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The Two Made One: Dune
by Ultima Mayu

Rudra’s Treasure (Rudra no Hihou) is a trademark of Squaresoft and Graphical Corporations CROWD inc.


“What was sundered and undone shall be whole -- the two made one.”

-from “The Dark Crystal”

Hi folks. This is Dune! I have quite THE tale to tell here!

Okay, we left off when Riza decided to make her own sanctuary and Surlent was in his deep Slumber in a Lago stone. Now, my destiny has to be the one that will be obtained.

Kidd and me were the only ones on the Ark now. Scion has became a god of strength, Riza has became a goddess beloved by all and Surlent is the wise one that shall lead us to our future destinies and help out the world and the galaxy that surrounds us all.

“I can’t believe it is just you and me now Kidd...” I sighed. It seemed rather empty now; despite the fact that Ramyleth, chief of the Danan Mystic tribe, has became assimilated with the ark after the wise being Braznil was dying.

“I know what you mean Dune.” Kidd said calmly. “It just seems so... different.” I decided to make a cup of some Oolong tea for Kidd and I. As I got ready to serve the tea for me and Kidd, I heard a strange alarm coming from the control room.

<“Ramyleth, what now?”> I was thinking as I went into the control room. As I came into the room, I saw the visage of the control panel glow violently and wail. “WHAT’S WRONG RAMYLETH?”

“I’m getting a strange signal here...” cried out Ramyleth.”... It is so unbelievable! I don’t know if I could fly more... I might freeze, I might...” I heard Ramyleth’s voice short out and I then heard Kidd let out a loud, booming scream of terror.

“DUNE, COME, QUICK!!!” Kidd screamed. As I started to run from one room to the next, Kidd’s scream got louder and louder. I finally came into mine and Kidd’s room and I found a strange and rather familiar entity hovering around the room. I’ve noticed Kidd did not move at all and I started to worry, so I ran up to him and started to nudge him.

“Kidd, Kidd...are you okay?” I cried out as I tried to move him around, but he stood frozen stiff, as if he were on Paralysis.

“He cannot move right now!” The creature said in a rather ethereal, yet sort of gruff, feminine voice. “I froze him temporarily, so he would not have to interfere with you and me.” The creature was obviously female, from the curves and large bust that stood out. She had quite a small waist and she wore some silver and gold, metallic armors and helmet on her. Other things that separates her from most humanoid creatures were her huge, slanted pure emerald eyes and her long fingers and toes. Her facial features seemed to be rather delicate, yet bizarre at the same time. She was also translucent, as if she were just a spirit.

“You did what, you bitch?” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I grabbed out my rifle. As I shot out some bullets at her, but all she did was kick them away from her and tried to aim them towards me, but with a special power that I had, I froze the bullets and they fell to the ground. The levitating woman came to me and lifted me up into the air, putting me eye to eye with her.

“Why did you do that young man?” The woman sneered. “Don’t you even remember me?”

“What?” I said, feeling dumbfounded. “I... don’t remember... HONESTLY!”

“I am the soul of MITORA! I was the one you fought on the moon base! Meifa’s girl, Riza, toppled my Sodom destruction cannon! You and some of the other destined jade heroes came and fought me and afterwards, I gave my powers to YOU, so you may control the balance of the world! NOW DO YOU REMEMBER ME?” God, I felt soooooo stupid!

“Yes, I do now!” I said, blushing in humiliation. “GOD I’M SORRY!” Mitora just stood there and nodded, with a sheepish grin on her delicate face.

“I know, but I did not come here to kill your friend here!” Mitora said. “Plus, I can’t, since me and the Rudras do not have the power to. You and the destined ones have the abilities. In fact, some of your comrades here have associated with the departed souls of the elder Rudras and went onwards to full fill what they need. Now, it’s your turn!” I was stunned to hear what Mitora explained.

“Really... well...” I said calmly. “... what do I need to do?”

“Close your eyes...” Mitora muttered. “ You must deeply concentrate!” As I taken Mitora’s advice, I felt my soul come out of my floating body and head for the sky with Mitora. As I opened my eyes, I saw myself have an out-of-body experience out in space, with Mitora by my side.

“Does this look familiar to you Dune?” asked Mitora. I nodded my head.

“Of course, this is the vast Galaxy, the Universe!” I laughed. It was an amazing site, it seemed to have lasted forever, with no ending and no beginning! I saw it all, my planet, my ark, the surrounding planets, the moons, the sun, comets, asteroids, small meteors, comets and the stars that paint the galaxy with it’s lights.

“Yes, this is the origin of everything!” Mitora explained. “Birth, Life, Death and Rebirth have came from this galaxy. You will control these elements, when you become a Neo-Rudra. But I must let you know, the dark being from beyond comes from outer space as well. It is more powerful than any black hole or vortex. No one knows what lies beyond this dark being from beyond. But you and the destined ones will one day fight it, before it could harness anything. Please, do this for us!” I nodded my head and smiled.

“I will.” I said. “But how could Scion, Surlent and Riza have become Rudras all ready? Don’t they need the ten treasures or something?”

“Yes they do...” Mitora sighed. “...However, most are discovered all ready for you guys. I figured that you ’stole’ a few for yourself, because you knew of your destiny.”

“REALLY!” I shouted in surprise. “How did you know that Mitora?”

