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Joker Loire Of The Turks Presents:

Rinoa crawled to her feet and dragged her body over to the bathroom of her house. As she got to the sink, she took a moment to observe her face in the mirror.

Remember the girl?

Yes, Rinoa thought, I can still feel how we used to be. I don’t want to feel the way we are now.

Rinoa observed the bruises on her arms and stomach, and the slight cuts on her face.

Abused with forks knives and razorblades!

Rinoa turned the water on and let it flow through her bruised, painful palms. The cold water first made a sharp pain travel it’s way through her entire arm, but then, it ceased and left Rinoa in a painful hangover of yesterday.

Remember the girl?
Abused with forks knives and razorblades,
She finally left him,
Had enough of a man’s rage,

I wish I could just leave. I left being his ‘love’ quite some while ago. Nobody could tell what we could be afterwards he... He...

Rinoa splashed some cold water on her face.

After he got banished from SeeD... And then we moved to Timber, just to make sure we could start over. And then... He... Started to drink. How many times did we fight physically and we both bruised each other?

Band aids covered the scars,
She left him bloodied,
Beat his ass with the bat,
Face sunk like Silly Putty,

And now, Rinoa thought as she took out a band-aid to cover up a cut on her left cheek, he just... Unleashes hell. I can’t believe we got this way. But I told him. If he tries it, one more time, than I’m going to show him.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud crashing noise outside. The crashes were followed by some act of cursing.

Rinoa clenched her teeth; He’s home. We’ll see how this goes.

Y’all can sit back, so I can study;
The destruction of the family design
And now the morals of society decline,

But then again, she couldn’t help but think, what would happen if the security force knew about what Squall was doing to her.

Esentially it beats, to rhymes,
Like grapes, to wine!

“Rinoa! Wh- Wheresh the goddamn door? Didja move it or something, huh!?” came Squall’s half-drunk voice from outside. Squall limped inside, trying to hold on to something. He was wearing dirty clothes that were stained with beer or wine.
“Welcome back, Squall.” Rinoa said, trying to act as if they were still what they used to be.
“Yeah, right! Laugh if ya want!” Squall said, trying to get Rinoa to create another fable.

You see she can’t live with him,
And can’t live without him,

Rinoa was torn between a dilemma. She wanted Squall to patch himself up and let go, or just to hit her again for her to leave him. The tension in her rose up as Squall got closer to her, and his breath smelling full of alcohol hit her face.

Stress got her down she needs to deal
With the problems as the drama gets deeper,

Squall walked up to Rinoa, and raised his hand in order to hit her, Rinoa rose her head to him with rebellious eyes.

Took the last bit and sent his ass to the reefer,

Squall’s fist landed on Rinoa’s left cheek, and she felt her cut start to bleed again, as she was sent back to the sink and faced her own reflecion.

Chaos! Is what she saw in the mirror,

Rinoa looked at her cut and bruised palms, trying to keep her control as Squall’s curses and insults got closer to her ears, and they rose... Rose... Rose...

Scared of herself and the power that was in her
And it took over! And weighed heavy on her shoulder,
Militant insanity is now what controlled her!

“Enough!” Rinoa screamed as she turned around to Squall. Squall shouted, “Don’t talk back to me!!!”

Rinoa held out her palm, and sent Squall back, using her sorceress powers. Squall crashed on the wall, and then fell down on the table, crushing it down. Squall looked up to Rinoa, and eventhough his brain was swimming in alcohol, he got a little bit scared. Rinoa started to walk up to Squall, as the furniture around her bursted into flames by themselves.

“I said...” Rinoa repeated in a dangerous whisper, “Enough!”

Kill it, before it reaches you!
Missles won’t work, it’s approaching the mainland!
What if it reaches, the metropolitan areas?
Cosmopolitan areas?
Secure the lines and prepare for departure,

Squall got back up to his feet, and made an attempt to reach the door as Rinoa sent him to the wall again. Squall was panicking now, but he was trying to keep his calmness.

Calm calm calm,
It is a, a big business! And seems to me,
Advancing underground...
Cause my style is underground...

“How is it like to face a power that won’t back down, Squall?” Rinoa asked, “How does it feel like?”

Squall looked up to Rinoa’s eyes, and saw the hatred. The hatred that hated him. Squall looked inside himself to see what he had become, what he had been always.

He, once again looked up to Rinoa’s eyes. But his own eyes were begging for her to stop.

I’m green, with my red eyes mad tint;
Flee flaw flow,
Rapido, rapido,

Now, with rapid hand movements, Rinoa was rising Squall up in the air as thousands of pins entered his body, making him scream in pain, as he looked down to the woman he had once loved, then abused, and now was about to kill him.

She played pitiful, electrifying the nation...
Electrifying the nation!

Squall felt the ground under his feet again. A kitchen knife fell into his hand, and he gripped it tight.

“Defend yourself.” Rinoa said, “Eventhough you’re just a woman-beating pig, I can at least give you the chance to fight!”
“I will, I’ll KILL YOU!!!” Squall said, and took a step forward. Rinoa’s rage was emerging from her as a red aura. Squall had to take a step backward, as Rinoa started to run at him.


As Rinoa grabbed Squall by the throat, Squall gazed into her eyes.

Saw what he was.

Saw what he used to be.

Saw what he had become.

“I’m... Sorry...” Squall managed to mutter to Rinoa.

Knowing he was too late.

It’s alright...
We’re in love...
Can’t live with...
Or without...

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