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The Two Made One: Surlent
by Ultima Mayu

Rudra’s Treasure (Rudra no Hihou) is a trademark of Squaresoft and Graphical Corporations CROWD inc.


“What was sundered and undone shall be whole -- the two made one.”

-from “The Dark Crystal”


Hello, my name is Surlent. I am a skilled mage and the leader of the Neo-Rudras. I have an interesting tale to tell you! Normally, I do not give out the dark secrets of myself, but I eventually have to one day...

It began on one day, after coming back to the planet from the moon fortress. I decided to get out of the ark and stretch out when it landed. Riza, the heir of the goddess Meifa, also decided to get up and out as well, but strangely, something seemed to be bothering her.

“Riza, are you going to be okay?” I asked. Riza looked rather sleepy and depressed.

“Don’t worry, I will be...” Riza sighed. “... Surlent...”

“Yes Riza.” I asked. “You can go on and let out your feelings if you want.”

“... did you ever lost anyone you truly loved, like a love interest perhaps?” Riza asked. I just gently nodded my head yes.

“Mmmmmm... well, I did feel close to my childhood friend, Legin, and I do miss him. I never knew who my parents really were... my mentor and Myun Hi both died horrible deaths...”

“So, you do have missing loved ones that are now in the Netherworld?” Riza said calmly.

“Yes, I do.” I responded. “Do you wish to see them in the underworld or something?” Riza nodded her head.

“Yes, I do.” Riza responded. Dune, the treasure hunter came out and looked rather surprised.

“WHAT???” Dune shouted. “ Going to the Netherworld already?” Riza bowed over.

“Yes, what is wrong Dune?” asked Riza. Dune ran over to her and held herby the hips.

“It’s dangerous, don’t you know that?” cried Dune. “Living creatures could be killed by undead monsters! Don’t go all ready!”

“Dune, you are starting to remind me of Garlyle now, I’ll be okay! Plus, I felt some presence that something summoned me there to begin with!” Dune looked even more worried, but instead, he nodded his head yes and closed his eyes. I can’t believe how strong-willed and ambitious Riza was.

“Yes, I understand. I just worry about you Riza. You are a special young woman, everyone knows that.” Dune responded calmly.

“Thanks Dune.” Riza said softly. As Riza got ready to leave, Dune and I caught up to her as she got ready to leave. “Riza!”


“Don’t forget this map to the Netherworld and Toula Temple. It is a life saver!” I said as I handed her a map. “The Toula Temple/Delphi Mountain area is nearby. Gook Luck!”

“Thanks guys!” Riza said as she hugged both me and Dune and left to the Temple. I also started to have a funny feeling inside me as well.

“Do you think she’ll be okay?” I asked Dune. The treasure hunter looked at me and grinned.

“Oh, I think so! Hell, she’s a grown girl!” Dune laughed merrily. “Why do you ask Surlent?”

“Oh, just concerned!” I responded. Suddenly, I started to sense something around the Delphi island. It seems to feel like a strange force emitting from the Netherworld. My body felt shaky, the hairs on my neck rising, my bowels felt like they were going to melt. Eventually, one day, I have to eventually face my fears.

“Surlent...!” A unearthly voice said to me. I jumped slightly, but came to my senses.

<“What is it? Who are you?”> I thought to myself nervously. Dune and his friend, Kidd saw me and the fear in my eyes.

“Are you okay Surlent?” Kidd asked.

“Yes, I will be.” I responded. Suddenly, the voice got louder and louder and I started to tremble violently.

“SURLENT! SURLENT! COME! COME!” The voice yelled loud and clear. I tried to get the voice out of my head, but it only got louder and the presence gotten even stronger. All of the sudden, I felt myself de-materializing from the world.

“HELP ME!!!” I yelled and tossed around.

“SURLENT! I‘ll save you.” cried Dune as he ran to me. As he gotten near me, I started to vanish as I reached out for Dune’s hand.

“Noooooooooo...” I yelled, but no one heard. I finally passed out as the world dissapeared from me.


“Surlent... wake up!” A vaguely familiar voice whispered to me. “Wake up!” I felt a poke from a freezing cold and long metal rod. As I slowly opened my eyes, I just could not believe who I saw and where I was. I was in the Netherworld palace in the north continent. It was dark and cold and I saw some strange screaming and laughing visages surrounding me and their penetrating stare seemed to pierce through my heart. Then, I saw the translucent figure above my head. It appeared to is an elderly looking man with a long silver beard, a tall headdress embodied with a brass skull on the front. He also wore some long, flowing robes with a mauve fur collar around his neck and wore rather baggy sepia trousers. However, the thing that made him stand out was his beady, penetrating eyes! The same eyes that followed me on my sixteen day journeys. I instantly recognized this entity!

