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Final Fantasy 3: The Movie Part 8
by Nell

The Base:

Chapter 19.

"Come on you guys, rrrr-ugh. " Edgar struggled through the darkness dragging both Sabin and Celes to the exit. His brother was on his back with his legs across his waist, and she was in his arms being carried. "Don't worry guys, I won't.....leave you behind." But they were heavy and weighing him down.

He moved slowly through the darkness, whenever he felt the gravity shifting, he moved into a different direction so he wouldn't slip away like they had. He remembered Celes asking if they felt something, and he didn't know what she meant until he felt it for himself, so when ever he felt it coming he moved in a different direction. He fell to his knees, dropping her and having him fall back, but he shook his head re-standing. "No, I have to keep going...we're gonna make it." He pulled his brother up on his back again and froze someone was standing in front of him.....not meaning to he let Sabin fall back.

"Who is that?!" Edgar asked. The figure didn't move, but it stared at him as if curious some how. "Who ever you are, you're about to get blasted." He said taking out his auto-crossbow aiming it at the thing, it did the same, but, it wasn't holding anything. "Drop your weapon, or I'll fire." Edgar saw that it wasn't advancing, so he dropped his weapon and just stared blinking. 'I've been in the dark too long.' He thought leaning back to pick up his brother again, but the thing imitated him.

"I know there's someone there, show yourself!" He shouted. "okay." A soldier said bashing him over the head Edgar had no intention of falling and spun around punching the soldier solidly in the jaw. He let out a cry of pain and other soldiers came to his aid, the creature watched him closely.

"Get him!" The soldier said holding his jaw. Edgar used his new flash, that was now turned into an exploder. He fired with little balls coming out of it when they hit the ground they exploded into mini bombs. "Aaahh!!!! " They shouted. "Duck!! " Some of them weren't fortunate to duck and another set of balls flew into the air. "What the-...?" Edgar said looking at the figure, had it just imitated him? "Charge!!" More soldiers came and the thing pulled out a five saw throwing chainsaw.

The men screamed and ran from the slicing blades while Edgar took out his sword slashing into a group of soldiers advancing down on him. He and a soldier were face to face holding swords close together straining against their weight. Edgar dug his foot into the soldiers stomach pushing him back, he staggered and rushed at him but got stabbed in the stomach, the soldier held onto the sword with his hands and Edgar put his fist together bashing him on top of the head pulling it back out.

"Don't let him get into the base!" He heard a soldier shout. 7-Flush. "Setzer?" It was coming from the figure and as he stepped into the dim light Edgar could see who it was. Go-Go! "Go-Go?!" He used his slot again getting a chocobob rush knocking out a few soldiers with it, Edgar sprayed them with his Bio Blaster they covered their eyes and tore at their burning skin. When the soldiers fled, Edgar and Go-Go walked over to each other. "You're still alive?" He asked it. It nodded and Edgar held out a hand for him to shake, copying him they shook hands. "You can be of more use than you know of, can you give me a hand?" It nodded. Edgar picked up his brother and Go-Go grabbed Celes and the two of them made their ways through the cave. There was a rumbling beside them. "What's that sound?!" Edgar asked.

* * *

In the forest. "Mmmman, rrrrr. You're heavy." Locke said to himself, he looked around in both directions and then stopped moving. "I'd like to know where the hell we are?" He bent his knees to scoot him higher up on his back. "Don't get so cozy back there okay?" He said looking over his shoulder at the top of his head.

Locke walked a distance than tripped and fell to the ground. "Oh!....Ooow." He stood up brushing off his clothes then looked down at Setzer. "I can't do this alone I need to find which way to go." He said out loud to himself and walked away from Setzer. "Wait," He got down on his knees. "I don't want any sudden drops, better crawl first." He felt the ground crawling along in silence sweeping his hands back and fourth looking for some sign of where they might be. His hand hit a splash of water and he felt a little strength return.

"This must be.....the recovery spring!" He splashed some more water on himself and walked over to Setzer. "I don't know how this stuff works on the dead," he picked him up; "but, it's worth a try, right?" dragging him over to the spring, Locke tossed him in and waited. "Come on, work." He ordered it, but nothing was happening and he let out a sigh. "Please work?”

* * *

In Miranda, Terra is lying in bed still, clinging to her mental life. "Why my friends....why aren't they strong enough. The phantoms.....are gonna get them now....they can't fight back." Phantom's swept through the sky going to collect their prizes for Emperor Kefka.

* * *

Locke looked up into the sky. "Uh-oh, the ghost are back," He crawled over to the water and slid in. "this is one soul you're not going to take." He saw them getting closer to the surface of the water. 'Time this, Locke. Don't attack until they're all over your head.' He thought. They circled around to leave the spring, until they felt a slight change in temperature under the water. As they reached in to grab Setzer's body, Locke sprung up and splashed them in the face. "Aaaahhh!!! " Some of them shouted, but there were too many and they got him. "No. Put him down!" He pulled out his weapon, but turned to a tap on the shoulder. "Time to die." He had gotten possessed. The ghost picked him up and flew him off with Setzer. Chapter 20.

The Imperial Vector. Kefka is sitting on his throne, looking at the newest additions to his collection of returners. The phantom's slammed them against the wall chaining them up.

Cyan, who had been captured in his dreams about Elaine and Owan had just come in by the Phantom Train and was flown to the wall with the others. "Emperor Kefka, the others are still out there. What do you want us to about them?" A Templer Guard asked. "Nothing, you fool, I shall take care of them myself." He gestured for the guard to leave him with them and he did as quickly as he could. "My, my, my. Isn't this going to be a lovely reunion and I owe it all to you, Terra my dear." Kefka reared his head back and laughed evilly.


