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The Hatred
by DomaDragoon

I look out upon the wasteland that was once my home. It has changed much since my ascension here. For one thing, the cheerful voices of my home village no longer ring out. They have been silenced. No. They were slaughtered, at my hand.

I prefer to think of it as being destroyed from their petty existence, mistrust in each other that was well-founded. They died because they were weaklings. You were merely the harbinger of their doom. Why do you refuse to accept that?

It's inconceivable, that's why! The blood of a thousand people is on my head. To think that such a massacre could have happened... because of me...

The blood of countless other beasts is on your hands as well. There's no difference.

It's inhumane!

Pah! Humanity is weakness, and in time you will grow to learn that. Why else would all those people you lament so much have died so easily? Pity for you perhaps? "The 'big hero' could do no wrong", and so they stood there as you sliced through them. Fools. They were all weak.

They needed a champion! They needed a source of hope, someone to look up to in times of need.

Ah, a leadership figure. Yes, I believe they did have one, not too long ago no less. What happened to him, anyway? Oh, that's right. You killed him.

It wasn't my fault!

It was your sword, wasn't it? Not a particularly clean killing either. A single misplaced stroke. It must have made him suffer tremendously as his life ebbed away, not quickly enough to allow him sweet unconsciousness. One of my better ploys, if I do say so myself. I doubt the mage would have had such imagination on his own.

But why all this? Why me?

The first question is simple: it is my purpose. It's why I exist. I live to cause pain and suffering, to tear apart families and kingdoms alike. As for yourself... you amused me. I needed the strongest body available, which yours was, but that wasn't enough. Only a hero, someone who had dedicated their whole life to defending against me, would do. I took you, because you of all people did not want to be taken.

...I hate you. I hate you with every fibre of my being. If it wasn't for the fact that you control me, I'd...

I control you because you hate me. A rather ironic touch, wouldn't you agree?

Let me die...

And why would I do that? It's been ages since I had such an excellent host! No, you won't die, although you may wish it. Even now, you weaken from my presence. If you succumb now, you are mine. If you resist, I will grow stronger from your hatred, wear you down, and you will be mine. Either way, the outcome is inevitable.

Odio... you...

No, no. The correct term would be "Odio, we." You would do well to get used to it.

Others... have beaten you before... will do so... again...

That is a mistake that we shall remedy. Now... you who still embrace the illusions of humanity...

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