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The Two Made One: Scion
by Ultima Mayu

Rudra’s Treasure (Rudra no Hihou) is a trademark of Squaresoft and Graphical Corporations CROWD inc.


“What was sundered and undone shall be whole -- the two made one.”

-from “The Dark Crystal”

I am Scion. I was a brave knight of the Kryunu dynasty. I have quite the story to tell!

It started one day after me, Surlent, Riza and Dune defeated Mitora on the Moon Fortress. I had a destiny to carry out for Saizou, the god of strength, worshipped by many warriors. I had to become an ultimate god of the warriors all over the world. Since the humans of this world are really the off springs of the four ancient heroes, only a few could be ultimate deities. I was a lucky one with that opportunity.

I shall not be a let down to anyone!

“Scion, where are you going?” Foxy said as I got ready to leave the palace. I decided to reside in Kryunu with some of my party members and Doug after I and some of the destined Jade heroes defeated the moon base. I may see them again one day, but I had a task to do and I was not going to burn bridges!

“I need to go and full fill my destiny Foxy.” I responded. My friends looked at me stunned.

“Scion, you had enough!” yelled Ture, the giant that was apart of my party. “I don’t want you to throw away your life!”

“Don’t worry folks, I’ll be okay!!!” I shouted. “I’ll return!”

“Okay, as long as you return, everything will be okay.” Doug responded. Doug is my assistant at Kryunu and was strangely like a brother to me.

“Thanks guys!” I said as I headed out of Kryunu. Foxy suddenly caught up to me and handed over a knapsack.

“Take this with you Scion! It will help you!” Foxy said as she handed me the knapsack. It was full of weapons, items, charms and food. It was indeed a helpful thing. I decided to leave off to the Toula Temple and Mt. Delphi, because I sensed a strange life force that summoned me to fight it! The only way I could get there was to take a ferry boat to Ompross, a harbor village on a far off island.

As I finally got there, I decided to rest up for the big day. As I got my energy back, I immediately left town and headed up the mountain. It was a grueling journey, but I managed to make it up the top of the mountain, where the Toula Temple lays. However, as I got to the entrance, a gargantuan beast came bursting out of the entrance.

“I am Valigramanda! What do you want traveler?” The creature screamed out. It was a grotesque beast indeed, on all fours on it’s clawed feet, sharp teeth protruded from his mouth and a scorpion-like tail straight up, ready to hit the ground.

“I have been summoned here to battle a life-force! It needs me NOW!!!” I yelled in a rather aggravated tone of voice.

“You mean the soul of Saizou?” The creature asked.

“Soul of Saizou?” I asked. I was really bemused now. “What do you mean ‘Soul of Saizou’? I thought he was dead on the moon and he was resting in peace in the palace of Gaff in the netherworld?”

“Well, he has one more duty to do.” Valigramanda responded. “He needs to fight a young soul whom has the Jade! You shall practice with me, so you could fight Saizou!”

“Okay, I will!” I shouted in excitement. I got the Apokalipse saber out and got in a really aggressive pose, because I did not know what the creature Valigramanda would do, plus I was really bad at mantra. I struck first, really making quite a gash into the massive beast. Valigramanda got ready to jump into the air and suddenly paused.

“Not bad my son, but you have not seen anything yet! Ha ha ha ha!” cackled the large beast. He then fell from the air, causing a rather big tremor and I tried desperately to stay onto the ground. Then, he lifted me into the air with his tail and kept tossing me around. God did I feel sick to my stomach! Then, he suddenly dropped me to the ground. I felt nauseous, but I was not one to give up so easily. I got out the Apokalipse and it started to glow radiantly with the Yang/Light element. I never felt such amazing power in my life! I lifted the great saber into the air and lunged it into the creatures mouth. Valigramanda gotten rather ill and started to cough it out. I reached my sabre again and it stopped glowing. However, the creature, Valigramanda, was still alive, but his mouth was covered in nasty chartreuse bile, as well as the Apokalipse.

“Wow, my child, you are AMAZING! Did you inherit the powers of the great Saizou?” asked Valigramanda. I nodded and kneeled before the monster.

“Yes, I did. Impressed?” I laughed. The creature smiled and nodded.

“Oh yes, I think you are definitely ready to fight the Soul of Saizou!” the creature responded. “Follow me.”

I followed this great beast through many corridors and through the places of many riddles. It was an amazing place with many corridors and many vortex-like warp zones scattered throughout. I saw many Lago stones in some of the places, which was a sign that someone was here once. As we reached the exit near the Netherworld, a mighty warrior showed up. He had long, shaggy crimson hair, copper-like armor that shimmered radiantly and a super large sacred claymore in his clammy hands. He was much taller and more muscular than I was, but I was not afraid, because I have eventually encountered him before.

“Well Saizou, we meet again!” I said in a readied battle position. I took off my eyepatch, revealing the blood-red Jade in my eye socket. It started to glow brightly as I was ready to battle.

“Ready to battle Scion?” Saizou laughed in pure confidence.

“YES I AM!” I shouted throughout the whole temple. I got out my Apokalipse saber and Saizou got out his Claymore and we got ready for each other. I struck first, but Saizou was so incredibly powerful, that one strike of his Claymore sent me flying up against a wall. I then did a somersault between the great warrior’s legs and grabbed his legs, making him fall to the ground. I pulled out a flask full of enchanted Sake and started to drink up. More power started to surge within me. My saber was glowing again and so was Saizou’s.

