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Final Fantasy 3: The Movie Part 9
by Nell

The Final Fantasy:

Chapter 21.

"I can't believe you're all here," Kefka shrieked out. "Every last worthless one of you...." Edgar shook off a dizzy feeling and looked up. "What do you want, kefka?!" He shouted. "Oh, dear- King- Edgar. Is that all you have to say?" He said almost bragging. "Don't you wanna hear my...." searches for the word. "amazing come back, tale?" They all knelt there gritting their teeth letting Kefka go on with it.

"When it all started Celes was being infused with magic, I myself was undergoing a, I had Terra give me a bit of her magic only some how something went wrong and our powers ended up- bonding." There was an evil sneer across his face as he walked back and fourth in front of their faces.

"I could feel whenever Terra was around, same as she to me. I could control her with one thought and I trained her to be like first it worked and she burned that pathetic town to ashes, but, then she broke free of our bond and I had to place the memory device on her head." He stood in front of Locke. "I've been watching you morons run around all the while thinking I was dead.....well look whose just been resurrected." He did the signature Kefka laugh.

"How?" Celes asked angrily. "Terra might have lost her ability to morph, but, she never lost her magic...." He took a long pause. "Get on with it!" Edgar shouted.

"I was reborn by the ability of life, and with this I became stronger in hiding waiting for the day I would track you all down and kill you, but than it hit me," He began to pace again. "Why not let their own little friend kill them for me?" He stopped at Setzer lifting his head. "How'd you like her little dream world?" Setzer yanked his head away and growled at him. "Making fun of all you're little fears," A tight bitter laugh came out. "The girl does have a twisted mind don't you think? Woo whoop! Just like mine!" He shouted in his face and Setzer tried to hit him but was restrained by the chains.

"Hoo hoo hoo so sad aren't you, aaww and does he like her?" He laughed insanely and turned his back to them. Locke took this opportunity to reach his hand over to his glove and pull out his lock pick, he started in on the chains lock, but, it was too late. Kefka turned around and saw him. "Uh-uh uuunh." He snapped it up out of his hand. "We can't have you escaping now can we? Not that it would matter if you did, see this-...?" He pointed to a wire lining the chains. "Big surprise, hooked up toooooo......1000 bolts of electricity!" He pulled the lever shocking them all. "Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!! " They cried and Kefka stopped.

"Now lets pretend that we turned it up on full power? hmm, oh, I know," gets in Locke's face. "Pop! Goes the weasel!! " He broke into an evil laugh. "And wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, this is not the best part because Terra will die too."

"What are you gonna do to her?!" Setzer shouted. "It doesn't matter becaaaause, you won't be around to see it." "What are you-...?" Celes began to ask but he was already about to show them. Kefka's left eye fell out of his head and then his right revealing a white light in the back of them. He opened his mouth with the same light coming from it and the ground began to shake. Their eyes went wide with what happened next. "Aaahh!!! "

* * *

In Miranda, Terra's eyes flew open! ", this can't happen, they can't be dead I have to go get them." She ran to the door and walked outside. "It's snowing, but where is the lightning coming from?" She looked at the sky and wondered for a second.

"How will I get there? How can I help them?" She thought biting her bottom lip. "It's dangerous, but, worth a try." She ran out into the snow and to the cave near Miranda.


Imperial Vector. Kefka is laughing loud and long at the site of them bleeding and dropping to the ground. "And now, the end." He said deeply raising a hand for the final attack. "Hold it!" "That voice?" Kefka turned around to see Terra standing at the door way. "Oh this is delicious, you found me all by yourself, our bond must be coming back." Kefka said walking down the stairs towards her.

"The only thing you're gonna bond with is- death! Kefka!" She was walking towards him as well. "Ooooh, I'm shaking, what do you think you're going to do?" Kefka paused a few feet in front of her. "This! " She flew backwards building up a ball of energy and Kefka laughed doing the same. "If it's a show down you want than that's what you're gonna get!"

And when the ball was big enough they yelled their attacks. Absolute 0! Metron! The strongest ice and fire attacks collided into each other knocking them both away. When the smoke went up they, didn't wait for it to clear and they rushed at each other. Thunder punch! Terra ducked from the attack and shot back with Bolt 3. Kefka used an earth quake that she dodged with float. The thunder outside grew into her skin and she blasted Kefka on the top of his head. "Aaaahhhhh!!!!! " Kefka screamed in pain.

