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Tenchimaru the little Half-Dragon and Big Bad Lunaris RPGC Community (Weiila)You better read Rendezvous by Faetan to get all the jokes ;)
A creepy, actionpacked tale of Lunaris going crazy and hunting down poor little Tenchimaru Draconis, leaving disaster in his wake. The poor RPGC people getting on the way can only pray for survival...
Adventures of Mabatsekker & Kat-Chi Sareas - Medieval
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
RPGC Community (Weiila) Another community fic, this one by Mabatsekker. Mainly starring him and his beloved Kat-Chi as they struggle in a warntorn country with the land's and their own personal troubles. Very emotional and delicate.
Characters RPGC Community (Weiila)Character bios. What did you expect? ;)

The Mana Priestess

Legend of the Jumi
Author's Note
Pearl Version: I, II, III, IV
Sandra Version: I, II, III, IV
Legend of Mana (Mazrim) An extremely well-written unfinished Legend of Mana fanfic (ten of an estimated 20 chapters so far) that I couldn't help but put up. Though I've never played LoM, this is the kind of fanfic that makes me want to go to the store and buy a PSX and the game just to see if it's as good as the writing. The characters in particular are so realistic, so well-motivated and at the same time able to conflict, interact, and otherwise hobnob without needing the presence of a "big scary villain" (tm). Real life characters in a game world. I love it!

Mazrim Taim

Feral Wind Final Fantasy IV (Saturn)Well written and concise. I tend to be quite long-winded in my fanfics, but this one is nice and short. A great plot and nice flowing continuity makes for a good read.
How the X Stole Christmas RPGC Community (Weiila)And here's a parody of "The Grinch who Stole Christmas" from our classic librarian, RPC style ^_^ What's to expect apart from chuckle teasing rhymes and a bit of our speacial insanity brand? ;)
The Kefka ProjectFinal Fantasy VI (Mazrim) One of my darker pieces, this fanfic goes in depth about how Kefka became the insane magic-user he was during Final Fantasy VI. It is a prequel, obviously, taking place before Kefka's rise to general. Nothing much else to say - it's a bit verbose at times, and I'm afraid it doesn't have too much humor, but I think it's a nice dark, deep piece. I may be biased, though. :)

Michael Greenhut

Tears of Blood
2 3 4 5
Chrono Trigger/Cross (Weiila)Magus' memoirs. Do I need to say something more? ;)
A fantastic and tender story with its natural darkness, following little Janus through his own eyes, from his birth, his life as Magus and search for Schala. The relationship between the siblings is strikingly beautiful, one of the best characterization of it that I have ever seen. Also, the story contains rather surprising origins of Flea and Slash, as well as a very dark explanation of how the Masamune began to be defiled by evil until it became the cursed blade seen in Chrono Cross. To name a few. Warmly recommended!

Michyu Girl

Afterward: The Story of Tifa Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)A sweet lil' story. Tifa tells us about her thoughts, feelings and life after her world was saved, spanning from moments after Meteor to months afterwards. Now, monologue stories like this one might have been done before, but if it's sweet and tenderly written that doesn't matter, right? Give it a chance :)
When A Friend Goes Too Far Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Michyu returns with another Final Fantasy VII story, this one a much longer one than her first.
The characters have had time to settle with their lives after the war against Meteor and Sephiroth, but the peace is shattered as one of their own begin to act strange. It seems like somebody finally found a GOOD way of killing of his enemies.

(Alternate mail)

A Wyndian Princess
2 3
Breath of Fire III (Weiila)If you haven't heard of Mintbaby or read anything by her before, I recommend you to start right about now ^_^
This Breath of Fire 3 story handles the complications of an arranged marriage, and the two finding themselves in it trying to do the best of the situation. Princess Nina is married off to a man named Shamus McNeil (erm, he's quite different from his relatives from the game, SO GET BACK HERE, YOU!). Superb writing and cuteness galore, warmly recommended :)
Beating That Breath of Fire III (Weiila)A (pretty much) stand-alone sequel to "A Wyndian Princess" (the plot touches it, but only briefly). This one deals with Rei and a half blood Woren named Tai. As usual with Mintbaby's stories, you can expect a sweet, wonderful lovestory, and even if this one is a bit short in compare to her normal works it has her special and lovely style. If you liked her other Breath of Fire 3 story you'll like this one too, guaranteed.


What If Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Another story by Mithfeniel (though this is in fact her first, but I sort the fics by name unless it's a series). This one deals with the aftermatch of FFX, and Yuna trying to face the future despite all that has happened.
Past Regrets Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A FF8 quickie, an alternate version of the scene below the Ragnarok after Rinoa and Squall returned from space. Cute, but despite it's short length packed with spoilers, so those who didn't have any troubles in Esthar yet better stay off this one ;) Everyone else feel free to read.
My Last Breath Final Fantasy VII (StarStorm)A rather sad story, from Elena's point of view: from meeting the man she's always wanted, to heartbreak. These things never tend to end well, do they?


The Merman Lufia II (Mazrim)Very nicely done, taking place during the timespan of Lufia 2, but if a different event had happened, concerning Dekar (you'll see what I mean when you read it), the characters interacting on the backdrop of one of the most beautiful descriptions of the sea that I've ever read.

Morgaine MacLir

Oneesama E Final Fantasy V (Mazrim)A series of letters from Lenna to Faris from FFV, written very believably and well, it really captures the essence of who Lenna and Faris are, all in all an extremely good fanfic. Read it now!

Morgona Setterwind

Out on the Moonflow
Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Currently a brief but sweet FFX fic, mostly centering about the heroes that are left discussing what they have lost as they are camping by the Moonflow. It's pretty much standalone as it is, but the author has plans of making it into a longer story.

Mr D Heart

What Quistis Did Next Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)It seems like that thing that Squall told Bahamut about being born to fight holds true. This is a mighty, fantastically well-written and imaginative epic in which Quistis attempts to start a new life, away from Garden. But her new career takes a turn that she hadn't expected and though she's a gym teacher she has to pick up her whip and start fighting again, for a town which won't even thank her it seems. As things doesn't turn out as planned, Quistis finds herself returning to where she come from, getting her hands full of three extraordinaire and undisciplined SeeD cadets.
But even with the battles, this fic is more focused on everyday life of the people living in the FF8 world, with human thoughts and joys.

