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Day's child series; Wednesday
by Lady Aliena

OK, so to recap, Monday's Child was Zell and Tuesday's Child was Rinoa. So who

is Wednesday's Child? Squally, of course! Thanks to Death's Angel who helped me

see the error of my ways! I had researched this, but missed one little line of

dialogue in there that said something like "Raine wanted to show Laguna her

newborn baby..." so she obviously couldn't have died in childbirth! My bad. So

here's the revised edition! Thanks again, Death's Angel! I think it turned out

better this way, anyway!


Monday's child is fair of face,

Tuesday's child is full of grace,

Wednesday's child is full of woe,

Thursday's child has far to go,

Friday's child is loving and giving,

Saturday's child works hard for a living,

And the child that is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.



For some reason, Raine was nervous. She had had misgivings about this pregnancy

for months. She looked out her window at the rain falling from the sky and

sighed. She was excited about this child, for it was made from a union of true

love, but with every day that passed and she was still alone, her fears grew.

What if he missed his own child's birth? What if something had happened to him?

Her husband, Laguna Loire, was still gone. Shortly after their marriage, their

adopted daughter, Ellone was kidnapped. She remembered that day well. It was the

day she lost everything important to her.



"Laguna! What's that noise?" Raine quickly threw on a bathrobe and ran

downstairs. Ellone followed her down.

"Soldiers! Take Ellone and hide!" Laguna shouted back.



"GO!" he cried as glass shattered and the door split. Raine picked up Ellone and

ran back upstairs. She glanced over her shoulder one last time to see Laguna

fighting four men while more poured through the door. She ran up to the bedroom

and tried to shut the door, but a soldier stuck his arm in before she could

close it. He forced the door open and charged towards her. Screaming, she put

Ellone down behind herself and tried to shield the little girl. One of the

soldiers grabbed her arm and thrust her to the side and another picked up the

sobbing Ellone.

"Ellone!" she ran to the soldier and pounded on his arm. He pushed her down

again and quickly left the room.

"Laguna!" Raine cried.

Unfortunately, Laguna was doubled over in pain. He was outnumbered. He looked up

through blurred eyes and saw a large soldier carrying out a screaming little


"Ellone!" With one last burst of strength, he leapt up and ran after the man,

but was quickly taken down as one soldier brought his gun down hard against

Laguna's temple. Everything went black.

Several minutes later, he slowly opened his eyes. He heard a woman sobbing and

looked around to see Raine sitting the corner, bruised and weeping. "She's gone.

They've taken my little Elle away."

"I'll find her."

"Laguna, please-"

"Raine, I'll find her. It's my fault she's gone. I'm supposed to protect the two

of you and I failed."

"You were severely outnumbered!"

"It doesn't matter. I need to do this. I need to go today."

Raine looked into his sad eyes and nodded, "Let me dress your wounds first."

An hour later, she waved goodbye to the person who meant most to her in the

world. "Be careful," she whispered. "Come back to me..."

Still alone, Raine realized she was pregnant several months later. She was

immediately saddened. What if he didn't make it back in time? What if he never

found Ellone? She tried to keep her spirits up and keep her mind off the two of

them. One morning, the door to the pub opened and a little girl ran in, "Raine?"

Raine almost fainted. "Ellone! You're safe! Where's Laguna?"

Ellone told her a story about being in Esthar and about Uncle Laguna coming to

save her. She told her about a bad lady named Adel and about sealing her in this

large glass thing. "So Uncle Laguna sent me here and he said he'd come home soon


While Raine was ecstatic to see Ellone, her heart ached for her husband. The

days passed and her belly grew bigger. And still she was alone...


Turning away from the window, she walked downstairs and saw one of her good

friends playing with Ellone. "Lydia, I think it's time. Can you watch Ellone for

a few days until I can get back on my feet?"

Lydia's eyes widened. "Of course! Oh Raine! How exciting!" Then her face fell a

little when she saw the look on Raine's. "You still have a few hours. He could

come back today."

Raine forced a smile, "I don't think so, Lydia. But it's ok. At least I have

Elle back."

She went back upstairs and called the midwife. Waiting on the bed, she started

to feel faint. The midwife eventually rushed in and began to make preparations.

Where was Laguna? Where was her husband when she needed him most? She began to

push and tried to do everything the midwife told her to do.

A searing pain enveloped her. "Laguna!" she cried out. "Where are you?"

With her eyes squeezed shut, she kept repeating his name over and over. Even

though his absence hurt her immensely, he was what kept her strong through this

ordeal. Finally, she heard the squeal of a newborn. The midwife placed the

little child in her arms. By this time, the storm outside had increased. With

the rain pounding against the windowpane, Raine looked into her son's eyes.


"Excuse me?" the midwife said.

"His name will be Squall. I think it's appropriate." It describes the weather

outside and the storm in my heart, she thought sadly. Laguna, how could you?

Weeks passed. And then months. Still Laguna had not returned. There was nothing

Raine desired more than for him to see his firstborn. Everyday, she'd sit on the

porch of the pub and watch the road to see if he'd return. Lydia found her one

day, "Raine, why don't you come inside? You've been sitting out here all day!

It's freezing out here! You'll get sick, if you're not careful! Besides, we're

getting kind of busy in here."

Raine looked up at her friend. "You're right. I'm sorry."

"No, honey, I'm sorry. He'll come back. You know he will," Lydia insisted.

But he didn't. One morning, Raine woke up feeling odd. Her whole body ached, but

she just shrugged it off as a common cold. She concentrated on meeting Ellone's

& Squall's needs and neglected her own. After a few days, Lydia began to grow

concerned because Raine seemed to be getting weaker and weaker. One night, she

insisted Raine go upstairs and lay down. "I'll close up. You need to rest!"

