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The Two Made One: Afterword
by Ultima Mayu

I hope you enjoyed my story “The Two Made One”. I’ve worked hard on it and gotten deep into it.

Oh, you are probably wondering what “Rudra’s Treasure” is, huh? Well, “Rudra’s Treasure” (Rudra no Hihou) is an RPG video game for the SNES/ Super Famicom, done by both Squaresoft (Yes, THAT Squaresoft) and a Japanese movie/television company called Graphical Corporations CROWD inc. Sadly the game was never released in the West and all translations of the game on the Web seem to be scarce. That is a sad thing too, since you Westerners don’t know what obscure classic game that you are missing out on.

The game is about a 4000-year cycle of death and rebirth and the creatures of the world and four brave souls, who must join together to stop this systematic cycle from toying with the life on the planet.

Even though that is the basic plot outline, the plot gets deeper as the game progresses. This game is one of my great inspirations for me to do my own original stories and make my own original characters. I hope one day, I could become a game programmer, author, or artist and dream of others writing fan fiction on my stories or draw fan artwork of my own characters.

One day, I will also write more stories on “Rudra’s Treasure” (and possibly a sequel/prequel of this story) and explain on more that goes on in Rudra’s strange and wonderful world!

Thanks for you cooperation and have a nice long life!

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