Mr. Saturn

The Game Square Crossover (Mazrim)Long, humorous fanfic starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Chrono Trigger. Focuses on what would happen if characters from various games were forced into proximity with one another, as a result an involving plot isn't needed. If you have some free time, this fic will most likely make you laugh. Reader reviews of this fic.
The Four Elements Misc (Mazrim)A semi-serious crossover fanfic with characters from FFIV, V, VI, VII, and Lufia. Very good plot, as far as fanfics go, with a scattering of humor throughout. Somewhat long, but if you have time, it's a must-read, especially since it's by Mr. Saturn, and if you praise it along with your submissions, maybe your fanfic will have a better chance of getting in!
Parasite Steve Parasite Eve/Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim)A short, humorous fanfic starring the characters from Parasite Eve, as well as Mog from FFVI. Nothing much else I can say about this, good writing + funny jokes = good fanfic.
Unnamed Fanfic Final Fantasy IV (Saturn) This is obviously not complete, or it wouldn't be in the "incomplete" section... anyway, this is a work in progress of Final Fantasy IV. I'm trying to stay serious, and follow all rules of grammar, etc. I know where I'm going with it, but haven't found the motivation to finish it lately, so, if you like where it's going, feel free to drop me a line


The End Chrono Trigger (Weiila)Natt serves us his first fanfic, a short story of Crono and Marle's life together many years after the game's over. It's a sweet story considering their daughter Marleen and her vivid imagination. Or is it imagination? Almost surreal at points, in a good way.

About the author

Bad Blood 2 Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A sometimes cruel but very well-written FF8 story about Seifer attempting to have revenge against the heroes, specifically Squall. In his quest for this he about every dirty trick in the book, not holding back for anything.
When Balamb Garden is attacked from the inside Zell is badly hurt and Squall, Selfie, Irvine, Quistis and Nida are dispatched to find the madman behind the bombings, leaving Rinoa behind for her own safety. However the group manage to fall in a trap set by Seifer.
Not for younger readers.
2 3 4 5
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)The sequel to Bad Blood, a cruel and rather violent but well-written and gripping tale about one man trying to avange his sister and not shunning for anything to have his revenge on those he deem guilty. No one of the heroes is safe, not even from each other.
I'm not much for horror movies myself, but I've always wondered how the psychos manage to get access to every place they're supposed to NOT be around...
And lo, this story is NOT for the young ones.
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)Sequel to Bad Blood and Retribution.
Eighteen years have passed since Chris terrorized the heroes, and now the children of the old troop are in the middle of everything. But times aren't any more peaceful now than during the second Sorceress war, for now a group called dark SeeD are out to stir trouble. Rinoa is shattered after a tragic event following the enemies' first raid, and thus she doesn't even notice that something terrible is about to happen to one of her daughters...
The Weakest Link: Final Fantasy Style Final Fantasy Crossover (Weiila)Parodies, parodies... of TV-shows. Let's play the Weakest Link with the Final Fantasy heroes of the Playstation and Playstation 2! Who'll win this wrestlematch of brains and cunning, and walk home with the prize money in their grubby hands?

About the author

Final Fantasy III: The Movie
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim)Quite the epic Final Fantasy VI fanfic, complete with CG'ed pictures of FF6 from Final Fantasy Anthology, the plotline is interesting, quite dramatic, and makes this fic seem all the more 'epic.' A Cinematic Experience...The Final Fantasy. (Updated 10/11)


The Things We Remember Lufia II (TD)A rarity in fanfic-land indeed! A Lufia 2 fic! Starring everyone's favourite archer and general overpowered character, Artea. Oh, and there's a lead part for Tia in there as well. One night, Artea is out looking at the stars and doing all the other stuff those crazy elf people do, when strange lights appear in the sky. When he goes to check them out, he faints, and ends up finding himself in Tia's bed without his clothes on. Strangeness indeed.

Nev Stardust

Darkest days Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Our first songfic. So, alright, we have them. However, I think that if you use a song in a fic then do not base the fic on the song, but let it be a help for the story. This one is a fine example of such, about Vincent's bitter thoughts and views upon himself. It has been done before, it can be done again if done well, and this is :)

Nick Fidler

The Epic of The Onion Knight Final Fantasy III (Weiila)Hey look, finally (pardon the pun) some Final Fantasy III (the Japanese one) action! This is a very cute and funny poem about the quest of the four Onion Kids that set off to destroy the great evil that threathens the world. The tale retold in a quirky and humorous way :)


If I said I love you... Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)The first one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. Tifa sits with Cloud beneath the Highwind and thinks about the blonde warrior with the huge sword, trying to sort out what she feels for him, and what she should do about it.
... Would you turn away? Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)The second one of two connected stories taking place in FF7. As Tifa sits with Cloud and wrestles with her emotions, Cloud steals glances at her and tries to pan out what he, too, feels about his childhood friend.


Akin to Sin Final Fantasy X (Weiila)A man from our world falls into Spira... no wait, come back here! This one actually makes something of it, and is not a Marty-Stue story. NoOne takes on the more practical problems of being thrown into a whole new world, like cultural differences and the simple things such as having to learn to like the weird food the other dimension has to offer. And while the original character Weston tries to make something of his new existance, Lulu and Wakka try to sort their relationship out - and New Yevon aren't planning good stuff. Pesky fanatics, aren't they?


Character Guide
Actraiser/Dark Half (Weiila)Well well, here we have a nice little crossover between two rather obscure games - well, one is semi-obscure, the other I hadn't even heard about... Actraiser and Dark Half.
There's evil about, but they're gonna have to deal with some nerds before they can even think of conquering the world and all that other business. Includes war with computers, weird new rules, experimental learning and... well, a lot of headaches for the unknowing heroes.


Maxim's Party Lufia II (Mazrim) A serious (with some humor interspersed) fanfic taking place after the end of Lufia 2, it is very well done, though it ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. Be sure to check back here for the sequel when it is completed!
The Legend Continues! Lufia II/Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)YES! It's the next part in Otakon's story of the events taking place after Lufia 2's end 8) And even though I smell a crossover I'll let it stay in the Lufia archive for now, together with the first part.
This story will doubtlessly become very interesting as it continues, it already is. Warmly recommended.

Owen Axel

Chronicles of the Light Warriors
2 3
Final Fantasy I (Weiila)It's another novelization of the legendary original Final Fantasy game, this one a mix of drama, adventure and humor.
Four warriors find themselves in a land they do not think they recognize, and all they can remember are their names. But each one is carrying a crystal shard, and evil is brewin'. So off goes the valiant heroes, bickering among themselves, blowing geometrical shapes with smoke, killing bad guys, getting irritated at kings, opening the way for future games and... playing cards when it's raining.
Chronicles of the Light Warriors: Otherworld Final Fantasy I (Weiila)Bahamut tells a partly heartwarming, partly tragic story about a Christmas long ago on the world of Effeffeye, before the time loop started and the Defiler, Chaos, begun his rampage on history. Each one of the Light Warriors, before their battle started, is looked upon this last peaceful Christmas - and even Garland.
FFIX: The Return Final Fantasy IX (TD)Short but sweet, Zidane and Kuja discuss the Trance state of mind... sorta.