“HOUZHEN!” The figure nodded his head and let out a ethereal cackle.

“Very good Surlent!” Houzhen said softly. “You have been chosen to lead the Neo-Rudras, but I have to see if your worthy one last time. I have handed down my powers to you, but this old ’test of faith’ will show us if you are meant to become a great leader. Plus, if you are worthy, I will enhance your powers even more!”

“Will you even tell me all about my past?” I asked. Houzhen bowed for a bit and closed his eyes.

“Yes, I will! But not right now! The test will begin!” Houzhen announced. “Now, MEDITATE!!!” As I meditated, I felt a strange, magical force surround me. It felt so very powerful and fearsome. I could just sense the aura was going to summon some magical beings.

“Open your eyes!” yelled Houzhen. As I opened my eyes slowly, I saw a huge Yin and Yang symbol form right in front of my eyes. Suddenly, I saw the two symbols separate and form into a couple of giant, magical beings. The Yin creature was known as “Obscuridad Akuma” and was a biped creature that resembled a demonic Elephant whom rode on a cloud of darkness. The Yang creature was known as “Luz Akuma” and was a fierce looking creature whom crawled on all fours with it‘s pointy sharp claws, had a terrible sneer on it’s beaked face, which dripped glowing saliva. It also had twisted and malformed horns on it’s side and a long, shaggy rough hair on it’s back and a loopy tail behind it. I was nervous, but I did not want to show it, because Houzhen would think I was a weakling.

“Now, BATTLE!” Houzhen shouted as we got in our ready position. I got out my sacred swallow boomerang, I could feel how powerful these creatures were. As I also tried to spot their weaknesses to Elemental magic, it remained inconclusive. This was going to be a lot harder than I thought. The first to strike was the Obscuridad Akuma, blasting out a cloud of smoke with meteorite shards that slightly pierced my flesh. I got myself ready for some major Mantra usage, even if I had to use up every Magic leaf, Horn water, Amrita or any other magic and life healing supplies for this battle! Then, the Luz Akuma summoned a seraph that let out a big blast of light in shape of a cross. I still stood strong and tried to get back at them with MY mantra!

“ Ko-Na-Ni-Sa-Ri!” I chanted. That was the song that summons the chaotic Seraph of the scorching sun. The Seraph went over to both of the Akumae and started to scorch both of them. However, the Obscuridad Akuma seemed more affected than the Luz Akuma. I kept trying though!

“Jigoku Mahou Jin!” I screamed. The whole room started to shake and pieces of the palace started to crumble on everything in the room. The floor started to split and shatter, swallowing up some of my surroundings. Everything was affected, the monsters, Houzhen and even myself. Eventually, I got Houzhen a little riled up as well...

“SURLENT! I forgot to tell you something!” Houzhen shouted. “Don’t use that mantra. It is too deadly!” Mabye he was right. That Mantra was a little too destructive, since I was also sort of hurt as well. As I started to use some Horn water to help my mantra power, the Obscuridad Akuma came out and engulfed the room in ice and icy cold blaze. I was frozen for a bit, but then the Luz Akuma set off some flame in the room, making all the ice become water and breaking me out of the ice.

“Okay, you have asked for it!” I shouted in frustration. ”SHIZU!!!”

As I shouted, a vortex came into the room, swallowing the Luz Akuma into the oblivion, leaving me only with the Obscuridad Akuma. So, I guess it’s one agaist one. I was bleeding, blue and black, but I still had to destroy the last Akuma. As I got ready to chant out another mantra, the beast also got itself ready too.

“I don’t think so!” I yelled. “WAGAROU!”

I summoned some hellfire to engulf the being, however, as I chanted out the mantra, the Akuma chanted a suicide mantra, having itself blow up all over the place. There was explosions of ice strangely coming from the Akuma, freezing the room even more. The visages stopped making that eerie noise and Houzhen just stood at me, stunned.

“Amazing young Surlent!” Houzhen said to me. “You might as well be a leader of the Neo-Rudras. I feared this day to come!”

“Why did you fear this day to come?” I asked. Houzhen stood there and sighed.