"I feel so weeeeaaaaaa- ahahahahahahaaaa!!!!" He broke into laughter and fired at her knocking her into the electric machine and she got fried. "Aaaahhhh!!!! " As this was happening she began to think. 'my friends mean so much to me, Locke, Edgar, Sabin, Gua, Celes, Setzer. All my friends....ohhh, how could I let them down like this? ' She kept saying to herself. 'There has to be some way to save them, and save the world, but...Kefka is too strong. ' She heard him laughing still only more high pitched. 'I can't feel my- and my head hurts so.... '

* * *

In Mobliz. Umaro and the moogles have come out of hiding with the children and look into the sky. "Looks bad." Umaro growled. Kupo-po! "Terra?" Mog asked himself aloud, in wonder. "Look at that!" Mog pointed saying. Little white lights came floating out of the sky and down towards the base the two creatures looked at each other knowing the familiar feel in the air.

In the base. The lights are floating into her friends and projecting mostly from her body. Edgar's hand twitched a little, then, the others began to move as well and in unison they stood up as if they were possessed and broke free of the chains. The rumbling stopped and Terra hit the ground. "At last, she's dead!" Kefka crawled over to her quickly. "Now, full power is mine-" He was going to pick her up.

"Lay a single hand on her and you're dead." A voice came. "What-?" Kefka looked up to the cat walk they were chained to. They walked up to the railing and leaped over the side landing in battle stance. Kefka growled in his throat. "Get them!" A battle began and they were beyond ready. Edgar clapped his hands together striking a Giga Volt into the air shocking three soldiers killing only one; Shadow twisted a soldiers arm, while swinging his left leg over his head and knocking him off his feet with the right leg, then he broke his arm pulling it when they hit the ground. Shadow back rolled away and threw five Ninja stars at a Templer Guard, killing him off.

Ten soldiers attacked at once and he threw an invisible edge disappearing from crowd. Cyan used his quadra slice battling four at a time until they had fallen. Locke was fighting with his air lasset but the guard knocks it out of his hand with a laugh. "Sir Locke, take this" Cyan said, throwing Locke a sword of his, but, when he caught it he swung it around in his left hand and tossed it back. "Keep it, I've got these." He ran over to the soldier and leaped into the air as he came down he landed on the soldiers head with his feet like a block of cement causing him to push off again and come back down he jumped on his head two more times and back flipped off of him to land. The soldier stumbled into a wall and died. Blizzard!

Celes blew in a snow storm blasting three soldiers into a wall killing them, but the Templer Guard cut her with his axe. "Ah." She held her cheek in pain, the guard was coming down on her swinging like a mad man when he got blasted away by an Aura Bolt. "Thanks." She said to Sabin, but he ran by her attacking a guard a kick boxing pummel, then he broke into his fire dance. Relm used her x-zone sucking four soldiers into the warp hole. Gua used numb to make his fight easier and he attacked with bomb fire burning six soldiers and a Templer Guard.

Edgar cleared them from the floor a distance and shot the place up with a gattling gun, some of the soldiers hid but others were killed in the firing. Setzer tossed a set of doom darts at four soldiers killing them but four more took their places he reached in for another weapon, but, couldn't find one so he grabbed a pouch of coins in the nearest pocket throwing them as though they were blades taking some damage on them, as he backed away from their advancing swords he built up a strong ball of poison and killed them.

As the fight went on Kefka grabbed Terra and dragged her up on the cat-walk for an escape "Setzer!" Locke shouted pointing up to them. He ran to the ladder and started to climb, Edgar lent a hand by slowing him down. He used his chain saw and cut off the path way to the exit. "Whoa!" Kefka said backing away trying to run in the other direction but Setzer swung himself over the railing in front of him.

"Games over Kefka, drop her or I'll fire." He said building up a pearl. Kefka simply shrugged and tossed her over the railing; startled, Setzer's attack shot off in the wrong direction, he jumped over the railing to catch Terra. Locke looked at them like they were crazy.

Whirl wind! A tornado blew up catching them and putting them down gently on the floor. Setzer's attack took to the wrong direction and aimed for Cyan, but, he dodged it.