Crystal Kin Final Fantasy IV (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic as a look at how the four fiends of Final Fantasy IV might act toward each other "off-screen." It offers novel views of each of the fiends, what their fears, worries, and desires are. He ties into the game, but the ties are more subtle than you might think. For example, you might wonder why Milon in FFIV is much weaker than the other fiends. This fanfic provides an answer to that.


Miracle Final Fanatasy VIII (Weiila)This is how a songfic should be in my opinion, the text spreading out like a fan with the quotes from the song just being the tip of the handle that keeps the rest assembled. Yes, that was a really strange description, but meh. We're talking about the fic here.
A well-written and nice romance story for those who think that the blonde gal should get a blonde guy, and we're not talking about the hyperactive hero here.
It may take a while, but Seifer finally manages to redeem himself and make it to becoming a SeeD. But not without fighting with Quistis all the way, of course.
One Last Breath Final Fantasy X (TD)A rather strange FFX fic. Auron and Rikku had something going on until he and Tidus got their asses shipped to the Farplane. So after a few months of heavy depression, Auron decides to "kill himself". Only, instead of dying (he was already dead), he suddenly finds himself back on Spira... in Tidus' body!


Dreams Come True Chrono Trigger (Weiila)A short but nice songfic by Pokefreak, about who else than everyone's favorite character Magus (can it back there in your corner). It's very sweet and a little bit sad towards the end, even though there isn't a pagescroller it nails the character pretty well in my opinion.
Mirror, mirror...
2 3
Seiken Densetsu III(Secret of Mana II)/Warcraft II (Weiila)The game maybe didn't end quite so happily after all...
On his long journey away from Navarre Hawk comes to the lampflower forest and meets Dryad, who offers him comfort in his grief over Eagle and his friends. But when Dryad is taken by the Gilderwine a beastman also shows up, a half blood one.
Kevin is having his own troubles, weakened by his bitterness over Karl's death, having been decieved and turned into a Death hand by a demon who's becoming less pleased about his apprentice... and the fact that Lise is after Kevin's blood due to the fact that she blames him for Elliot's death doesn't make the situation any better. But all of this is merely the start of all the trouble.
This story will cross the worlds of fanfiction, Warcraft II and "reality". If you've read "Those not Chosen" by yours truly, you'll "notice" a few familiar faces (all borrowed by Poke with my consent). But there's another, bigger crossover as well...

Princess Nadia

Perspectives Final Fantasy VII (Mazrim)A short fanfic from the point of view of Elena, just before Tseng's death. Sorry it's only available in text format, but Frontpage wasn't cooperating when I tried to shtml-ize it, and I've had enough trouble for the day.


Call of the Eternal Wind Final Fantasy V (TD)A short fic about how, and why, Bartz started his adventuring career, and got involved with that whole crystal thing. Pretty nice.
Flowers Grow
2 3 4 5 6 7
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Sephiroth was defeated, and Meteor was fought back. But things aren't looking as good as they promised to be. Cloud is trying to cope with his strangling guilt and the hopeless love for a dead woman, caught in a bad depression. Tifa and Barret comes to see him in hopes of cheering him up, but somebody else also shows up with bad news...
Perhaps you have seen plots with somewhat the same seed of a plot, but I promise you that this stands out from the crowd with Prometheus' elegant and breathtaking descriptions of emotions and nature.
Sins of the Father Final Fantasy VIII (TD)A beautiful fairy tale about genetic engineering, Vincent, and the birth of Sephroth. (can't say more, or I spoil)
Glories of the Son Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)Hojo finally got his surviving sample, and now he's set on putting it into action. In the violent war between Wutai and Shin-Ra, sixteen year old Sephiroth faces his first battle as he is given command of the invasion troops. This one speaks a lot of how his psyche was shaped...


Evolution of Innocence
2 3 4 5 6 7
Final Fantasy VII (Mazrim)An ongoing, incomplete, extremely captivating piece of Final Fantasy VII fanfiction, this is, in the words of the author, an ARF (Aeris Resurrection Fetish). But, it assumes that she never REALLY died in the first place (Lifestream bit), and that she doesn't REALLY come back to life (in a manner of speaking). It's cool, and weird, and has a style of dialogue and thought that strikes me as extremely realistic, and awesome. Definitely one of the best fanfics in the archive, in my humble opinion. :P (6/9, COMPLETE!!)
Final Fantasy 7 - Resurrection
2 3 4 5
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Another FF7 fic from Quintcia, this one the first in a trilogy.
Only a couple of days after Sephiroth's death new problems begin to arise. A girl named Raieyana approaches the victorious heroes, and it's not just a coincidence that she looks almost exactly like Aeris. Guess what, Hojo has been fooling around with cells again. But that isn't the problem...
Final Fantasy 7-Reunion,
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)The second part of the trilogy is set seven years after the events in Resurrection. It's been fairly calm, but there wouldn't be a story if things just were peaceful, now would it? :)
Everybody who believes Hojo lied about someone's heritage raise a hand and win a prize!
Final Fantasy 7-Redemption,
2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)The final part of Quinctia's trilogy, if not yet complete.
Fourteen years since "Reunion", strange things begin to happen and the heroes find themselves in a situation when they have to save the world, AGAIN! And deal with quite difficult personal problems along the way as well.

About the Author

A Knight of Spira
2 3 4
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/X (Weiila)The beginning of an epic and interesting story, a crossover between Final Fantasy VIII and X, with a bit of VII in the mix.
Through accident a chunk of sorceress' power is sent through time and splits in two, each part going into a person who isn't ready for the responsibility: one man who'll use the gift for his own selfish plot, the other a young, blond woman of the Al Bhed, one who became a celebrity after having been the guardian of the High Summoner Yuna.
With the knowledge of sorceresses and their powers lost in the stream of time, Bahamut must intervene and do the only sensible coming to mind:
Bringing the most powerful Knight of all to Spira in order to help the new sorceress.

About the Author

Defying Fate
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A post-game fanfic about Final Fantasy 8, digging deeply into each character's thoughts as a group of scientists leave Esthar on a quest of their own: to stop the Sorceress before she stirs any trouble, and they'll stop at nothing to put their valiant plan into action. But as their first attempt to get their hands on Rinoa fails, they turn to her weakest point. Her Knight.

