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Why Won't The World Stop? Part 2

Disclaimer: I don’t own them.

A/N: Ok, I wasn’t going to write more some really bad stuff has been happening at the moment. Its strange how this story is fitting in with my life at the moment. My step dad flipped and hurt Willow giving her brain damage damaging her memory so well I’m a bit angry and distressed at the moment so if this chapter doesn’t make sense that’s why. Please read and review.

Rinoa twiddled her thumbs in the waiting area. Squall had been in the operating for six hours now. One hour for every year see spent looking after him. She was the oldest twenty-three year old she knew. All her old friends had gone now the group had divided. Zell was the only one she really knew anymore and he often came to stay with her and offer support. He was stuck in a wheel chair now a wrong move in a battle took away any use of his legs.

Irvine and Selphie were separated; Irvine was living with a young girl called Melieha, he found Selphie to loud and immature and he hated the life of a SeeD. Selphie was still at SeeD though a bit more bitter since her split with Irvine. Both of them visited her and Squall but neither of stayed long. To be honest Rinoa usually wait until they left, they expected her to solve their problems and always going on about how terrible their life was.

Quistis. Rinoa hadn’t seen her since she left the Garden. The only thing they had in common was Squall and now that he was basically gone Quistis had no reason to visit. The last she heard was that she had quit SeeD and had a opened a fancy restaurant in Deiling city. You never know after this operation she might stop by the visit. That is if it was successful.

The surgery he was having was risking but if it worked Squall would have ALL his memory back. After the past months Squall had been getting some back but it was distressing for him. He didn’t know where they came from and they weren’t always happy memories.

Rinoa thoughts were interrupted as Zell gave her a cup of coffee.


Squall opened his eyes slightly. Pain ran through the back of his head and he reached behind his head to try and find out where the pain was coming from. Squall frowned as he felt that she all his hair had been shaved off round the back. He moved his head round his head to find his bangs gone. What the f-?

Memories flooded back to Squall. Rinoa’s gonna kill me I told her I was wasn’t going to get hurt on this mission. Squall sighed, god he was tired he hadn’t had hardly any sleep since he started the mission in Dolet.


Rinoa stepped into infirmary, watching Squall’s sleeping form. Does he remember? Rinoa walked over to him holding her breathe in anticipation. She sat down silently next to him, running her hand over his face.

Squall stirred slightly opening one eye. He smiled and opened the other eye as he recognized the figure above him. He grinned sheepishly. “Sorry angel I know I promised I wouldn’t get hurt this time but I’m ok now.”

Tears started to flow down Rinoa’s cheeks, happiness filled her, he remembers! She felt like screaming, shouting telling everyone he was ok but instead she just smiled.

“You’re back, you remember.”

“Remember what?” Squall frowned. What’s Rinoa talking about?

Rinoa insides froze, he doesn’t know, Rinoa gulped. “Squall when…oh Hyne…Squall when you got hit on the head it damaged your memory, for the past six years you’ve had no memory living like a baby. We had to leave the garden we’ve been living in Winhill. I…” Rinoa trailed off not sure what else to say. “Squall?”

Squall stared at her; this must be some sick joke. This can’t be true, I don’t understand. Six years?! This can’t be real. Squall looked at Rinoa she looked older, he hair now chin length her eyes held more pain. She was no longer a girl but a woman and Squall had missed it. He hadn’t been able to protect her he had caused her this pain. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s ok you’re back now that’s the only thing that matters.” Rinoa smiled slightly. “I love you.”

Squall stared at her for a moment taking in what he had heard. “I love you to.”


Squall opened his eyes adjusting them to the sudden light that was pouring through the windows. He looked to his side to find that Rinoa had left during the night. Squall sighed as he laid back into the comfy pillows of the infirmary. As he went over the conversation that he had with Rinoa last night. So much had happened over the past six years, Zell, Irvine, Selphie, Quistis they had all changed so much form what he had heard from Rinoa. Zell in a wheelchair? He couldn’t believe it.

Zell was the only one out of his friends who had truly stayed at his and Rinoa’s side. He suddenly felt hatred towards the rest of the group. How could they leave Rinoa to cope with his on her own?

Squall turned over on his side. He gasped as a sudden wave of pain rushed over him as memories flashed through his head. Memories of the orphanage…he could remember. He had got back what the GFs had stolen from him. He lay still just enjoying remembering not wanting to move in case he lost what he had longed for as long as he could remember.


I didn't hear you leave

I wonder how am I still here

And I don't want to move a thing

It might change my memory


Rinoa walk down the corridor ignoring the looks she was getting from passing SeeDs. It was no secret that their beloved ex-commander was here and was undergoing an operation that might bring back his sanity. Although no one knew the results yet.

Rinoa pushed the doors open to the conference room – another new change in the garden. She looked at the people in the room. Irvine and Selphie were sitting at the other ends of the room occasionally glancing at each other. Cid was sitting in the middle, Edea next to him looking anxious, Kiros, Ward and Laguna were sitting next to them Ward making strange gestures with his hands.

Quistis was sitting away from everyone else in deep conversation with her new boyfriend who was looking greedily at Selphie. Rinoa looked away from him repressing the urge to punch him. She smiled Zell who was looking at her with concern etched on his features but broke into a grin as Rinoa smiled at him.

“The operation was successful, Squall has his memory back, and we will be leaving as soon as possible. Edea, Zell if you want to come and see him now.” Rinoa turned sharply. She hated everyone in that room apart from Edea and Zell. She didn’t want to but she felt so jealous and bitter towards them. They had a life, they had their loved ones even if they weren’t with them were still alive, not holding them back not having to watch them become a shadow of what they once were.

Maybe now it would be different now she had Squall back maybe she could let them into her life again. It hurt too much before.

She turned as Zell and Edea came up behind her. “Ok lets go see him.”


Squall sighed deeply, it was so strange seeing Zell in a wheelchair. When only yesterday they were on a assignment together. Squall looked up as Rinoa walked back into the room. He smiled weakly at Rinoa.

“Do you want to see everyone else?” asked Rinoa sitting down on the edge of the bed. Running her hands through his short hair.

Squall shut his eyes enjoying the touch. “No, lets just stay like this just let me enjoy you being here. I don’t ever want to forget you again.”

Rinoa smiled as she lent over and kissed him lightly. It was like a dream she never thought they’d ever be like this again.


I don't want to call my friends

They might wake me from this dream

And I can't leave this bed

Risk forgetting all that's been


Rinoa stepped out of the room smiling, he had fallen asleep again but she didn’t mind just him being there, his old self was enough. She ignored Quistis calling her and walked out of Garden enjoying the sunlight on her shoulders as she walked down the lane to Balamb. She knew that he’s recovering wouldn’t be easy and at times he may forget who she was but she had what she wanted…him. She was whole, without him she was empty and now she had him back the world was starting to look beautiful again.


Oh I am what I am

I'll do what I want

But I can't hide

I won't go

I won't sleep

I can't breathe

Until you're resting here with me


A/N: Since the beginning of writing this fic Willow died of heart failure at the age of three months. This is probably the last fic I will be doing in a while.

I’m sorry if the end was out of place.

Please read and review.

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