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Why Won't The World Stop?
by Cats eye

Disclaimer: I don’t own, characters or song


Author’s Notes: Gareth lost! :sob: I love Gareth! To one who doesn’t know what I’m talking about it’s a show called Pop Idol and to people who support Will, DIE!!!!! Only Kidding but Gareth is so much better than Will! So now I’m writing a sadish fic to great rid of my sadness. It’s dedicated to my Boy friend Phil, who I love very much and who accepts me just as I am and is great with Willow, (my baby girl). I love you!

Please read and review!



Rinoa ran her fingers through her hair, examining her reflection in the mirror of the car, she sighed slightly and smiled. Only one thought in her mind, Squall is coming back!


 Squall had been away for four months in Dollet, helping with the communication tower and today he was coming back. Rinoa slipped out of the car and hurried down Balamb Street, as the hot sun beat down on her towards the harbour, twiddling her hair with excitement, but stopped short at the sight she saw, her stomach left her body.


Squall was being lead of the boat in a stretcher his eyes blank and a bloodied bandage around his head. His hands trying grabbing something invisible in the air while making strange high pitch noises that no one could understand.


 “Squall,” whisper Rinoa, clasping her rings tightly to her. What’s happened to you? Rinoa walked up to him slowly scared of frightening, scared of what she might find when she got there.


 Just before she got there she felt a hand on her shoulder, “Rinoa,” she turned found to be greeted by the tear streaked face of Zell. “Squall’s gone, there…there was a lose metal pipe it slipped off the scaffold and…and hit him. He survived but…but he lost everything he to things on his own…he can’t remember anything. He’s a shadow of himself. Squall’s gone; he’s not…not coming home again. I’m sorry.”


 Tears fell down Rinoa face, “no,” she whispered, “no,” Zell moved over trying to comfort her but he pushed him off. “He remembers me, he must remember me.”


 “Rinoa…” started Zell but trailed off, she must find out for herself.


 “Squall,” said Rinoa pushing past the SeeDs as she knelt beside him. Taking one of the hands that was grabbing at the air and putting it into her own hand, “Squall, Squall it’s me Rinoa, remember, please say you remember.”


 For a second reconciliation swept over his eyes but was immediately placed over but the blank stare, “Tipsy bar? He he, go home, I feed the butterfly but it spat it out. I think it’s going to die.” Squall turned his head ignoring Rinoa.




 Rinoa ignored the voice, standing up as if in a dream, walking a few spaces then violently vomited.

Somebody told me
you were not coming home
the words are spinnin' in time
and the air suddenly went cold

 Rinoa sat at the front of the large assembly, which was taking place outside under the hot sun as Cid addressed the shocked audience telling them that they’re loved commander was gone. She knew what he was saying she looked around her. Tears where streaking down her face Quistis’s face as she sat to attention, next to Zell who was hunched over crying silently to himself. Selphie was crying loudly into Irvine’s chest as he stared ahead not a single drop falling but his eyes where welling up with pain.


 Rinoa sat silently, beyond tears; the pain was too much for that. She clasped her rings to her and wished.

The sun is still shining
but everything feels like rain, oh
and if I had one wish
it would be to see you again

Nothing's fair
when we loose
without a moment to say goodbye
 Rinoa sat next to his bed in the infirmary, wondering about her future – what’s going to happen to her now. The only reason she was here was Squall, he was her everything. Yes she had friends here but they would only help her so far, she knew people already where starting rumours and Squall couldn’t stay here. Not forever.


 Rinoa looked at him. He lay blankly staring at the ceiling occasionally muttering to himself. The cut on his head was started to heal but not his memory.  Edea had had words to Cid and Dr Kawkoi asking if Rinoa could take him away. Rinoa wasn’t sure how she felt about it, sure she still loved Squall but could she spend her entire life looking after him and him never being able to recognize her.



How come the world won't stop spinning
now that you're gone (now that you're gone)
I know every end has beginnings
but this one's all wrong (this one's all wrong)
so wrong, so wrong

 Sweet tears are shed
this pain we lay to rest
it's hard lettin' go
but I keep movin' on
in a place I don't belong
 Rinoa stuffed the last few clothes into her suitcase today was her and Squall’s last day. They would be moving to Winhill, its quiet enough but had just the right amount of people to accept Squall and to make her feel less isolated and alone.