Richard B. Sampson

Gauntlet: Dark Legacy Before Light
Forsaken hero
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Weiila)Well would you look at that? It's a Gauntlet: Dark Legacy series! More of these non-mainstream games, gotta love it. So, we have a sorceress, a barbarian tending to eh... transform a little and a valkyrie. And romance, drama and adventure to await!
Let us begin with the sorceress...
Beastly Barbarian Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Weiila)... and the barbarian...
Flight Of The Valkyrie Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Weiila)... and the valkyrie.
Dark Cloud, Dark Knight Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (Weiila)Another chapter added. Here comes the knight of the troop.
Memoirs of an Adventure's Child Final Fantasy Legend (Mazrim) A very long epic account of this person's play through the game of Final Fantasy Legend, as well as the time afterward. Very interesting and innovative, because the game does practically no character development - you are forced to name your characters and even choose their classes. So the author essentially created the characters' personalities himself; something that I really like to see in fanfiction. It's separated into eight distinct "story arcs,' each arc containing anywhere from one to ten chapters. (31th October, finished!)
The Legend of the Haniwa Final Fantasy Legend    
Deadly Desire Final Fantasy Legend    
The Birth of the Route of Rigge Final Fantasy Legend    
The Restoration Quest Final Fantasy Legend    
The Return of Sephiroth Final Fantasy Legend    
The Death of Isis and Ending of New Life Final Fantasy Legend    

Richard's Next Story Arc

Riders from the Storm

Fear Factor

Darkness Begins to Fall

Tomes of Forbidden Magic

Killer cure

Sibling Rivalry

Call for Peace

Vie Mort, Mort Vie

Yesterday's gone

Every new Beginning (Epilogue)

Rinoa Heartilly

2 3
Final Fantasy X (Weiila)A romantic and faintly humorous at the same time as very tragic story about Lesca, the first daughter of High Summoner Braska and Yuna's older sister.
It starts on a fated day, just before Braska makes up his mind to defeat Sin. The young half-Al Bhed stands by the temple of Yevon in her own thoughts when she meets a just as young warrior monk, who is contemplating whether to accept his arranged marriage to a Maester's daughter.
(If you didn't catch that clue, his name starts with A ;))
Not yet finished.


Fortune's Hostage
2 3
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)This story is only three chapters long, but it's packed with a great plot with conspiracy and betrayal.
As forty people, including a small boy, are taken hostage by a guerilla group in Trabia, Squall, Irvine and Zell are sent to clear things out. However, the head of the Galbadian force stationed in the region seems less than willing to cooperate despite the fact that all the hostages are from Galbadia. And Cid seems to have some personal issues with the case, but he's not willing to share the information.
Younger readers should stay off this one due to a rather gory scene in chapter three.


Zanarkand Rain Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Interesting and gripping about Auron remembering his life while watching the rain outside the house boat he happen to be in. Very emotional at parts, and extremely powerful as the painful memories of Braska's death are set free to roam poor Auron's brain. Solace might be found close by, though.
At one point some might find the way of expressing loss a little controversial, but I personally think that considering the situation it does in no way harm the story but rather emphazise the agony that it's describing.


Mana Knights Anonymous
Seiken Densetsu III(Secret of Mana II)/Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Seiken Densetsu III, but probably not as you remember it. A young Mana Knight in training is thrown out of his home land after a great fire burned down the secluding forest and turned it into glass. He and his master (who'll have you jumping when you see who it is) leave for Jad, where the youngster meets a varied troop of strange travelers.
Hey, Sephiroth shouts "Get thee hence Dragon Emperor!", how can you not take a look at this? ^_^;

Sanche Llewellyn

Good Intentions 2 3 4 Final Fantasy VII (StarStorm)I would classify this as an Aeris Ressurection fic. Not the kind most people are familiar with though, but that's for you to read. I do like this story, though. From the great pie of Midgar falling, to the Northern Crater, this promises to be a story unlike those you have read before.*
* The management does not claim that you have not read this type of of story before, but does claim you might enjoy it. Read for details.

About the Author

Chronicles of Hollow Bastion
Kingdom Hearts (Weiila)Yet another Kingdom Hearts fic, one that will have you smirking at the poor ol' villains who aren't really what they used to be... welcome to the Edgar Academy, don't be late with your assignments or magic teacher Kuja will get cranky. And shush down on the music lessons, show Garland a little respect. Not to mention the irony of having Sephiroth as the battle teach, getting to command Squall and Cloud around as they practice their techniques. Oioioi...
Fallen Angel Final Fantasy 9 (Weiila)The first Angel of Death gets to tell some of his story here, about how he was born and trained by Garland in preparation of his quest. Something along the way really went wrong, which was understandable. Here we get a chance to look closer upon it.

Scott Baird
About the author

History of the Lefain/
The story of Berrendar

Final Fantasy I (Weiila)A prequel to Into the Heart of the Story, following the Lefainish man Berrendar from his narrow escape from the battle between Tiamat and warmech, until him taking up the duty as tutor of four orphans that will one day save the world.
Into the Heart of the Story
2 3 4a 4b
Final Fantasy I (Weiila)A yet unfinished novelization of FF1, fleshing out the characters and events taking place during the game.
Being a Light Warrior isn't easy, especially when people see you as nothing but a prophecy. Arguments among the troop itself might not be a good sign either...
Ties of Blood
Final Fantasy Tactics (Weiila)Set in Final Fantasy Tactics, but not about the usual crew.
The tale of Candon Oaks, a Holy Knight of the Ajora church, who sets off on a quest to find his sister and bring her back to the light. He also feeds strong hopes of being the one to kill Ramza Beuvolve, the treacherous heathen who brought the lady astray...
An innovative take on FFT with very strong characters and good plot.
Reader reviews of this fic.

Selenium Wingz

This is my Story Final Fantasy X (Weiila)The gang of Guardians and their Summoner camp before they start the last part of their journey to Zanarkand, sitting in silence by the campfire. Tidus starts telling them of his memories of the path he traveled to get to this particular moment with the six of them.


Crossroads of Destiny Final Fantasy VII/VIII (Weiila)A second generation FF7/8 crossover with good characterizations of the oldies and interesting new peeps.
Sifan Leonheart is despite "wild" protests from himself a lot like his father, irritated by the way people seem to want him to live a life similar to his father's; in detail. But others than him have different plans. After an accident he, his friend Avatar and Relafen Almasy are thrown into another world, where the orphanage Phillona Strife and her friends are fighting against the new Shin-Ra.
About the twisted will of fate, insane scientists' legacy and irritating voices in your head. Beware!

