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Final Fantasy 3: The Movie Part 7
by Nell

Another World or My Imagination: (part 2)

Chapter 17.

"All my friends...." Terra was saying as she talked in her sleep. Kefka had vanished into the night leaving her asleep, dreaming. "n-nooo, don't let them die," tears fell from her eyes. "They're not strong enough..."

In the field with Locke, he's standing his ground although he's covering his head. "I'm not afraid to fight!" He shouted hearing the loud sound rush upon him. "I'm not afraid to fight either." Locke was lifted into the air and dropped down on a solid floor. "What hap-.." He opened his eyes seeing Setzer lend a hand to help him up. "What happened where are the ghost soldiers?" He asked him standing up. "I believe they disappeared I didn't see anything but you standing in a field with your, head covered." He looked at him with a raised eye brow. "Ah ha ha. Where are the others, do you know?" Setzer shook his head taking the wheel. "But we can go look for them, hang on we're going up." Locke grabbed the rails and the nose of the ship went into the air.

* * *

"Can anyone see where we're going?" Celes asked. "No, but I don't see the ghost anymore." Edgar responded, they slipped around a corner feeling their ways along side the wall. "It's official," Sabin was saying. "What?" They asked. "I hate caves, they're dark, dirty, and there's always some awful distant dripping sound-.." "Ssssshhhhh!!!" Edgar silenced him and held out a hand to keep him that way. "Do you hear that?" He asked them. They listened closely for what he had heard and there was nothing, but, than a sharp sound of a voice came.

"Yeah, what is that? You think the Empire has a base here too?" Sabin asked. Edgar nodded and motioned for them to follow him around the corner. When they rounded the corner, there was a shift in gravity. "Did you guys feel that?" Celes asked, but than she looked around and noticed she wasn't in the cave anymore. "How did I get in the Opera house?" She asked herself out loud. "Time for you to go on my dear!" Ompressario called to her in the distance. "Wait, how did I get here? Ompressario, come back!" She called to him, but he didn't hear her. 'Oh no.' She thought, 'Where is everyone?' She turned back to the mirror staring at her reflection, she was dressed to perform in something that was for sure.

'Maybe we've gone back in time?' She thought again just as the door opened and some one walked in.

"Come on Celes, the show must go on." A quiet voice spoke. "Don't forget your lines." It was Locke! "Locke, something weird is going on, we have to find our ways back to the right time period." She exclaimed to him. "What are you talking about, we have to wait for Setzer to come and get you, remember? Don't be ridiculous, now lets go." He turned and left.

"Wait!" She called out to him, running to the door to chase after him, but, he was already gone. "Oh, Locke," She put her head down sadly thinking she lost him, but, then he called down the hall to her. "Celes, did you forget which way!? Come on!" He turned again and left.

She turned and ran to him. "Locke wait!"

But he wouldn't, he was gone. She slowed her pace and walked behind the curtains. Music started up and she stepped onto the balcony. 'How did I get here?' She wondered. 'Maybe, none of that stuff ever happened, and I've been knocked out, unaware that I was dreaming.' She tried very hard to make sense of things then the words came out of her mouth.

Oh my hero,
So far away now,
will I ever see your smile?
love goes away, like night into day
it's just a fading dream.......

She walked to the balcony holding a bunch of flowers in her hands.

'This has to be a dream...' She thought and then turned around to wait for Draco, but, when the door opened she wasn't faced with an actor. There was a low growl in his throat, Draco was a monster!

Her flowers turned into a sword and Count Draco took his from it's sheath. They began to sword fight and the others were standing around, watching, and cheering him on. "Woo!! " Locke said clapping. "Stab her good! " Edgar shouted. Sabin and the others whistled for him. "Stop this-! You guys help me!" Celes pleaded. But no one helped her and Draco was fighting like a mad man, she fought back the best she could, but, failed.

Her sword went flying from her hands and smashed against a wall, Draco swung at her, backing her up to the edge of the castle top. Celes's back was leaning over the rim and she was trying scoot to the side, but, Draco slammed the sword down at her sides every time she moved in a direction and finally he was going for the middle prize. The others began to lust for her blood. "Knock her off! Knock her off! "

Tears ran down her face. "What are you guys saying?" She asked. "We're saying we're sick of you, and you're wanna be ways" Edgar said. "Yeah, " Sabin followed in. "All you do is run around complaining, time for the end. " He laughed deeply. "I never liked you" Locke said. 'Noooo,' She thought looking at her friends pointing fingers at her. 'That can't be true, I know you guys, I know you Locke, you're the one that saved me.' She had a brief flash of the first time they had ever met; when she was locked away in the prison under a house.

'He came to me, when he didn't even know me....he wouldn't say these things.' "Oh, but I am." Locke said with an evil sneer taking the sword from Draco. "And now I'm gonna show you what your friendship really means to me." He raised the sword and dropped it down over her head. Instead of waiting to get hit....she jumped. "Aaaaahhhhh!!!!" They all threw their heads back with laughter. "Aaaahhhh!!" She hit the ground. In the cave, she fell.

"Celes?" They looked down at her lying there. "What happened to her?" Sabin asked. "I don't know," Edgar knelt down and shook her. "Celes wake up!" "Wake up, Celes!" Sabin joined in, but she wouldn't move. "Edgar..." Sabin's voice was serious. "She doesn't have a pulse...." ", come on Cel' get up!" He looked at her shocked, was she really dead? "We have to get her to some help, give me a hand Sabin..." He began to lift her with no assistance. "Sabin?" He asked. He couldn't hear him he was shifting between time. In Miranda, "Celes," Terra was saying. "No, you can't be dead, wake up....No. Not Sabin too....someone help him."