“Okay, let me tell you Surlent about your past!” Houzhen said as he cleared up what appeared to be an ancient, giant mirror similar to the one Mitora had on the moon. “This is your past my boy!!!” The mirror un-fogged and revealed some figures of the past.

It was odd....I saw a woman in the mirror. She was indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. The woman also appeared to be a sorceress as well. She had long, misty blue-green hair that was tied up in two braids and cerulean eyes that sparkled in the light of the sun. Her complexion was pale and creamy white and her lips were a light lavender hue. The woman also wore a white, two piece gown with many colorful, geometric designs and nature paintings on them and the gems she wore sparkled even more brilliantly than her eyes. The woman looked frightened and sad at the same time. She also was running from something, but I did not know what it was, since the mirror did not show what it was. Eventually, the woman came upon a hidden portal and fell into it when she suddenly sunk into the grassland area. She was now in the Netherworld, a dark world for deceased souls whom decided to reside instead of reincarnate. However, the woman was not dead, she was not translucent like the other creatures and people in the Netherworld. But why was she there?

“Who is this woman?” I asked. Houzhen stood and shrugged his shoulders.

“You’ll see Surlent...” Houzhen whispered. “... you’ll see!”

As I saw more of this flashback on the mirror, I saw this woman head through many corridors and fight many undead animals, to only head off to her final destination...


The woman approached Gomora and kneeled to him honorably.

“Gomora...” The woman sighed.

“What is it?” Gomora gently whispered to her.

“Please hear me out!” The woman commanded. Gomora looked at the woman and smiled.

“Now what is you name?” Gomora asked.

“My name is... NABIHA!” The woman said. Her name was Nabiha, such a beautiful name.

“Gorgeous name indeed, Nabiha.” Gomora said to her. Nabiha cleared her throat as she got ready to talk to this Lord of the Netherworld. I could see the tears that were building up in Nabiha’s cerulean eyes.

“Well, I’ve lost my family in a racial battle and my homeland has been destroyed in this war and I have no where to go on the planet! Everyone I know was here, I’ve lost everything I once knew!” The young woman collapsed on the ground, crying and wailing her eyes out. “OH GOMORA! I WANT TO STAY HERE! I HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO!” Gomora took pity on Nabiha and nodded his head.

“Okay young woman. You may stay!” Gomora whispered. “I’ve noticed how much pain you feel. Now you shall feel pain no more!”

After words, Gomora and Nabiha shared their tears, emotions and laughter with each other in the Netherworld for many years. Even though Gomora had some business to do in the Netherworld, Nabiha would never seem to leave his side and if they did, she would ALWAYS come back later to reunite with the master she loved.

“Gomora had a mistress?” I asked Houzhen again.

“Yes, you did not know?” Houzhen said.

“No, he never told me...” I said as I looked at Houzhen briefly.

“Now you do!” Houzhen laughed. “Now Surlent, look more into the flashback!”

As I watched further, Gomora and Nabiha have came up with ideas. But for what?

“Gomora...?” Nabiha moaned.

“Yes?” Gomora asked.

“I want... I want...” Nabiha stuttered.

“What is it Nabiha? What is it?” Gomora asked. Nabiha looked up at Gomora, smiling innocently.

“I want a child!” Nabiha said. Gomora got surprised, but was also rather pleased as well.

“Oh really. Same here!” Gomora laughed. “However, this child will be a very powerful, magical savior and leader of the Neo-Rudras in the distant future. This child will also be one of the most ethereal beauties of the Human/Rudra clan. Both genders would not resist the beauty, knowledge and courage of this future savior that our child shall become!”

As Gomora and Nabiha were planning for their child, I, Houzhen, encountered an Oracle near Torle Mountain and village of Oriab. Her identity remained forever unknown, even to deities, but we all know one thing...


“Houzhen...” The Oracle called out to me long ago.

“What is it? Have something urgent to tell me?” I asked.

“Yes, I do Houzhen!” the Oracle said as she bowed down. “A new child will be born in the Netherworld from an offspring of the four heroes of yore and a sorceress that has taken refugee from this world. This child will grow up to be one of the greatest figures that every Rudra and living creature will know. In fact...”

“IN FACT WHAT?” I asked impatiently to the Oracle. She just stood there and smiled.

“... This child... he will...” She paused, but decided to continue. “INHERIT YOU POWERS WHEN THE DAY YOU DIE! When you die, he will take your place! He shall even be more powerful than you ever have been! You will just reside in the Netherworld forever when your soul leaves your old body!” The Oracle laughed as she started to dematerialize. I, Houzhen got stunned and decided to do something about this.