Serenity Star

A Thousand Words Final Fantasy X-2 (Weiila)Pre-FFX-2. Wouldn't that be FFX...? Nope.
Lenne tells her story about what happened to her before she was killed, her career, father and how she met Shuin - onwards to the war and her enlisting as a summoner and finally how Shuin made the desperate attempt to save her from the enemy.


Paranoia Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A creepy horror fic about a SeeD quickly loosing grip of reality, wrapping himself up in complete lunacy born from a mysterious voice in his head. Paranoia crawls into the man's mind and after finding his hands bloodied once, the madness only keeps growing, hungering for the deaths of his friends.

Sir Jecht

Meeting the God Final Fantasy VII (Weiila)Cloud is haunted by a strange dream about himself and Sephiroth, just after Aeris' death. It's a personal prelude for him to the battle he and Tifa will fight later against his own madness. A short fic, which can be a nice change from all the epics in the archives.

About the Author

The Sorceress War Part 1
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Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A prelude to FF8, taking place during the war between Galbadia and Esthar. But the leading characters aren't the ones you might expect...
It's a dirty, ugly war and SkyNight does a great job not romanticizing the battle. The heroes aren't fearless warmachines but humans with their own feelings and fears.
On sidenote there's a small detail I find neat; just becasue the heroes of the game can't acquire a certain summon doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. :)
Raine leads her troop onwards into Esthar, but danger is everywhere. And it turns out, going to Esthar and escaping from there again is merely the start of the trouble. Sorceress Adel is, in the end, not the biggest problem the Galbadians have on their hands...
The Sorceress War Part 2, Black September
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Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)The sequel to the Sorceress War 1, a much darker tale due to the events which much unfold in order to make the facts in the game work out.
Raine's life is just settling with her newborn son and Ellone back safe, though Laguna is still abroad. Then, Esthar attacks again, and the leader is an all too familiar figure who's out for revenge...
Sorceress War Vignette Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)The Sorceress War saga is sadly on indefinite hold, it appears. But to make up for it, SkyKnight wrote this vignette that is written as the end of the whole series - set several years after the events in Final Fantasy VIII. Hyne is dead, his schemes crushed by one of Squall and Rinoa's daughters. But this of course doesn't mean that all trouble will end, the danger might now come from within the heroes' families.


Tseng's Prophecy 1 2 3 4 Final Fantasy VII (Mazrim)A fanfic about Tseng, taking place during the timespan of the game, but with some different things happening - very original story, it brings up the question, "Why didn't Cloud just use the Restore materia on Aeris?"


For Rosa Dragon Warrior IV (Mazrim) A very moving fanfic about how Saro, a half-elf with slightly anti-human tendencies, becomes NecroSaro, main villain of Dragon Warrior IV, a nefarious being who wants to destroy all of humanity, all for the love of Rosa. It shows very realistically how Saro slowly becomes more and more evil, losing sight gradually of the reason he started his whole anti-human crusade. One of the few fanfics that manages to be an extremely emotional experience.

SSJ Crono

Baron's Heir Final Fantasy IV (Weiila)This is a cute lil' story about Final Fantasy IV. Cecil and more accurately his children get their hands full of kidnappers, but princess Cecilia won't stand for it! Oh no, not this lil' wildcat, as the dwarven Thieves' Guild and a demon lord named something like Ill Truck Gore (as Edge's son says true to his genes) soon will find out.
Quirky and fairy talesque, a nice read.


Griever Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)A prelude to Final Fantasy VIII, mainly concerning Squall's training with his gunblade. Every day life at Balamb Garden, spiced with a bit of action and characters meeting each other pro-game. Interesting read.


Enter a Warmage Final Fantasy IV/Misc (Mazrim) Quite the lengthy fanfic, yet gripping through most of the storyline, "Enter a Warmage" takes place in a slightly modernized world of Final Fantasy IV (as in modern fashions and medical equipment, etc., but with the same characters and general setting as FFIV), centering around "Robert," an author-created character. This story has action, suspense, humor and serious ideas, which combined with an interesting (if verbose) writing style makes this a story you'll spend hours reading and love every minute.(4 May 2002, updated version with a little corrected grammar) Reader reviews of this fic.
An Islander Christmas Misc (Weiila)Was a while ago that we last met Robert the WarMage and the rest of the whacky crew of the Islanders, hmm? This hilarious story about Christmas decorationing going all the way to deepest hell and back is set some time after Enter a WarMage, after the still in progress story "Ordeals" by StarStorm. However, you won't have to read that to get what's going on here, just grin at the new faces on the Island and raise your eyebrows as some of them are prone to give a BIT too much information...
Legend of the Reptites Chrono Trigger (Weiila)Ah yes... these green, bald, well developed and ugly fellows could really deserve a few fanfics as well. Good ol' Starstorm gives Azala a better face, not as an ignorant lizard with a taste for human blood, but as a responsible leader determined to save his people from destruction or fall with them.
Second Sun
RPGC (Weiila)Quite a different RPGC fic. In October 2008, a gigantic monster lays waste on the world. 200 years later, humanity is coping with the life in the ruins at the best of their skills. But life isn't easy, with monsters and extremists worshipping the destroyer, the "Second Sun". During a job for ClothHat, the bounty hunter PC finds a sleeping man in a nest of monsters, and brings him to the Fortress where the people of New Brooklyn lives. It turns out that the fellow is from two centuries in the past, a few years before the Second Sun happened...

Steven Mayo

Chuck, You're Animated Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Quite the strange fic, set in Zanarkand and based mainly on dialogue between a couple of boys. It'll probably keep you feeling like one big questionmark until the end, where the feeling should turn into an "Ooooh, so THAT'S what they meant...". A different addition to the archives.
Fat Lip Final Fantasy 8 (Weiila)Some grudges go way, way back, and even if mystical creatures residing in your brain might remove the memories of past anger and pain, the emotions are still there. A tale about a day in the orphanage with the future heroes of FFVIII, and how the events taking place there causes the children to clash as teenagers.
Kingdom of Children Final Fantasy 7 (Weiila)This dark story takes place during the time when Cloud was a human vegetable sitting in a wheelchair in Mideel, trapped inside his own past and twisted memories. But he's not the only one in the area being tortured by the spooks of his own mind. Hojo might be the nuttiest guy outside of the crater, but his charisma has touched other scientists. Or maybe it's more like a contagious disease...
Lux Aeterna 2 3 Final Fantasy (Weiila)Wow. That's all anybody can say about this. Steven has turned the first twenty minutes of gameplay of Final Fantasy 1 into a massive epic with darkness, action and humor. The characters are fleshed out to real humans, and the story is written in a masterful way of storytelling. Warmly recommended!