* * *

"How did I get at home?" Sabin asked looking around. He walked around the halls of the first floor until he heard the sound of voices above him. "That must be where everyone is." He walked upstairs and was pushed aside by men rushing in and out of the kings room. "Oh no, Edgar!" He ran to his room to see what had happened to his brother, but, when he got there. "What is this-?" He asked walking into the room seeing his father lying on the bed in pain.

"Sabin, thank god you're here." Edgar said turning to see his brother by the door. "I think father has lived his last day." He said sadly. "What are you talking about? That's not our father he's already-...." He caught his words seeing Edgar's angry expression. "I'm sorry, what- what do you want me to do?" He asked. "Come with me." Edgar walked up to the roof, Sabin took one last look at the man in the bed. 'It just can't be? I must have been in a fight and got knocked out....yeah, that must be it." He turned away to join his brother on the roof for a conversation he knew was coming.

"You wanted to see me?" He said humouredly. "Yes." Edgar was tight and serious. "What about?" He took a guess. "Who gets to be king and who has to run away and be banished for life, because if so- I take the banishment-..." "What are you talking about? Could you for once in your life be serious?!" Edgar shouted angrily. "Geez. What's your problem?" He said backing off of him. "You'd think this were a life or death, situation or something." Edgar turned to him with a sad expression.

"It is." He said. "What are you talking about?" Sabin asked crossing his arms in defense. "There has been a new rule passed, once the king goes, if he has two or more sons, the one whose more trust worthy lives, while the others die...." Edgar said turning away again. "What kind of ridiculous rule is that?" Sabin asked him. "Why would anyone agree to that?!" He demanded to know. Edgar looked up at the stars with his heart full of sadness from what he knew was coming.

"Brother, this rule was passed by our father....he didn't want us to tear each other apart for the throne." Edgar replied. "But that's just it. There is no need to kill me, I don't want the throne. I'll gladly leave." Sabin said walking up to Edgar, putting his hand on his shoulder. "I know you do." He said. "No, you're not listening, I don't want it!" He nearly shouted into his ear but Edgar wasn't listening to him, a group of the Empire's soldiers came out onto the roof standing behind them.

"What are they doing here?" Sabin said bewildered getting into battle stance. "No need to fight them brother, they're the executers....once I give the flip of this coin, you will die." an evil sneer than spread across hi lips. "Long," he took out the coin. "No." Sabin protested. "Live," he got ready to flip it into the air.

"Don't do it!" He shouted. "This king." He flipped the coin into the air.

"Noooooo!!!" He tried to stop it but the soldiers had already opened fire and.....he died.

In the cave, Sabin looked as though he were going to throw up at any second. Edgar turned around and barely saw him through the dim light. "Sabin? What's wrong? Say something!" He crawled over to him and shook him as well. "No, you can't die too," He listened to his heart beat, it was fading fast. "Hang in there, I'll get you guys out of here." He looked around for something to help him get them all out. "Some how?" He finished his thoughts.

Chapter 18.

The air ship. "Where are you taking us? We need to go find the others?" Locke shouted through the gusts of wind. "We're going back for Terra, than we'll go find the others." Setzer was saying. "It would take a lot more time to locate them off the top our heads than to find her." Locke couldn't argue with that, but he still replied with, "Listen, I know you have a thing for her now, but, the others could be in trouble." Setzer thought for a moment about it and turned the ship around. "You're right, it would be a tragedy if something was to happen to the-..." His words stopped midway as he looked out into the darkness.

"It can't be?" He whispered seeing a familiar face flying beside him in the falcon. "Come on Setzer, lets see what that hunk of junk is made out of!" She shouted. "Oh ho, you're on, hot shot." He said flying the Black Jack 2 after her.

"What are you doing?" Locke said watching Setzer get off their course and talk to himself. "The guys went that way, remember?" He pointed. Setzer couldn't hear him though he was flying straight towards a mountain range and didn't look as though he were going to stop. "Come on, Setzer!" Daryl called to him.

"Setzer listen to me! What the hell are you doing?!" Locke was shouting now, he was beginning to think they were actually flying straight for the mountain. "Look! There's the finish line!" She shouted, "Better catch up!" He went moved the ship a lot faster and after a few seconds he passed her with a laugh. "Now to claim victory!"

There was a flash of the morning air and then the night. and the mountain range. Locke's eyes widened with every second they got closer to it. "We're gonna crash!" He ran over to wheel and turned it as sharply as he could.

The ship's side smashed into the mountain making a horrible scrapping sound. Trees that were on it, snapped in half slipping down off the balloons top side, dropping down the deck. Locke some how managed to steer it into the woods and make the landing. He sank to his knees with a sigh, than looked around for Setzer.

"You idiot! What did you think you were doing?!" He walked over to him and kicked him in the leg. "Come on, get up. We have to get there on foot now cause I think your engine is busted- again. " He looked him over but he wasn't moving. "Come on, the landing wasn't that bad, you've probably survived worse right?" He didn't make a sound. "Setzer?" He knelt down and felt for a pulse. "Oh my God...he's dead."

........To Be Continued

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