 'When the first of excelled mana bears children, good and evil will begin. On the day of independence's door, the angels will soar. One whose will is right, one who is a symbol of the night. On that day, one parent will die, the night at their side.' If Vet survives this quest, she might die, if she had twins." My eyes went wide at that moment. In that breif moment, I thought about just leaving the Vet to St. Marius, for she would die upset if it were by her child's hand, but then I realized that it might not be Vet, but Skiz.

I looked in Li's eyes and said, "I hope that the prophecy can be avoided. But now, Vet said that you can see the way." I wondered if that had anything to do with the Mana abilities that Ki and Li probably had.

Li nodded and said, "I think I know what she is talking about." All of a sudden there was a red haze covering her eyes and she said, "Follow me, and have your weapons ready. There will be a couple Haniwa waiting, one per intersection. We should get to Vet and St. Marius in no time." At that she took off, and I followed. We had to find Vet, and save her from the years of imprisonment.

We had taken out about fifty Haniwa by the time we reached the doorway to St. Marius' throne room. I had picked up about five more Seven Swords, and we watched from the door. He was walking over to Vet and loomed over her. I heard him say, "Give in, Vet. I promise not to kill you. I have taken a liking to you. Your power will give me all I need to control the world. As you know, I will spare the lives of your children."

Vet had tear running down her cheeks. It was obvious that she was still in pain. We heard her screams as we neared the room. She looked at him and said, "I won't ever give in to you. I rather be killed than be your bride. You will kill my husband if I promise to serve you." She then screamed in pain. I could understand why. St. Marius had pushed a button on a device in his hand. I watched as a servere frost covered her body. I remembered the sight of the monsters that we fought, who she used that spell on. As the ice melted, she was shivering in pain.

St. Marius turned to face her and said, "Do you submit, Vet? There is only one spell left to use. You can image what that will do. If you don't give in after that, I shall steal all that makes you live." He was about to touch the button, and I decided to strike. He still had his back to me and I charged him, and with the Seven Sword, I slashed his left arm. He dropped the device and spun around. He faced me and said, "You! I figured that you would have never have reached her." I noticed that the blood from the wound was red, green and blue.

"Your reign of terror is over, St. Marius. You will die today." I had pulled out a second Seven Sword to confuse him. He didn't know which had hit him. I swung with both. He blocked the one I had just pulled out, and his right arm got sliced by the one I had used. St. Marius screamed in pain.

He looked at me and said, "Haniwa, get him." At once, his followeres started to advance. Li had chosen that time to jump into the battle and attack. She kept the Haniwa busy. I struck again at St. Marius while he was giving the order, cutting his left leg. I spun quickly and switched the swords.

I looked at St. Marius and he was charging me. He gave me a kick that knocked the sword out of my left hand. As I spun, I sliced his right side with the Seven Sword I had been using. I jumped back and said, "Your terror is at an end. You will die, Hani." I had hit him four times. I spun around again and pulled out another Seven Sword.

He started to advance carefully. He said, "Child, you will fail. You will never have the chance to deliver the final blow." He was trying to make me lose confidence in myself. I noticed that Li had managed to run over to Vet. For the first time, I noticed that Vet was chained to the wall. Li was managing to set her free. St. Marius heard the chains being release and spun to see what was happening. In that time, I took two more swings, one to the neck, one the back. I almost had the last shot, but St. Marius swung around and hit me, knocking the Seven Sword out of my hand and onto the floor. The other was useless, cause the force of his swing broke it. He grabbed me by my throat and lifted me into the air.

Li had run over and hit him in the back of the head. "Let him go, you monster." He reached around and grabbed her by her hair. She screamed in agony and I heard St. Marius laugh.

"You children don't understand. I am going to control all, and you cannot stop me. Vet, when they join me, they will hold you while I drain the power from you. I will be the master of all." I couldn't see Vet, but I hoped that she was going to do something, because soon, Li and I would become his next meal, and servents.

I heard the sound of chains in front of me, and then Vet said, "Not this lifetime!" Then, a splash of red, green, and blue came from St. Marius' body. His eyes went wide as the last thing he did was look at the sword through what used to be his heart. He dropped us and collapsed. Vet had delivered the final blow, the one that killed St. Marius.

Before his evil corpse disappeared, St. Marius said in a raspy voice, "I will return." We knew he wouldn't. His death sent him to the void, and all his followers crumbled into dust. We had succeeded. The was a flash of light from the Seven Sword. When we faced it, there was an image there. It appeared to be that of one of the two beings from the beginning.

"My chosen warriors." It said, and then I knew that it was Redor. "Thank you for stopping the first incarnation of Shaoc. He may already have used the energy to transfer his essence to his second incarnation, but his third incarnation is in hiding. That is who took the 'Timebomb'. You have saved the world, for now. The third incarnation is not a threat yet, but you will know when the second incarnation appears." With that, Redor disappeared from sight. I then knew that what we faced was only the tip of the iceberg.


When we had left the Mana Net, Isis was waiting. She ran over to Vet and said, "Vet, I have some grave news. Last night, one of your children became ill. You must rush home." Vet had a scared look on her face and she ran off to the elevator.

Li turned to Isis and said, "Isis, I think that the child that is ill might be Shoac's second incarnation. The spirit of Redor told us that the third incarnation stole the 'Timebomb'." Isis's face went white in shock.

I then said, "Isis, if what Li said was true, then who ever is ill might kill her. Which child is ill?" I was concerned for Vet's life now, for she said that people thought her children were angels.

"The child that is ill is JaNa, Vet's daughter." Isis said that as if she was pronouncing a death sentence. The twins were four years old right now. For them, the day of independence's door was fourteen years away. Vet was not going to enjoy hearing that her daughter might kill her.

Deadly Desire

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