Swift Kid

First Person views Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)The opening scene of Final Fantasy 8 seen through Squall's eyes; his battle with Seifer in the first FMV. Very intense, as that scene requires that.
As I understand, this might be the first in a series of scenes in first person view by Swift Kid.

Teh Exile

Disciples Chrono Trigger (Mazrim)A short, sweet piece in the world of Chrono Trigger centering around the idea of a school at the end of time, to teach the disciples things they needed to know to protect, preserve, adventure, and other things like that. It doesn't really have a plot, but it's a cool idea all the same, very well written and to the point, which I suppose is a relief after reading all the 50+ page stories in the archive. :P
The Quest for the Perfect RPG
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Chrono Cross/Misc (Weiila)Set in the Chrono Cross world... but the normal heroes won't have any big roles. A group of unlikely allies set out on the ultimate adventure, the Quest for the Perfect RPG. This of course includes leveling up, buying spells, fighting monsters... communicating with the Other side of the Game Over screen and trying to prove that you're not evil just because you team up with Lynx...
If you like RPGWorld, Adventurers! and the like, you'll love this ^_^
The Quest To rescue Nobou Uematsu
Final Fantasies/Misc. (Weiila)Teh is at it again, stumbling through a set of game worlds bending with the reality that reaches for it... or is that the other way around? Prince Cid of Figaro and friends are flung into a quest to save Square from being swallowed up by an evil force... maybe. Nobou Uematsu might be the key to the twisted lock... but he seems to have gone missing! Ahh!
The Second Quest to Rescue Nobou Uematsu Final Fantasies/Misc (Weiila)Poor Nobou thought that he'd get some peace and quiet after that first adventure, I'm sure. However, ain't gonna happen and the composer is stuck in the middle of another plot, filled with... eh A-levels and dogs.
Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring Phantasy Star/Misc. (Weiila)Okay... the mercenary and all his friends have fought peculiar evil forces in Chrono Chross and the Final Fantasies... time to wreak havoc in the world of Phantasy Star! As usual when teh is at it, expect an innovative and quirky story.
The forces of Motavia covers before the new and frightening threat, worse than anyone ever has seen before; the plot itself is turning evil. Heroes gather in a desperate attempt to fight the... ehm... Fifth Era? And in the end, perhaps somebody will even find the One Truth. And no, it's not 42, that's the Answer darnit.
Phantasy Star Four Point Nine Recurring: Part 2 Phantasy Star (Weiila)Everyone duck and cower, here comes a sequel to teh's last zany tale about Phantasy Star and the games' troubles with false sequels and mispronounced spells. This one will deal with crazy basements scientists with an obsession for dissecting stuff, invasions of universities and how the love for a game series might cause the games themselves one heck of a lot of trouble. Beware of the Hyperplonk!

Valkyrie Esker

The Forgotten warrior part 1 2 Final Fantasy VI (Weiila) Hey, whatever happened to that other Doma guy who survived when Kefka poisoned the river? Considering the fact that he didn't seem to be around in the World of Ruin, maybe he left on his own quest, found a group of daring warriors and went on his own journey...

Aww come on, what are the odds for that?
In a fanfic? BIG!
A great story with action, humor and that special glistening in the eye... or at least a glistening somewhere among all the letters.
Origin of the Valkyrie
2 2 3 4
Misc (Weiila)Valkyire's "Origin story", the tale about how she came to be known as Valkyrie Esker, the wielder of Gungnir and storyteller. This story features the young valkyrie Robyn, who due to lack of faith in Odin is sent off through the X-zone on a quest to find a lost set of weapons. The jouney will pass through a large amount of worlds/games as the valkyie continues her rampage. A nice mix of "reality" and humor!

Vanguard Ziggy

Girls' Night Out Xenosaga (Weiila)The male heroes of Xenosaga are sent out on a little shopping spree, but it turns out that the planet Zeus II has some very strange rules about how to get the wares. The kind of stuff that makes normal stupid sidequests pale in compare. For one, Jr. finds his female side and thinks up new ways to kill great evils along the way.
A very funny humor story, really enjoyable whether you've played the game or not!
Long Ago Xenosaga (Weiila)This prequel to Xenosaga is the tragic story about Jan Sauer, who's better known under the name Ziggy in the game. The fic takes us through Vanguard's theory about why this man ended up killing himself, thus ending up as an android.
A single father tries to take care of his son while doing his job as an inspector well. Things start to fall apart when he gets a little too involved in a war against a fanatic and his family.
The theme might be regarded as controversial in these times, but it is a gripping and well written story which is the only thing that counts, after all.
The Genesis Experiment Part 1 Xenosaga (Weiila)There is something foul on the planet of Amadore; the area around it seems to have turned into deep space's version of the Bermuda Triangle as it swallows merchant ships and destroys space battle cruisers without a trace. Being the great heroes that they are, the Xenosaga crew are sent to investigate. Who wants to bet money on that they'll be seeing a familiar face or two?
Not only does this connect to the time between "Der Wille zur Macht" and "Jenseits von Gut und Bose", but it also have nice links to Vanguard's older story "Long Ago", so I recommend reading that one first if you haven't already.