"Do be more careful, sir." "You all right?" He asked her, but she didn't move. He placed her down on the floor and began to use cure 3. Locke stole one of Shadows water edges and tossed it at two Templer Guards flushing them against the wall. Go-Go used a 7-Flush blasting some of the remaining soldiers and guards dead. They looked around waiting for more but there was just Kefka and two other men. "You all think you're so brave with your peace and good will....ha! Well no more preaching, time for the ultimate attack battle with my newest creation, I think you'll really admire this one, Kingie. Since your monkeys helped me build it in our alliance. Edgar’s jaw tightened he knew what Kefka meant, Ultimate-X. the floor shook and rumbled as a large machine appeared from the darkness. blocking the lights from the ceiling.

"I believe it's been an honor knowing you, sirs" Cyan said seeing the giant machine. "Rrrraaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!! " It yelled down at them. They didn't know what to do this thing might not be hurt by magic. Than it him. "Attack the head!" Edgar said to them and without a moment hesitation they began to fire all their attacks at once, looking out for them Locke used jump to get on top of it and he struck the head with Fire 4 melting the eye's detector shut. He spun around swinging at it's head knocking him off, but, Sabin caught him. "Thanks." He said getting down. "I'll stop it." Relm said making a quick sketch of the thing but it didn't work.

"It's too big." Shadow used his water edge knocking out a good amount of damage, Go-Go copied him and did the same. "That's it, use ice attacks." Sabin said; they all aimed at it together but it swung it's arms over at them brushing them against the wall. "Ooof! " A glow of light built up in its mouth and shot at them, they ran for protection and just missed being blasted.

"You guys attack it while I use my runic blade to absorb it's energy. "Good idea." Cyan said and they got back up for battle, the machine stomped nosily at them at they surrounded it firing at different times dodging the swinging arms, when it was ready to fire another pulse shot at them, Celes used her sword and took the energy blasting it back. Edgar's Delaberator came on checking the monsters stats. Level 3045. Weak against water, ice, fire. Strong against pearl, thunder and wind.

"We need more power..." Edgar said to himself turning it off. "How's about a whole storm?" That voice....Umaro! He and Mog walked into the fight and joined in with Snow attacks. Umaro used his rage ring after bouncing off the wall spinning in a ball towards the machine knocking it to it's knees. Mog used his snowman jazz and water rondo. The machine shook in pain and began to fall they all summoned their powers together and used, Ultima! The monster was completely destroyed and crashed into a wall.

They all let up shots and cheers that they did it, until a white light appeared and knocked them to the floor. "You just don't know when to stay down. Do you?" Kefka said raising his hand for another blast, but a noise startled them all. "'ve done all the damage you're gonna do for the rest of your I'm going to be the victor in this game of yours." It was Terra and she was inside of Magitek armor. "What is this?" Kefka said cocking his head at her with a smirk.

"I can't destroy you with magic, I know that I'm going to beat you with your own worthless weapons." She charged the blaster up, but, Kefka just stood there smirking at her.

When she fired he jumped out of the way and she hit his soldiers instead. She quick turned and aimed at him, this time firing right away- knocking Kefka over the railing.

"Aaaahhhh!!! " He fell and landed on a sharp blade, sticking up from Ultimate-X. They were happy to see him melting into nothing but a plastic looking face and they all ran over to the armor to congratulate Terra. "Oh don't...." a strained voice came from out of no where. 'I knew you wouldn't die so quickly.' Terra thought revving up the machine again.

"Get a load of this kiddies!" Kefka eyes began to glow again and his skin had melted further down into the machine exhaling a powerful creature. "And now..." Kefka began. "My true final judgment."

"Still using those same old tricks Kefka?" Terra was saying. "It's time you learned some new one's." The armor began to shift around and grow. Kefka wasn't waiting for a battle, he was ready to fire, but, by the time he had powered it up- what stood before him was untouchable.

"Now you'll taste my revenge." She said. "Neveeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!" They blasted at each other full power the others have hidden from the battle to avoid getting in the way. Final Judgment.

The blast reached all the way up to the heavens coming down on Kefka, destroying him completely. He had sucked into a black hole of no return. 'It's over, it's finally over. ' Terra sighed.


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