A couple years later, Nabiha was going to get ready to give birth to this golden child.

“The day has come....!” Gomora announced as he summoned a couple of short creatures to help Nabiha give birth to the child. “If the child is a boy, his name shall be Surlent. If the child is a girl, her name shall be Seraphine!” After the woman gave birth to the child, the little creatures cleaned the infant and gave the infant over to Gomora for a bit, so he could see his child.

“The child is a BOY!” Gomora happily announced. “His name shall be SURLENT!” Nabiha was finally releived from her hard labor and wanted to see her child. Gomora gently handed the child over to her to hold and breastfeed.

“He’s BEAUTIFUL!” Nabiha sighed in relief as she put the baby up to her bosom.

“He will one day lead the way for the Neo-Rudras.” Gomora said quietly as he and Nabiha sat down and took care of the baby. The vision finally vanished from the mirror.

“ So, Houzhen...” I, Surlent said quietly. “... Gomora was my... FATHER?”

“Yes, he was.” Houzhen said to me. “That is why he was so kind to you, even as you grew up.”

“My mother, Nabiha. She was a sorceress. So that is why I am such a great user of Mantra!” I paused for a bit to eye Houzhen.

“What is it Surlent?” Houzhen said as he noticed that I was secretly scolding him. I got up I felt somewhat angry, and curious as well.

“What happened to her and Gomora? BE TRUTHFUL!” I yelled. Houzhen slightly backed off.

“Okay, okay! I’ll tell you Surlent! Just bare with me, okay?” cried Houzhen as he started to sit me down again.

I was outraged to hear about what Gomora was up to. So I immediately headed off to the Netherworld three years after your birth Surlent. So I decided to come to Gomora and have him do my biddings... or I would have Nabiha dead and her soul wander the Netherworld for the rest of her days in the Netherworld. Eventually, he gave in reluctantly and sent you to a wise man in the extinct volcano called “Torle Mountain”, so he could raise you and take care of you. Nabiha, on the other hand, did not want to leave Gomora’s side, but since Gomora loves her so much, Gomora and Nabiha used each others magick abillities to turn Nabiha herself into a statue made of pearly moonstone, so she could be by his side for his many days in the underworld, before a knight named “Scion” slew him, so he could give his life for you as well as us four heroes whom reside in the Netherworld.

“So that is why Gomora is gone?” I asked somberly.

“Yes...” Houzhen said to me. “But Surlent, he wanted it this way, because Gomora and your mother loves you and wants the best from you!” I collapsed on the ground, getting ready to burst out into tears.

“I... can’t... believe... it!” I stuttered bitterly. I tried to hold back my sorrow, but somehow, I just could not hold back my emotions much longer.

“Come on Surlent, if you are really a living creature, let out your feelings!” Houzhen said to me as he stared at me huddled down on the ground like a child. “They say grown men don’t cry, but real men DO cry!”

“DON’T YOU GET IT HOUZHEN?” I yelled in a sorrowful manner. “IT WAS MY FAULT THAT MY MOTHER IS A STATUE AND THAT MY FATHER IS DISINTEGRATED!” I can’t believe what I yelled out in my own sadness.

“Surlent! Don’t think that.” Houzhen cried out. “It’s NOT your fault! This is your destiny!” Houzhen eventually stood back and calmed down. “Believe me, to tell you the truth, I was even shocked at the whole outcome myself, but as the Oracle said, ’This will eventually happen, since even Gods need to leave their cages of flesh!’. Also, Gomora would have wanted it this way, to see his favorite son eventually become successful.” I eventually calmed down, but I still felt sad.

“Okay... I understand.” I muttered. “But what about you and the other heroes Houzhen?”

“Don’t worry anymore. We are old, we belong here in the Netherworld. You are the leader of the Neo-Rudras, the four new saviours of the planet. Now, I shall hand you down the rest of my powers! Close your eyes!” As I closed my eyes, I felt a great surge of energy plunge into my body, assimilating into my soul and healing all of my wounds. It was so powerful, It is all like a dream to me...


As I opened my eyes slowly, I saw a window with sun shining out of it and blue, barely cloudy sky. I saw myself on the ark in a sleeping bag, as if nothing has happened. I thought it was a dream, until I saw a moonstone statue in the middle if the room surrounded by healing water.