About the author

Bored beyond Compare Chrono Trigger (Mazrim) A very funny, if a bit twisted fanfic about what the characters in Chrono Trigger do while they're stuck in the end of time while Crono and two others go out adventuring. What, you thought they just stood there and gestured? The humor in this is very reminiscent of animes like Tenchi Muyo and suchlike, so it is a must-read if you find those shows funny. And if you don't...well, your sense of humor is obviously flawed. ^_~ A hilarious fanfic.
Departure and Reunion Chrono Trigger (Mazrim) A sweet little fanfic taking place in the world of Chrono Trigger, fifty years after the events of the game. It offers an original look at what some of the characters' relationships might have been from right after Chrono Trigger all the way up to fifty years later. In addition, it contains some musings on the subject of reincarnation, one which I have always found quite interesting. Another masterpiece by Weiila.
Gogo's Secret Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim) A short fanfic by Weiila, taking place moments after the end of FF6. It is about who Gogo really is, though many people who like to read "secrets" sections of certain shrines may already know the climactic plot point. That's ok, it's still quite a fun read, with realistic characters (and I do like believable characters, as you may or may not have known)
Hanging Around Misc (Mazrim) A long, quite humorous fanfic from Weiila. Her slightly insane style of humor is seen again here, this time in full force, starring characters from FFIV, V, VI, Chrono Trigger, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Earthbound, A Link to the Past, Megaman, TMNT, and for a brief span of time (heh heh...), Power Rangers. Any crossover with this many characters is almost ensured to be a bit confusing, but Weiila has masterfully turned that confusion into a hilarious story about the RPG characters...well...hanging around! Read to find out more! (updated 21/10)
Monsters of the Deepest Depths of Horror 2 3 Misc... REALLY misc (Mazrim) A return to humor for Weiila, and proof that she hasn't lost her touch after her last three (I think...) more serious fanfics. It is the sequel to "Hanging Around", also in this Archive. It shows in its own special way that characters of "good" games must stick together, be they villain or hero, against the ultimate villain that is...*gasp!* I won't say it, but if you have very juvenile tendencies regarding your choices of anime, might I suggest you not read this fanfic. :)<
Kain 2 3 4 Final Fantasy IV (Mazrim) Another great fanfic by Weiila, a novelization of Final Fantasy IV, from the point of view of Kain. It convincingly shows the feelings of Kain, and makes the reader feel for him even as he does horrible things under the mental control of Golbez. The most convincing rendition of Kain in any fanfic I've read yet. This story contains romance, action, monologues, drama, and pretty much anything a well-balanced story should have. A must read! (I know I saw that a lot, but it's late, I'm tired, give me a break...)
Rydia and Edge 2 3 4 Final Fantasy IV (Mazrim) Weiila's first try at the romance genre, and a very successful one. It is centered, as is evident by the title, around Rydia and Edge from Final Fantasy IV, and how they eventually grow to fall in love with each other. The only Rydia and Edge fanfic (and believe me, there are quite a bit) that almost made me cry, the emotions and thoughts of Rydia and Edge are extremely true to life; more than once I found them thinking something that I could remember thinking at some point in my life. A very sweet fanfic; if you haven't read any more romantic fics, let this be your first!
Magus's Quest 2 3 4 Chrono Trigger (Mazrim) Another Chrono Trigger fanfic by Weiila, though not as focused on humor as "Bored beyond Compare," very good in its own right. An epic adventure that starts with Magus's search for his sister, but unlike many of the fanfics on that topic, it goes on after he finds her. A very interesting fanfic, with Weiila's trademark style of humor, as well as a very thoughtful vein underlying the plot, coming to a climax at an exciting revelation of how innocent Janus became Magus. A must read, even though it is somewhat long. Click on the name of the story to go to the first part (since there's no "1" there)(4 May 2002, updated version 2 with some corrected spellcasting and grammar) Reader reviews of this fic.
Another Life 2 3 4 Chrono Trigger (Mazrim)Quite possibly the best fanfic (to date) I have on this site. Written by Weiila, it is the sequel to "Magus' Quest," set in Chrono Trigger in the relative timespan of after the game's end. It's got humor, it's got action, it's got romance (much to Janus's chagrin :P), and it's got Janus's four-year-old niece. As Lucca would put it, it's really cool! Awesome! Read this fanfic now - even though it's almost 100 pages in length, it is definitely worth the time. ^_^ Reader reviews of this fic.
The Prince's Story
Chrono Trigger (Weiila)The third part in the series about Magus' life after the game; the sequel to Magus' Quest and Another life. Also the prequel to A Look on Another One.
Seventeen years have passed since Charash terrorized the land of Garadia, the sons of Cered and Schala steadily growing up while their sister lives with her husband in the future. While life has been good on the family of heroes, princess Lashey's choice of husband might not have been the wisest. When Janus refuses to serve him, the emperor sets a cruel scheme in motion to set an example for the warlock, one that is quite expoitable for a dark power wanting revenge...
And hey, any chance to have Flea call Janus a drama whore which renders the crossbody being thrown in a lake is welcome, right?
A Look on Another One
2 3 4 5
Chrono Trigger (Weiila)Once again, I return to Chrono Trigger to close a circle I started. In the true Weiila-CT spirit that makes Magus tear his hair out...
In Another life, the Pawn of the Mystics managed to save the little prince Janus from the monster's clutches. That grown man then showed up again in The Prince's Story, quite obviously very different from both his teacher and the original warlock. This is his story.
The world and history needs to be saved by Crono and his crew (once again, you could say), and this time they will be aided by Janus, the Royal Wizard of Guardia. And despite what everyone says due to the way he handles certain situations, I don't think he's really suicidial nor a masochist. Sometimes it's easy to wonder though... hehehe...
A Look On Another One Part 2 Chrono Trigger (Weiila)The second part of A Look on Another One, and also the final part of the Janus' Saga.
You might find the beginning very familiar, and keep your eyes open for other similarities between this and a classic. You'll soon figure out which it is.
Of searching for Schala, gigantic snakes, mistakes of the past, family and depressed magicians!
Moments with Celes Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim) A very innovative fanfic, about Locke's relationship to Celes, from both points of view. Instead of being all in one chunk of action, this story takes place in short segments; the important parts of their relationship throughout the game. Starting with the tunnels beneath South Figaro, it goes through the story of the game, following Celes and Locke through such important events as the Opera House scene, the Solitairy Island, and, of course, the beloved Phoenix Cave/Rachel scene, showing the thoughts, feelings, and words of the characters. The first in a series of three stories including Gogo's Secret II.
Gogo's Secret II Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim) NOT the sequel to Weiila's original short fanfic "Gogo's Secret," this FFVI fanfic has a completely different take on who Gogo is. While many have said he/she was Daryl, this takes a completely different approach. I don't want to give away the Secret, but on the whole I will just say that this story is very innovative, interesting, and on the whole cool.
Worshippers of Insanity 2 Final Fantasy VI (Mazrim) A very interesting, if controversial (in light of recent events) story set in FFVI, about the return of the Cult of Kefka (the people chanting outside the Mage Tower in the game) and how they make life difficult for the heroes. Weiila wanted me to say that she wrote this a month before the WTC attacks, and that she does not want anybody to be offended by any similarities between the Cult of Kefka and modern-day terrorists. However, I would never cease to put up writing that might perhaps be controversial, as long as it is well-written, and...well, tactful at least around the controversial thing. As long as it doesn't cause us to get sued... :P The third in a series of three stories, including Moments with Celes and Gogo's Secret II.
One Of Those Days Misc (Mazrim) Not so much a fanfic set in any particular world, but instead a cross between Weiila's real world home, with the characters in the stories she writes about. Based on the premise that any character she writes about comes to life, as a result of her many crazy stories, she has a bunch of video game characters running around her house. And to top it all off, she has a bad cold... :P The humorous setting, combined with Weiila's writing, makes this a very funny fanfic, another one of those 'must reads' that I'm always talking about. :)
Punstory Misc (Weiila)Well, I'm reviewing this myself simply because it's hardly a fanfic, really. As you see in the title it's all about puns, and yes they're horrible. But as you might have noticed many characters in our favorite games have names that could be used... in a story *grins* I'd call this an extreme crossover ;)
Those Not Chosen
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Seiken Densetsu III (Secret of Mana II) (Weiila)I'm reviewing this myself for now, Maz' review of it should be up later :)
The product of nearly 18 months of work; a novelization of Seiken Densetsu 3 from the unused characters' view. Duran, Angela and Carlie are saving the world, while Lise, Kevin and Hawk are doing their own share of heroism. I can promise a lot of action, romance, suspense and Kevin making meat mince of half blood demons... >;)
I dare to call this my masterpiece. Enjoy!
Winter Night Thoughts Seiken Densetsu III (Secret of Mana II) (Weiila)Well here I go again, reviewing my own stuff. Oh well...
Just a brief "tail" for Those Not Chosen, taking place some time after the end of that. If you don't like romance you better stay off this one since the cute-rate is extremely high ;) What else can it be if Kevin is reflecting over his life and Lise, who's lying beside him half asleep?
In the Clutches Seiken Densetsu III (Secret of Mana II) (Weiila)Erm, I don't write horror. Nope, I don't. So what the heck is this? I dunno, it just popped out O_o
Yet another tail for Those not Chosen, I'm not sure but it might be the start of the sequel. As of now it's a standalone shortie though.
Set a few months after Winternight Thoughts. Somebody is in trouble. Bad. That's about all I can say without spoiling it...
Ready or Not Seiken Densetsu III (Secret of Mana II) (StarStorm) A wierd, and yet funny fic, continuing on Weiila's "Those Not Chosen" story arc. In here, Sciel plays matchmaker in the bizzare (and quite frankly, sadomasochistic) mating rituals of demons. Thus Kevin gets an unpleasant surprise, and a warning, from Rakadra of all people. Why? Well read and find out. And for those who are worried about the end... well, we've got key sniping points covered if the plotbunny decides to come this way again.
We Met in Another Prison Cell Tales of Phantasia (Mazrim)Another fanfic by Weiila (so we know it'll be good :P), set in the world of Tales of Phantasia. A romance story centering around Cless and Mint, starting near the end of the game, it's filled with passages and dialogue that just ring so true to reality, yet are so...tender and kind make you want to smile and even shed a tear of happiness by the end. There's no doubt that Weiila is extremely talented at showing human emotions and character through writing, and this story just shows that even better.

