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Epilogue: The Innocence

I let myself go.

Selphie let out a scream as “NO!”. I was smiling, thinking about Rinoa. I was falling fast. The lights were growing distant, and the darkness was embracing me.

My ghosts had released me from their haunting, along with a congratulation card. I had my rewards, I had defeated my enemy, I had solved this sick mystery, I had gotten my revenge.

I was ready to die.

I had no regrets. Any regret I might’ve had was gone a long time ago. They had been buried alongside with the secrets I was busy putting under the soil right now.

Wind whipped my hair and clothes, my necklace was still on my neck. I touched my ring, and remembered Rinoa’s smile. How the ring had saved her in space.

Would the ring save me too?

Suddenly, I heard a whoosing sound, approaching to me. I couldn’t completely tell what sound it was. Then, suddenly, long, thick, and real big fingers wrapped themselves around me, and I was pulled to the light.

My hope had been drained out of me. My only salvation always seemed like a leap of faith, why was I forced to suffer even more?

“Squall! Oh, Squall, I’m so sorry!” Selphie cried, hugging me tight.
“Selphie?” I managed to ask.
“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you! I’m so, so, very sorry!”
“What changed your mind?”
“I investigated the whole thing myself too! I found out the connections!”
“What connections?”
“The thing you don’t know yet! Seifer had been threatening C.O.N.C.E.A.L. with kidnapping you!”
“Like I would let him!”
“You know Sir Laguna, he can’t see the truth even if it danced in front of him without clothes! I’m sorry! I totally believe you! And I also managed prove your innocence! I sent the information to the governments, Galbadia and Esthar! I gave them an ultimatum! And they set you free!”
“Why were you telling me to drop my weapon, then!?”
“I didn’t know that. I choked when I got the mails, from here, and you were letting yourself fall down! I’m so sorry!” she buried her head to my chest and started crying. I wrapped my arms around her, as Ragnarok sped away from Esthar.

I then realised, I was crying as well.

We were both crying, while embracing each other. Selphie had been the light. Rinoa was dead... And may her rest in peace in her grave, for I had gotten her revenge. Irvine, Zell and Quistis. I had gotten their revenge as well.

My tears had dried out. There were no more tears. The storm had ceased, the clouds were slowly drifting away from each other.

When I got to the pilot seat of the Ragnarok, Selphie was still crying and hugging me. She deserved to smile. I knew it.

I looked outside the cockpit glass. Selphie smiled when she saw the frown on my face again. She wiped the tears off and sat down to the seat next to me.

The sun was shining outside.

But I knew it couldn’t light up the darkness in my soul.

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