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Memoires of Odio
by d_Galloway

I am Odio. I am the demon of hatred and disgust. I myself corrupt and mutilate the souls of humans to do the bidding of evil. I have existed for countless millenia, feasting on hate, envy, madness, and the very nature of evil. I am always waiting for my chance to destroy all of these pathetic creatures called humans. I swear, I will one day be successful.

My first attempt was when these creatures first emerged from the level of apes. This new species was as primitive as their animal ancestors, and yet possessed a keen intelligence. They excelled at creating various weapons, such as axes, knives, clubs, and spears. The fools were playing into my hands perfectly. I corrupted the mind of one of their leaders, a chief from a warlike tribe. They became my followers, worshipping me as their god. When that girl escaped, however, my sacrifice was lost. They followed, of course, but then that foolish caveman Pogo stood in their way. He defeated the top warrior of the tribe, then followed him back to my altar. The fight continued, but the altar soon shattered, and Pogo, the girl, Pogo's ape friend, the warrior, and the chief fell to the ground below. I changed the chief into a horrific monster, but Pogo somehow defeated it! I lost my first battle against the creatures.

My second chance came in a country called China. It was more advanced than the first culture I infected, but it still possessed the neccessary hatred I needed. I took control of a martial artist, and renamed him Odiwan Lee. I then trained an army of disciples, and sent them to eliminate a rival sensei, an old man named Ro. They did not find the old man, but they succedded in murdering two of his three disciples. Ro and the third disciple came to my temple, where they defeated my disciples until only myself and two assassins remained. I fought the old fool's disciple-only to lose to a technique that I had never seen before, a technique that shattered the body completely. The old fool succedded as well, but had used up all his strength in the process, and died. That fool continued his style of martial arts, while mine was lost forever.

My third strike was against an island country known as Japan. This island was always my favorite, with countless wars and horrific blood fueds a daily occurance during the time. I took control of a feudal lord, and thus renaimed him Ode. I summoned the spirits of the dead revolutionary, Amakusa, and the greatest swordsman to ever live, Miyamoto Musashi. Together, with the aid of a bizzare inventor, we captured another lord named Ryouma Sakomoto, and trapped him inside our castle. However, an Endo ninja named Obomaru had journeyed to the castle and broken inside. He succedded in defeating Amakusa and the inventor, and entered my private quarters. I tried to attack him, but was pushed aside by the recently escaped Ryouma. I summoned Musashi and fled. But they even defeated him! I then summoned a dark demon, but she fell as well. Foolishly, I challanged them to single combat, but lost. I then took it to the roof of the castle, and morphed into a horrid creature. But I still lost. My third attempt was another failure.

The fourth try came in the country known as America. I witnessed a battle between the 6th Cavalry and the Sioux, and noticed that all that remained of the 6th Cavalry was a single horse. Using the souls of the fallen soldiers, I turned that horse into a man named O. Dio. He formed a gang called the Crazy Bunch, and began to attack a small mining town. But an outlaw called the Sunset Kid entered the town and, along with a bounty hunter named Maddog, challanged the gang to a battle. Using clever traps, the Crazy Bunch was reduced to Dio. A desperate duel began, and with Dio's gattling gun, I thought my victory had come. But the fools kept out of range, and were successful in defeating me. When Dio fell, my spell was broken, and the horse returned to normal and fled. I lost yet again.

Try number five came in 1995. A young man named Masaru seeked to become the strongest man on Earth, and did well at it by learning the moves of six of the world's greatest fighters. But I had possessed the body of a wrestler and renamed him Odio Oldbright. After Masaru's victory, I went and destroyed every one of his opponents, then challanged the fool himself. But I was shocked at the runt's power. He somehow defeated and killed my body, and thus became the strongest in the world.

The sixth attempt began in 2015, once again in Japan. I corrupted the mind of a Japanese general, and used him to revive me in the form of Lord Odeo. The method: Liquified Humans. I laughed with glee as the liquid remains of the humans were sacrificed to me, and prepared eagerly for the day I would rise and destroy mankind. But then that kid came. He had some sort of telepathic power, and had learned of a gigantic robot named Buriki Daioh. When I was about to be revived, he took that machine and went to my temple. But I had already been born, transferred into a giant statue. But just when I was prepared for destruction, Buriki Daioh defeated me, shattering my new body. I lost for the sixth time that day.

Attempt seven took place in 2499, aboard a cargo spacecraft. I took control of the computer, and killed the crew one by one until only three were left: a nerdy inventor, a colonel, and a small worker robot named Cube. I prepared to finish them off, but then that robot hacked into the main computer and disabled my power. I lost to a machine.

I came close with Orsted. I murdered everyone he loved, and he soon flocked to me, with no one to show him the path to goodness. I corrupted his mind, and he slaughtered the entire kingdom. I then drew the seven fools that had stopped me before, prepared for them to die by my hand. But in doing so, I made a fatal mistake: seperately they were strong, but together they were unstoppable. I used nearly all of my power and hatred to destroy them, but failed. I lost my grip on Orsted's mind, and he begged to be killed. But the fools refused. As they passed through my hall, I was able to regain control of Orsted, and sent them all through time to fight my many forms again. But they had grown stronger, and easily won. I had failed too many times. My power was gone. But I left a mark. I brought them back to Orsted's time so they could see him die. But I was lost. My power was gone. They were sent back to their own times, as my power to keep them there was gone. And I myself was banished to the dark world for all eternity.

I will have revenge, however. It's just a matter of time...

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