Wilfredo Martinez
About the author

And All For One Saga Frontier (Weiila)I haven't played Saga Frontier myself so I just have to believe Wil's word for the plot :)
A sort of in-game alternate universe, sortof an experiment to see how it would have been if all the characters would have been together at once and not just in smaller packs. Quite humorous at times as some of the heroes aren't too trustful for each other all the time. Wil's writing is just like in his "The Eternal Wanderer" straightforwards and with a cheerful tone. Only the beginning so far, but there'll soon be more.
An RPGChristmas story
Part 2
RPGC (Weiila)This whacky story takes place all over the world of RPGC and the outside.
Wil gets the responsibility to fix the RPGChristmas party and goes off to find inspiration. Sadly he also gets the order to teach Santa's daughter Jingle the true meaning of Christmas, but the Tower of Bable and the Staff forum might not be the best places to look for it... or is it?
Those Thought cops can't be good news, though...
The RPGC Xmas story 2003 RPGC (Weiila)This one didn't quite make it to "The End" before the Christmas update either, but it's here now at least!
The sequel to last year's Christmas tale by Wilfredo, RPGC is preparing for another celebration... Absolute Alcohol strictly forbidden.
But things quickly take a turn for the worst through challenges between over-powered authors and new mystery villains with a hatred for Christmas. Remember to wear a safety helmet.
The Eternal Wanderer Misc (Weiila)Wilfredo's Origin story, just like Valkyrie Esker's linked to the RP story "Join my Army" Val, Wil, Zero X-hunter and OmegaflareX wrote. Wil will (ducks as the "Friends of the Pun" approaches) take us through a rather strange but enjoyable tale about himself and how he became the "Eternal Wanderer". It seems to have a lot to do with fairies...

About the Author

Enter Oblivion
Kingdom Hearts (Weiila)Well, well, our first Kingdom Hearts fic, featuring the group of Square heroes living in Hollow Bastion. All is going pretty well for them, there are a few Heartless showing up but their wise king Ansem is searching for the little pests' origin, so that shouldn't be much of a threat (yeah, right...).
It is, however, blaringly obvious that the castle is in dire need of more people to socialize with...

Ultima Mayu

Prophestess Valkyrie Profile (Weiila)Our first Valkyrie profile fic, a story about Liselia, a maiden living in a sanctuary. And it turns out, she's a highly valued maiden too; many come to claim her home and powers for themselves. In the end she has to do something drastic to stay safe.
Personally I don't know any Japanese so I just take Ultima's word for the translations. It's a nice touch in any case :)
The Two Made One
Author's notes
Rudra no Hihou (Weiila)Another fic for a not too known game ^_^ The game here is “Rudra’s Treasure” (Rudra no Hihou), and now don't you get any ideas from the title of the series. These stories are a collection of tales about how the four heroes Scion, Riza, Surlent and Dune must encounter and accept challenges from the ancient heroes Saizou, Mitora, Houzen and Meifa to be able to combine their own powers with the ancients.


The Promise of Nightmares
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Final Fantasy VIII (Weiila)Galbadia just thrives wicked plans, eh? Well, that country is kinda just begging for it after their blunders in the game, after all.
The new president of Galbadia and his wife plan to continue the dream of Vinzer Deling, with the help of the only Sorceress knight, a... ahem... doctor and a mysterious warlock named Dahl. Their attempts to capture Rinoa is fairly successful until someone shows his true colors. However, Squall is sent into a nightmare filled comastate and when the Galbadians invade Fisherman's Horizon, Cid is captured by the enemy.
Well written and interesting, a great read!


Lighting the Way to Tomorrow (TD)Do you sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, slap yourself in the face, and then wish you had a really pretty lamp because it would liven up the bathroom? No, me neither, but just in case someone does, Monique has the perfect lamps to sell you in just such an occasion. At least, if Gilbert, her lover, doesn't get in the way or accidently steps on them or something...


Reunited Final Fantasy X (Weiila)Bad Tidus! Stay! Yep, that's the way it goes, he's just not allowed to leave if these fans have anything to say about it. Yet another short and sweet story about the blitzer's grand return to life.

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