 He picked up her suitcase and made her way to the infirmary, the corridors where empty because everyone was outside waiting to see them off. She walked into the infirmary – Squall was in a wheelchair, although he had know grasped how to walk it was unlikely he would go in the right direction.


 Rinoa walked out of the gate Angelo snapping at her heels, greeted by lots of cheering from the crowd gathered to see them off. Rinoa smiled at them disguising her real feelings and she and Zell lifted Squall up into a SeeD vehicle, which would take them to the train station.


 Rinoa hugged her friends one last time goodbye. Selphie was crying again but grinning through her tears as she wished her best friend good luck. Rinoa felt tears running down her cheeks as gave everyone a final goodbye and stepped in the vechile and waved one last time goodbye.


Nothing's fair anymore
and I know there's a better place
and I'll never stop dreaming of you

How come the world won't stop spinning
(now that you're gone) now that you're gone
I know every end has beginnings
But this one’s so wrong


Rinoa sat at the small bar, they had been living in the small pub for two years now. Squall had got better he could walk and understand people’s feelings but still couldn’t remember name. He just called her girl friend because she was the only young girl in Winhill who he liked.


 Rinoa swung her legs as she watched Squall chase Angelo around the bar and couldn’t help laughing. Squall acted like a young kid now, not really understanding anything but having a childlike innocence, which endear him to you.


 Rinoa knew that he would never be himself again even her sorceress powers couldn’t help him. The helpless feeling never left her but never did hope. One day just one day a miracle could happen.


How can the seasons keep changing
since you disappeared
oh yeah
(tell me) how come the world won't stop
how come the world won't stop
Rinoa stared out of the window of theTaxi, Squall sat silently next to her playing with his Griever chain. He had come more serious over the past few months, Rinoa didn’t know if it meant he was becoming more himself or if he it was just another side effect.


 Rinoa was startled out of her thoughts as the Taxi stopped. “That’ll be 250 gil please.” Rinoa paid the man and stepped out at looking up at Edea’s house. She had been here a lot since looking after Squall. Edea would look after him for a day while she spent some time in the flower field remembering how it used to be.


 Rinoa took Squall’s hand and lead him into the playroom where Edea was waiting.


 “Hello Rinoa,” greeted Edea, “how’s he been?” asked Edea as Squall went and sat on the chair humming to himself.


 “He’s better, more like his old caging self. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad.” sighed Rinoa staring out of the window.


 Edea notice her looking longingly out at the flower field, “you can go out I’ll take care of him.”


 “Thanks” said Rinoa smiling at her gratefully.



 Rinoa stepped out into the flower field inhaling the fresh air her mind wandering back to when they made their promise. Where are you now Squall?


 Rinoa started to cry it was something she did a lot here. She didn’t feel like she couldn’t in front of Squall, he always got upset when she cried. He didn’t understand. Poor Squall. Sometimes she hated him not really Squall just the restrictions it put on her life.


 Sometimes she wanted to be own her own again. Explore the world but she could never leave him. He had saved her life countless times and this is the way she repaid him but the moment he in trouble she wants to leave him. That really made her sick.


 She turned suddenly feeling someone behind her. Squall was standing behind her, concern etched into his features.


 “Don’t cry Rinny,” Rinoa gasped Rinny he called me Rinny. For the first time in three year Squall had said her name.


 “You said my name Squall,” Rinoa smiled through her tears.


 “Yes, yes I did.” Squall looked confused, as if he was trying hard to remember something. “I’ll be waiting.”


 Rinoa felt a if she was going to exploded with joy, “”Why did you say that Squall?”


 “I don’t know,” Squall stopped looking concerned as Rinoa swept him up in a hug. She had what she had given up a long time ago Hope – he was remembering.

How come the world (stop spinning)
said now that you're gone
I know every end has beginning
said this one's all wrong
said this one's all wrong
(how can the seasons) keep changing
since you disappeared
oh, you're gone
you're gone
how come the world won't stop
how come the world won't stop

How come the world won't stop spinning
now that you're gone
yeah heya
I know every end has beginning
but this one's all wrong
so wrong

Part 2

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