“You have not seen nothing yet!” Saizou shouted as he brought out his claymore. As he charged towards me, I struck back as he tried to stab down on me. Our swords were locked up against each other, one was violently glowing against one another. Both of us jerked back, but I still got myself pre paired as Saizou is indeed an un-predictable warrior. As I charged against Saizou, he lifted me up into the air and tossed me up against his rock hard kneepad. It really hurts, but however, I still had a little energy left. As Saizou stood there laughing, I felt a strange change in my body. Horns started to appear from the sides of my forehead and started to curl outwards. My skin turned onyx black, my eyes were pure white, and my hair became a light blue shade. But if that was not all, I became more taller and muscular.

“Well, Saizou. What do you think about this?” I cackled after I transformed into a massive being. Saizou was indeed very impressed.

“Wow Scion, you know how to change into the shape that I could become?” Saizou asked in awe. “Well, then, let’s start one more battle!” Then Scion started to transform into a beast similar to myself, the only difference was that his hair was a light pink and his height was slightly taller.

“Let’s go!” I shouted. Our blades clashed once more. The power was un-believable!

My heart started to violently thump. Saizou could sense it, but we still battled onwards. We used both our swords and our own muscle power. I could feel the blood drizzle down my face and Saizou was also surprisingly bleeding as well. I started to feel some more of Saizou’s energy come forth into my body, coming from the soul’s open wounds to my wounds. Suddenly, at the last minute, I got out my Apokalipse and started to hack up the Soul of Saizou!

“Okay Scion, I am proud! You are a great fighter!” Saizou said as started to de-materialized. “I shall rest in the Palace Gaff with the other four heroes. Carry on the warrior God’s creed for me, okay?”

“Okay, I will!” I said as Saizou disappeared. Somehow, I started to feel kinda empty, but then Valigramanda came up to comfort me.

“It’s okay Scion. Saizou would want it this way.” he said calmly.

“I know, I know.” I moaned. I grabbed out some food and gave some to Valigramanda and I set some on the place where Saizou once was, as well as some charms.

<“Saizou, this is all for you.”> I thought to myself as I started to use a fire mantra to ignite the belonging for Saizou, so he may need some in the netherworld. I started to head out of the temple with Valigramanda. As I left, Valigramanda stared back at me.

“Scion...!” Valigramanda shouted. I looked back.

“Yes?” I asked.

“Thank you!” Valigramanda smiled. “I’ll never forget you!”

“Neither will I!” I shouted as I said good-bye. Eventually, I’ve noticed that the temple was the great beasts home. At least Toula Temple came to some usage.

As I headed back to Ompross, I turned back to my regular form and took a ferry boat back to Kryunu. It was a long journey, but I had to rest up, thinking about my friends and my destiny that I shall carry out for Saizou, the warrior god.

As I came back to Kryunu, I decided to surprise my friends, so I became my alternate “Beast-Man” form and headed for Doug‘s house.

“OH GUYS!” I chuckled out. I heard some footsteps come forth to the door and it opened up. Doug appeared and looked rather shocked.

“SCION, is that you?” cried out Doug. I stood laughing.

“Yes silly, it is I! May I please come in!” I asked. Doug smiled and dragged me into the house. Boy, was everyone surprised to see my new appearance and witness my new powers.

“Scion! You have...” Foxy stuttered. She looked like she was to faint, but stood up instead. “Changed appearance! You must have inherited every single power from Saizou!”

“Yes I did Foxy!” I said.

“Of course, that is why you headed to Toula Temple!” exclaimed Ture. “I just wished Ramyleth was here to see this, but now, too bad he is an ark and cannot be everywhere at once....”

“I know, neither can I.” I sighed. Everyone was looking down, sighing.

“Why Scion, why?” Foxy asked. Tears started to come down her face.

“Remember friends, I have became a warrior god!” I said to everyone.

“Please Scion, don’t leave us forever!” Foxy cried out. I patted her on the shoulder and smiled.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here with you guys still! I will protect you all!” I said to my friends.

“Thanks!” Foxy said.

“What do you need to do now?” Doug asked.

“ I’m going to be heading out one day, full filling the dreams of Saizou and protecting the innocents and you guy!” I responded. “But for now, I think I’ll rest up, I had a long week!”

“Okay Scion, I’m glad you are an ultimate god now.” Ture smiled. “I’m also glad to hear about you selflessness as well.”


Two years later...

I finally headed back to Toula Temple once more, with Valigramanda once more by my side. I was glad he remembered me for all these years. I headed to the chamber where Saizou’s soul once resided. Strangely, vegetation started to grow there, giving off some bright peaches and apricots. I grabbed and started to gather up the peaches and apricots from the sacred tree and I shared some with Valigramanda and I even started to eat some myself. However, I did not forget what I needed to do. Me and Valigramanda built an altar near the tree in the shape of the great Saizou and gave him some of the fruits, as well as some of the belongings that were once in my knapsack.

“I’ll never forget you Saizou!” I whispered. “Thank you for everything!”


Next Chapter: Riza

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