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Retaliation by
Joker Loire of the Turks

Author’s Note: The characters, places, weapons,Etc. all belongs to Squaresoft Inc. I own none of the copyrights whatsoever, and I don’t think any fan fiction author does anyway. It’s written by the point-of-view of Squall.


All the meaning was lost after her third “Drop your weapon!” warning.

He was there. Begging for his life. I had my gunblade’s tip on his throat, and I was leaning on the handle. He was still begging and trying to bribe me out of what I was about to do. He had no idea of what honor among warriors meant. There shouldn’tve been any bribing, begging or whatever. Two enters the arena, one exits, simple as that.

I ignored his calls for help. He was too late to get any help anyway. I could hear the engines of Ragnarok roaring near me, and the Estharian Cyborg Choppers were flying past me. Everything was a mess.

But I now knew that I was having illusions; everything was made of a huge mess. A mess noone was willing to clean up, unless they picked up a victim and make him clean it.

I couldn’t prove anything, I knew what I knew and didn’t care about the rest that much.

I didn’t slash through his throat. I let him get up. He lunged at me, but I had already seen that move. I swung the gunblade in a horizontal move, and it pierced through his stomach. The next slash opened up a gash on his chest, and his arm. He knew there was no escape in this. I knew. I kept pulling the trigger as I hit him, but his wounds would not prove fatal. I just pushed him off the edge as I held my gunblade close to my side. He tripped, and I said “Give my regards to Diablos.”.

Disbelief flashed in Seifer’s eyes, and he fell. I released my finger from the trigger as Selphie’s fourth “Drop your weapon!” warning sounded.

I let go of the handle of my gunblade, and it fell to the pit that seemed endless from this edge of the world. I opened my arms to the sides, as the light from the spaceship lighted up my face. I smiled and frowned at the same time, but from Selphie’s chocking face and voice, I could tell it wasn’t a pretty sight.

It was time for a leap of faith.

Chapter 1

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