In the cave. Edgar and Go-Go ran for their lives to avoid a giant tunnel armor from crushing them in it's path. "This way!" Edgar shouted to him, they ran into a hole in the wall and set Sabin and Celes down, than ran back out to fight. "Got any other attacks?" Go-Go nodded and they got into battle stance. Edgar used his Delaberator to check for the monsters weakness. Ice, Fire, and Thunder. Strong against Poison. Level 2803.

Edgar grabbed his Chainsaw and fired at the thing, doing sizeable damage to it. H-Bomb. A mini air ship crashed into it blowing up on contact like a bomb. The armor swung at them, bashing them against the wall, Edgar pushed off of it and used his Sledge hammer since he was close enough, bashing a hole into the top of it's head.

The robot seemed to be breaking down but tiny arms came out and repaired the damage. Go-Go used something else he'd seen the others do and got ready for the attack.

Schimitor. The armor froze for a moment and Edgar bashed another hole in its head Go-Go backed him up by using one of Sabin’s strongest attacks. Bum Rush! The armor didn't stand a chance with them attacking so quickly and it blew it's engines out and shut down. "Alright!" Edgar cheered happily than turned back to the others. "Lets get them out of here, so we can find Locke and the others." Go-Go followed his lead, but there was no one there. "What? Where'd they go?" He asked him.

* * *

"Oh no! The ships aren't running right now." Relm said in panic. "How will we escape those ghost this time?" She asked. "We could try, warping?" Shadow said calmly, looking at the abandoned ships. "Gua wonder why it ghost town?" Gua said thinking out loud.

"Maybe warping will work, it got you out of the neighbors house when it was on fire that time." Shadow took out three warp stones, he'd found around town and handed them over to Relm and Gua. "Gua want know how to use this?" He said. "It's easy think of where you wanna be and it'll take you there." Relm said than looked at Shadow.

"Right?" He didn't answer he just dropped the warp stone. "Wait for us!" Relm shouted taking Gua's hand and they tossed them together.


The Imperial base. "Two down," Kefka was beginning to actually laugh. "and four more to go." He laughed out loud and watched as his men chained them up. "Ah the general, such a sad thought of it, that I actually thought you were useful." A sneer spread across his lips. The warp stone wore off and they found themselves in the base. "Where are we?" Relm asked, looking around. Shadow put a hand out to silence her. "Look." He pointed.

"Oh my God, the guys are all chained up." Relm said covering her mouth to make her voice lower. "Gau see friends in trouble, he help them." He ran out to the middle of the floor. "No!" Shadow and Relm shouted, but, it was too late they saw him. "Gau change his mind. Gau scared. Help friend Relm and Shadow!" They ran out from hiding an jumped into a battle.

"Get them!" Kefka said walking across the cat walk to avoid being seen but it was too late Shadow spotted him and his eyes widened. 'Kefka?! Alive?!' He thought. Kefka noticed him looking so he stopped to watch the fight. Shadow ducked from a swing behind his head and continued in the fight. Relm made a sketch of a guard sending back his slash attack but he wasn't down from such a tiny shot. Gau flipped out of the way of danger and blasted them with a Giga Volt. "Aaahh!! " The soldiers cried. Shadow used his Fire edge.

The men were screaming running around trying to put themselves out but it was useless and they fried to death. Kefka laughed loudly at their attempts to win. "Watch this, nuisance!" Pearl! A white light rose around Kefka and then came soaring down towards them. "Get out of the way!" Shadow shouted, but, they weren't fast enough. He looked back at their lifeless bodies and saw the phantoms scoop them up and chain them to the wall. "Kefka!?" Shadow shouted up to him and Kefka just smiled then he began to spin in his place like a top, Shadow watched in wonder.

"You might sit there in wonder," Kefka was starting to say. "but there will be nothing left from this-" A pause then he fired. "Thunder!" Caught off guard, he was blasted. He struggled through the pain of moving and grabbed a tack star from his belt and tossed it at Kefka slashing him on the cheek. "Aaaahhhh!!!! " Kefka screamed. "You idiot! Phantoms drag him away!" They flew down taking his now lifeless body chaining him up as well. "Hurry up and get the other one, his end is near...." Kefka was saying.

* * *

"I can't believe we lost them." Edgar was saying to himself. He walked along side of the wall thinking they might have dropped them some place else, but, there was nothing. Go-Go tugged at Edgar’s arm and he nodded. "I heard it too, I wonder whose yells those were?" They followed the sound until it died off.

"Whoever it was is gone...." He shook off the feeling that it might be his brother and waved for his attention. "Come on, lets keep going this way any how. We might find exactly what we're looking for." He walked along silently but he didn't hear the repeated foot steps. "Go-Go you back there?" He asked. Nothing. Of course he didn't expect much since he couldn't talk to well. 'What could have happened to him?' He wondered. "Same thing that's gonna happen to you. " A ghost said. "No." But the second he opened his mouth the ghost flew inside and possessed him. "Lets go, Kefka will be pleased." The ghost flew them away threw the caves, to the secret entrence of the underground base.

* * *

"Come on," Kefka said, smacking Locke in the face. "open those biddy little eyes of yours." Locke began to groan as he opened his eyes. "Heeey, where am I?" "Locke?" Celes called to him. He turned his head in the direction of her voice, but he couldn't see the place was pitch black. "And now, let me introduce myself......" He began to walk into a spot light that came on. "Here comes the Grim Reaperrrrr! " He started into some evil laughter seeing there faces. "Kefka!?!?"

.......To Be Continued

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