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Past Regrets
by *~Mithfeniel~*

D/c: This is my second fic and I have to do this whole disclaiming thing... again. I don’t own anything. Not the Characters, not really even the storyline. I only own the writing!
This is based on the part when Rinoa and Squall come back to ground after the whole escapade in space and how they feel etc. I have to add that it isn’t exactly like it is in the game, it’s been changed a bit.

Rinoa practically skipped down the ramp of the great, red monstrosity that was called ‘Ragnarok’. Squall was close behind, simply shuffling his way down, head bowed.
“Come on Squall! Come on!” The lady in blue urged. “ We’re back! Back on Earth!”
She began to dance around, emitting joyful squeals while she did. Squall shook his head disapprovingly and leaned against the ships rusted wing. The blue blur, which was Rinoa, stopped and turned to face him. He had that bottled up look again... he was hiding something.
Why does he hide his feelings like that? I just wish there were some way I could break through that shell he’s fashioned around them.

She slowly approached the black clothed man, paused and peered into his face.
“ What do you want?” He asked angrily, not happy with Rinoas invasion of his space.
“ Nothing, just wanted to see if you’re ok?” She questioned, cautiously.
I’m fine... I just wish I could help you through the pain and sorrow of being a sorceress and all the trauma, but...

“ Whatever...” Squall mumbled.
Rinoa sighed and headed off towards the forest, hoping to find some help. She was half running, half-walking, thinking about returning and wrapping her arms around her saviour.
He wouldn’t accept though. He’d probably just push me away and tell me to leave him alone. He’d prefer to be alone right now.

She was about to break into a run, when she collided with a tall, overweight man, draped in very distinct robes.
His eyes seemed to try and explain something but the young sorceress couldn’t make it out.
“ He says sorry”
Rinoa flipped her head around to see yet another robed visitor. This one was black and had braided hair... like a woman.
“ It’s okay. Ummm... sorry, miss, but who are you?” She enquired.
“ First of all, I’m a man, not a woman,” Rinoas pale cheeks flushed scarlet, “secondly, we are the presidents personal advisors... we’ve come to take the sorceress Rinoa to be condemned and taken into space.”
“ What?”
Squall had made his way over after noticing his friends collision.
“Oh! Well, it’s... procedure. A... after what happened in space...”
“ Who cares about procedure!” Squall raged.

I’ve only just got her back and now they want to take her away again? Over my dead body!

It must have been his violent gestures, but Rinoa walked over to him and grabbed hold of his arms.
“Squall, it’s OK! I’m gonna go, to keep the world safe. What if Ultimecia takes over my body again? You’ll be safer if I’m up there.”
“ No buts, “ Rinoa stressed to him, “ I’ve already decided... and you can’t change my mind.”
She walked towards a group of Esthar guards (who had recently arrived) and then ran back to Squall.
“ Here, your ring. You want it back right?” She began to undo the chain around her neck.
“ No, you keep it. It’ll remind you of me... I mean everyone!” Squall faltered.
The hazel-eyed girl gripped the rings that hung loosely around her neck, smile and then followed the guards towards their hover car and back to Esthar.
The leather clad, loner stared after her, watching the wing imprint on the back of her cardigan fade away. When it had completely vanished from sight, Squall headed back onto the ship, his head bowed down again. Thoughts started to race across his mind.

‘ Why did you let her go?’
‘ She wanted, I mean she practically forced you to let her’
‘ But I only just got her back’
‘ Don’t be so selfish’
‘ But... but I l... l... I need her’

Squall froze and then thought hard about what he’d just witnessed and what he’d done. Then he shouted out into the long, empty corridor,



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