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Penultimate Force
by Joker Loire of the Turks

*Author’s Note: Final Fantasy VIII, it’s characters, places, weapons, monsters, etc. All belong to Squaresoft INC., I own no rights whatsoever. However, I do own the characters I create, and the term as “Hyniast”( the believers of Hyne) and “Hynical”(the holy book) belong to me.

Prologue: ”Confession”

“May Hyne forgive the sins you’re about to confess, completing you with it’s holy trust. Do not turn your eyes away from Hyne’s infinite mercy... Instead, endure the holy atonement with a clean heart.”

“Forgive me, father.” Said the man in the confessional. He sighed slightly. Hyne priest noticed his voice was young-though burdened with something. The young man went on, “I have been sinned. In fact, I’m a sinner.”
“A sinner, you say?” the Hyne priest asked, with a soft voice, “Can you explain it to me, son?”
“Yes, father, a sinner. To begin with, I have never been to a confession before.”
“Then, my son, you must have a lot to confess. Am I not right?”
“You’re right, father. I had never felt... Religious before.”
“Begin then, and may Hyne be merciful on you.”
“To begin with, father, I have lost my will to love. The will to live and love again.”
“I see no sin in that, son-“
“Let me finish, father. I’ve taken so many lives, that you could build a mountain of bodies and climb to the top. I have dealt with betrayal, but turned my back on those who loved me.”
“You said you have taken lives?”
“As a part of my duty, father, for the things I had faith in...”
“Place your faith in Hyne, and let Him guide you.”
“Father...” the young man stopped as the Hyne priest listened in more closely to hear a sigh or just a slight movement. The young man went on, “Two months ago, the girl I loved left me.”
“Ah,” said the Hyne priest with a soft, and understanding voice, “A broken heart. Tell me, do you remember Hyne when those who love you has forgotten you?”
“The truth be told... Father, I can’t remember Hyne anymore. It had never been something else to waste mouth about, to add to a curse. A superior being somewhere, but I had never percieved it as something that is... More superior than The Guardian Force, or my own self.”
“Maybe.” The young man replied, “Maybe, father. Or maybe, just being alone the whole time. I had never percieved someone else to be more important than myself. To me, to the world as a whole, take your pick.”
“Son, you sound deeply hurt. Is there a reason- another reason behind your pain?”
“My heart belonged to her. My soul, mind and body. And father, she left me. Told me that she didn’t belong in where I did.”
“And you are convinced that you belong in there?”
“I’m not sure, father. I had never felt religious before, like I said.”
“And now you run to the arms of Hyne, just for Him to ease your pain?”
“I don’t know why I’m here, father. Maybe I just enjoy the peaceful music, maybe talking to someone without judging me of what I am makes me stay here. I never even knew, that a Hyne church could’ve been possible.”
“It’s easy to see when you know what you’re looking for.”
“I wish I could, father, I wish I could.” The young man got out of the confessional chamber, and started to walk towards the church door, and the Hyne priest, muttering a prayer of forgiveness, got out of his own chambers.

“Young man!” the Hyne priest said, startled at his only belonging in his hands, “You brought a weapon, a tool of violence into this holy place?”
“I’m a sinner, father, I told you.”
“Who are you?” the Hyne priest asked.

He observed the youngster in front of him. He was wearing a long, black, leather jacket on top of black pants and black, boot-like sneakers. He had three belts around his waist, two of them were making a rather ovalish X, as one stood straight. He was wearing a white t-shirt in his jacket, and a necklace was clearly visible. He didn’t have gloves on, and a silver ring was smiling at the Hyne priest from his right hand. He had brown hair that was in such a shape that it was hard to describe, and deeply-gazing, ice-blue eyes. He looked troubled, uneasy.

“Does it matter?” he asked.
“It does. For this time, may Hyne forgive my curiosity, I want to know who I just talked to.”

The young man tried to smile, but couldn’t, as if it was the hardest thing for him to do. His frown shifted away slightly into a quarter-of-a-smile.

“Just a man with a promise.” The young man told the Hyne priest, and then walked out of the church, the peaceful music echoing through the walls following him as a breeze.

Chapter 1

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