“Let’s just say I have my way with mortal beings.” Chuckled Mitora. “First, it started with the Danan Mystics; They could not handle the dark being, despite how advanced they were. Then there were the Mizushu-Sai (Water Sprites), the water dwellers. They helped the surviving Danans come up with more magical mantra. After that, the Hahchu-Rui (Reptilian people) came to the planet. They were strong and honorable, but did not know how to use magic. Neither did the Kyojin Giant people, few of them survived to this day, unlike the others. After that, humans came. Our humans of your planet are different from the foolish ones of Planet Earth. Our humans are really the children of me, Houzhen, Meifa and Saizou. The humans are basically a fully evolved version of the Danan mystic, with their and the Mizushu-Sai’s mantra abilities and the physical powers of the Kyojin and Hahchu Rui. Unfortunately, even advanced races have flaws too. Humans started to pollute and overpopulate our planet and racial warfare between the five races have broken out in racism and intolerance. One day, as you hunted for treasure and secrets of the planet, the three heroes cleansed the planet of pollution and nuclear waste and got some races together, despite their differences. Luckily, I’ve realized after you met the girl Riza, you suddenly had a change of heart, from being selfish to wanting to help all living things.”


“Amazing!” I responded. “You are full of knowledge, aren’t you Mitora?”

“Heh heh, yes Dune, I am.” giggled Mitora. I also noticed that she was also blushing like a young girl as well. I’ve never seen a deity do that before. It was so hilarious, but I did not say that to Mitora, because she is indeed, an unpredictable being. “Concentrate harder Dune!”

As I shut my eyes again, I felt her cold hands and long fingers enter into my soul, wrapping around and drilling into me. Then, I felt her legs merge with my legs, feeling the long toes dig into my feet. Her large bosom rubbed up against my chest and finally, her lips have touched mine. It was such a wonderful feeling. I wrapped my arms around her and she sunk deep beneath me.

“Didn’t that feel wonderful?” Mitora asked.

“Yes it did!” I responded.

“Now, go back to your Ark and your world. Fate awaits you and the others!” Mitora said as I drifted from space and to the atmosphere of the planet. I soared past the clouds, flew across valleys and then, stopped to my ark, heading back for my body. I suddenly awoke, and I’ve notice nothing was frozen anymore. Kidd was back to normal, but somewhat mesmerized and Ramyleth was safely controlling the ark.

“What happened Dune?” Kidd asked, noticing that I came back to him.

“I shall carry out the destiny of Mitora, the great goddess of knowledge and power.” I told him. Kidd’s eyes widened up and his jaw dropped, he looked like he was going to faint, but didn’t.

“You...are... a Rudra now?” Kidd asked, feeling shocked.

“Yep!” I said, nodding my head and closing my eyes. Kidd ran up to me and started to hug me.

“But Dune, please, don’t leave me all by myself. Ramyleth also needs you too, since you said that he will help you with the ark that was handed down to you on the final day of last year!” Kidd cried out, feeling sad. But since Kidd was a close friend of mine since childhood, I would never leave him alone for his life.

“I won’t leave you Kidd.” I said, patting his shoulders. “We shall carry out Mitora’s orders together. Deal?” Me and Kidd decided to shake our hands to this.

“Deal! I’m so excited!” cried out Kidd. We decided to come back to the control room and to tell Ramyleth to stop the ark for a bit, as we needed to stretch out, since tomorrow, or perhaps any day in the future, is a big day!



Ten years later...


As the Neo-Rudras grew older, they would one day gather around and reunite, whether it is helping one another, fighting evil, twisted beings, nourish the living, stopping evil sins or even destroy the nothingness from beyond.

Surlent, Scion, Riza and Dune met each other one day, and told each other about what they have accomplished. Some of the heroes even have heirs or family members of their own now! Each hero had his/her gain and loss, happiness and sadness and each shared their emotions with each other.

“What happened with you Scion?” Dune asked, smiling.

“I have a daughter now! Her name is Meiru, she sure does seem to take on her looks from my side of the family. But the unfortunate thing is, that I wish Foxy were alive to see how our baby have grown into a strong, responsible young lady. I still curse the day of that great war on my continent!” Scion said to everyone. He seemed to feel sad, but Riza came and calmed him down.

“It’s okay Scion, you’ll catch whatever did this.” Riza said as she was coaxing Scion and making him feel better. “Anyways, I adopted a Reptilian child in need. He lost most of his family and lost some blood in his body. So I decided to help this poor child and donated my sacred blood to him. As the child regained consciousness, he thought of me as his own mother. His name is Taro. This young boy is my own child now.”

“That is so sweet of you Riza!” said Surlent. “Me and Regin are together again, plus, he has a new wife now. Her name is Kyora, she is from an unknown civilization called, the Anma clan and they strangely resembles Mitora’s third form. Her and Regin have some twin off springs now. The boy twin is named Devin and the girl twin is named Karina. When Kyora was pregnant, I blessed her children with the Yin jade (which went to Karina) and the Yang jade (that went to Devin). So technically, the twins are the children of me, Regin and Kyora.”

“Amazing!” responded Dune. “I don’t have any heirs or children with me for now, but Kidd sure is a damn fine sidekick. I can’t believe we knew each other for so many years!”

“Cool cool!” said Riza. “I’m glad to see that you and Kidd have been together for so long. Same with Surlent and Regin as well.”

“Thanks Riza.” Surlent said as he blushed and slightly smiled.

“And Scion, I’m sorry to hear about what happened to Foxy.” said Riza as she wiped a tear from Scion’s eye.

“Oh don’t worry Riza, me and Meiru will one day handle it!” whispered Scion. “Besides, Meiru also has quite a bright future coming for her as well.”

As the heroes all shared their smiles, laughter, anger and tears together, they headed off to their Epitaph grounds for the four heroes of yore:

Houzhen, Mitora, Meifa and Saizou.

Each hero and heroine gave some gifts for the four heroes to use in their afterlife. All the things the heroes have been through, they will never forget, they will always have each other, as well as the souls of the departed loved ones to help them along the way....




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