“Mother?” I whispered. As I looked closer, I saw the statue weep out real organic tears. I wiped the tears from the statue’s face and kissed her on the lips.

“Mother, it’s okay. This is your son, the saviour!” I whispered softly. Then, I heard the door open and Dune and Kidd came into the room.

“Surlent! Surlent! I’m so happy to see you!” cried Kidd in excitement to see me.

“What happened Surlent.” Dune shouted in happiness and excitement.

“Ho boy, it’s a long story, but now, Houzhen, the leader of the four ancient heroes has appointed me to help you, Riza, Scion and the others out in the vast world. I‘ve never felt so significant in my life!” I laughed in relief. Suddenly, I saw Kidd stare out the window and yell out in excitement.

“Oh my god, guys, come quick!” Kidd shouted. As me, Kidd and Dune went running out to the top of the great ark. I saw a flying semi-humanoid entity fly near the Ark. Strangely, she looked rather familiar to me .

“Riza, is that you?” Kidd asked.

“Yes, I am! I am reborn now! I shall carry on Meifa’s destiny!” I could not believe it. The young woman born with the holy jade became a Neo-Rudra like me.

“Wow Riza. I never seen anything so amazing!” I shouted in awe. “I’m proud of you!”

“I thought the gods handed down the powers to you all ready Riza.” Dune said. “But I never knew that you met their deceased bodies in the Netherworld and became assimilated to one of them.” Riza nodded her head.

“I decided to. That is what I wanted. I was summoned to become assimilated to Meifa, so I could be a new guardian goddess...” Riza said. Me and the guys on the ark were amazed, but looked saddened as well. I wonder if I could ever see her again, she seemed like such a nice girl!

“Will you ever see us again?” Dune asked.

“Don’t worry, I will!” Riza shouted. Riza decided to fly alongside the great ark for a while. Me and the guys even raced Riza to the place where Meifa’s sanctuary used to be. I could not believe how fast Riza has became. But we all did rather well.

“Well, Riza, you are amazing!” exclaimed Dune.

“I never knew you would do a race of flight!” I commented.

“You were great!” Kidd said in surprise. I nodded my head and giggled.

“Thanks guys, you aren’t so bad yourselves!” I laughed out. We all seemed to laugh in unison.

“Well, Riza, what do you think about doing here?” asked Dune. Riza had to explain the whole ordeal with us.

“I have to carry out the orders of the late Meifa! She explained this to me on my visit to the underworld. We are now one!” Riza explained. “But don’t worry, I will see you guys again!”

“Okay!” We said. “We are proud of you Riza!” As Riza said goodbye before she left, I told Dune and Kidd about the rest of my destiny and my past.

“You mean the master of the Undead is your FATHER?” Dune asked being surprised to the reaction.

“Yes!” I said.

“Amazing. That is so cool!” exclaimed Kidd. I nodded my head.

“Thanks guys.” Eventually, I had to tell Dune and Kidd what I needed to do. “Guys...”

“What is it, Surlent?” Dune and Kidd asked. They looked rather concerned for me

“... I think I need to go to rest for a while. I must need to become a Lago stone for a while, until you guys need me again!” I said calmly.

“Okay. Just as long as we meet again and you come out of the Lago Stone someday...” sighed Dune as I slowly left to my room, but I just had to wave goodbye to them before going into my rest. I stood next to my mother and I felt my body slowly petrifying as I closed my eyes.


“Surlent... Surlent...” a woman’s voice called out. I opened my eyes and saw myself in the limbo of the galaxy. Then, I strangely enough saw Nabiha, my mother and the woman I saw in the flashbacks. To the left of her side, came not other than Gomora.

“Surlent, we are so proud of you!” Gomora said as he came to me and embraced me in a father-son type of matter.

“Surlent, our son, you have fullfilled our greatest dreams and desires!” Nabiha softly said as felt her embrace and kiss on the forehead.

“You will make it just fine Surlent. Just a little practice will get you on the right trail, don’t worry.” Gomora said to me. Then, I saw the soul of Houzhen briefly come out of me. He bowed his head and grinned.

“Surlent, I will train you more.” Houzhen said to me. “Everything will be just fine. You will be one day just as good as I am” Then, Houzhen’s soul went back into me. I can’t believe that mother and father are so proud of me. They wanted things like this. I’m just glad to see them one more again, this time, as an adult.

Everything will be okay in my books. I shall remain more confident!

Next and Final Chapter: Dune

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