The next morning, strangely enough, Raine never came downstairs. As Lydia went

up to check on her, she was shocked by how pale and hot she was. She immediately

called the doctor, but by the time he arrived, Raine was delusional. She kept

repeating one name over and over.


The doctor examined her and his face fell. "How long has she been like this?"

"Well, she's been feeling bad for a little over a week now, but wasn't this bad

until maybe yesterday."

"I don't know if we'll be able to help her. She's extremely weak. But we'll do

all we can."

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work. Raine grew weaker and weaker. She had one

final moment of lucidity, "Lydia, make sure Elle & Squall are taken care of, ok?

Promise me!"

"Raine, don't talk like that!"


"Ok, ok. I promise."

That night, she passed away. Lydia took Ellone and Squall to her cousin's

orphanage. "I would take them in myself, but we're very poor. I know they'll get

better care here."

"Of course," the long haired Matron answered, looking down at the little girl

protectively holding the baby. "What are their names?"

"Ellone and Squall." She added, "Squall Leonhart." It's only appropriate he

doesn't take his father's name, she thought bitterly. If he hadn't abandoned his

wife, these children would still have a family! Heck, Raine would probably still

be here!

So Squall Leonhart, born on a Wednesday, would never know of his father until

much later in life...


13 years later...


I remember about seven years ago, Matron told me about something called Balamb

Garden. She said her husband, Cid, was the headmaster there. She said, "Squall,

I'm afraid you can't stay here much longer. It's time to start thinking about

bettering your education."

I didn't care much about my education, personally. If you want to know the

truth, I don't care much about anything.

I guess you could say I was a shy kid growing up. I had lived in that orphanage

since before I could remember. Sis says that Auntie Lydia brought us there

shortly after I was born. I've never met Auntie Lydia, so I don't know much

beyond that.

Anyway, I do know that Sis took care of me. She helped Matron out with everyone

since she was a bit older than the rest, but she gave me special attention. I

always called her "Sis" and soon the other kids did too. They were always

jealous that she'd spend more time with me.

I don't remember them very well. I can see their faces, but I can't recall their

names. I remember two blond kids - one would always beat up on the other and

make him cry. He tried to pick on me too, but Sis always intervened. There was a

little girl with short brown hair. She always seemed to be happy. I remember a

really pretty blond girl, but she was kind of bossy, so I didn't like her much.

There was also another little boy who would always chase the two girls around

and try to kiss them. It seemed to me that the little brunette always allowed

herself to be caught, if you ask me. At first, they'd ask me to play, but I was

very shy, so it was hard for me. I usually stuck close by Sis. She was the one

person I felt comfortable with, excluding Matron.

But one day, she went away. Why did she leave? Was it because of me? Did she not

like me anymore? I just knew she'd come back, so I'd stand outside and wait for

her day after day. Matron would come outside to where I was, "Squall, why don't

you come inside now? You've been standing here all day!" But, I'd beg to wait

just a little longer and she'd usually let me.

As the rain fell from the sky, one evening, I looked up and cried out to my Sis,

wherever she was, "I'm...all alone. But I'm doing my best. I'll be ok without

you, Sis. I'll be able to take care of myself." I waited for her to answer me,

to come back to me, but she never did. So the next day, and the day after that,

I returned to my perch, waiting as always, for I KNEW she'd return.

She never did and I was sent to Balamb Garden. Think how I felt. First, my

parents deserted me. Then, my Sis left. And finally, even Matron didn't want me.

She sent me away.

So I've lived here at Balamb Garden, I guess, since I was six. I came to realize

that you can't trust anyone. I loved Sis and I loved Matron and I knew that had

I known my parents, I probably would have loved them too. But look where that

got me. Alone, once again. Soon, solitude became my companion. It was just

easier that way - you don't let people in, you don't get hurt.

So I've gone through the classes and I've worked hard, but for some reason, none

of that matters much to me. I guess I'm still searching for who I am. Maybe

that's why I'm trying to become a SeeD. Maybe that will define who I really am.

I doubt it, though.

I was one of the younger students to enter Garden, but because I had come from

the orphanage, Cid made sure I was well settled. At first, it was just like a

regular school. We learned about math and reading and we had recess just like

the city schools Sis told me about once. But when a kid reaches the age of 12,

he begins special training - that's when he really begins the SeeD program.

So I guess you could say I just bury myself in my school. I don't really care

about my education that much, but at least school is something that keeps me

from remembering that I am unloved. Perhaps, I've become unloveable. Perhaps...

At least I can hold in my memories a time where I WAS loved. Back so long ago

when Sis would tuck me in at night or when she'd play with me. I'll NEVER forget

those times, at least. They were the only happy moments I have ever experienced

in my entire life.

This afternoon, we learn about GF's. I think we'll each practice junctioning and

start training to fight with them. I guess I should stop feeling sorry for

myself and get ready for class.

Still, I can't help but wonder why anyone you get close to, leaves. At least I

have the solution...

Maintain your distance.

And happiness will come.


Won't it?


Author's note: Squaresoft owns all the characters as well as the brief line of

dialogue from the game. Mother Goose owns the rhyme. Hopefully, this was ok. For

some reason, Squall's a little harder for me to write. I tried to research this

story as best as I could. Afterall, as with Rinoa, Squall's past is somewhat

known, I wanted to get the info as accurate as possible. I never knew if Ellone

was present when Raine died or what, but it sounded like she was. Also, one of

my sources was the whole orphanage-talk at the end of disc 2. FYI.

Anyway, Thursday's Child...who will it be?

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